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  • the cotch crews haunt is the angel but the dude waters his pints and everydrink that isnt sealed to fuck and charges extortinate prices.
  • Yes, we have pubs in Braintree
  • Man this town is pubs galore! Everything from 'The Bull' (trendies R us) to 'The Eagle' (old farts pub-but good for quiet chats with mates).
  • Wetherspooons Wetherspooons Wetherspooons
  • Millions of pubs, some good, some awful. Angel in bradford street attracted younger patrons...
  • braintree is full of pubs and they even turned the old cinema into one! Down the high street there are Baileys, The Litten Tree plus many more inc H2O!
  • The Angel on Bradford St. Only place that seems to serve Snakebite and Black.
  • wetherspoons.......not as cheap as it used to be,altho they still do the monday club pint 4 a quid thing, usually full of students and old codgers the bull......... well, since they introduced 2 v ropey looking pole dancers on a fri/sat night.....either steer clear, or go 4 a laugh..good atmosphere for footy games tho the globe....... pants.....nuf said baileys......... bring back o'reillys, all is forgiven.. just cos they're whacking up posh houses left right and centre doesn't mean we want "trendy" cafe bars charging london prices litten tree...... see above....used to be a furniture shop...... now full of typical essex boys trying too hard to is ok tho
  • Some are OK. Braintree has lots of meanies in many of it's pubs!
  • The Plough. Best nights Wed/ Sat karoke is always packed, one end for students and one end for families. Does a quiz on tue with good prizes. OK food and playground The poachers - don't even go there unless you're under 16.... The lodge, small and cozy The mere The Alsager arms good student pub, loud and lively lots of pool tables The Grove, nice now it's changed ownership The linley arms
  • spoons, the bull, boars head!! braintree is surely up their with ibiza and aiya napa.. surey
  • Look out for local woody he will be found half baked on a bottle of cider, proping up spooner's bar every friday and saturday night... buy him a pint.. h20 comming soon
  • Wetherspoons is a venue favoured by most of the younger population of Braintree, especailly of a Friday/Saturday night, they do indeed attract a YOUNGER clientel if you know what I mean. Other satisfactory youth clubs that the town has to offer include 'The Railway Tavern', 'The Angel' pubs, they're great.
  • flacks.
  • The main pub is wetherspoons which must be one of the cheapest pubs in the country and is a good place to see a good fight apart from that theres baileys cafe bar and the bull theres plenty of other little pubs which are always empty

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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