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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Stephen Moyet lived down my road and used to go out with my sister.
  • Morcambe and Wise once visited to open (Tony Appleton)Harris Carpets after Wilson's closd down. David Soul (aka Hutch from Starsky & Hutch) was here in an Election Campaign as a helper of Martin Bell a few years back. He's a great guy! Suzi Quatro used to live in Shenfield and 60's singer Kathy Kirby lived in Jason's Close. Martine McCutcheon lived in Mascalls Lane, as did Barry Hearn. Ross Kemp lived in Priests Lane. Jodie Marsh lives in South Weald Road so I gather. Mark / Phillip Hephfer (Showjumpers) also lived in South Weald Road when they were younger. You can often see former world Snooker Champ Steve Davis walking up the High Street! Clive Allen, Jimmy Greaves, Keith and Ian Pont (Formerly of Essex CC)and Paul Pritchard all live in the area as did cricketing brothers Mark and Jonathan Powell who's parents still live here.
  • Forgot to Add, Barry Kitchener, ex Millwall Captain inthe 1970s lived off of River Road
  • What about the classy and ever the essex lady Jodie Marsh, another lesser known would be Chris Parker, formerly Spencer Moon on Eastenders (shane richies brother)
  • Does anyone know where in bretwood - jodie marsh lives??
  • frank bruno
  • Frank Bruno on his motor bike bare-foot.....
  • Martin Peters, Trevor Brooking and Fatima Whitbread all have houses near each other also Jack Straw (Home Secetary) went to Brentwood School
  • Fatima Whitbread lives somewhere in Shenfield I believe - seen her in Sainsburys along with Frank Bruno, although they weren't shopping together! Trevor Brookin/Ross Kemp/Steve Davis/Barry Hearn/Jodi Marsh(!!)/Martine McCutcheon (now moved out).... the most famous residents have got to be Mr Ind & Mr Coope who started the Ind Coope brewery back in the olden dayes!
  • Jack Straw, went to school @ brentwood school
  • Frank Bruno has been a Brentwood resident for many years and so has Steve Davies. Jodie Marsh - famous for?? Ross Kemp - Eastenders.
  • Ross Kemp doesn't live in Brentwood anymore, but Jodie Marsh (of Essex Wives fame) and her millionaire family (Scaffolding Contractors) do. She goes to The Littern Tree quite a lot and has been known to drink in The Hobgoblin.
  • Ross Kemp, Frank Bruno, Graham Gooch, Greavsie, any C-list celeb that's bored of London really.
  • Frank Bruno,Ross Kemp,Ray Parlour,Steve Davis and Bill Murray.Nadine
  • Steve Davis, trevor Brooking, Fatima Whitbread, Clive Allen
  • Footballer-land -- Teddy Sheringham is reported to be a Hutton resident now. Spotted in Macdonalds ... so much for sophisticated sports diets.
  • Steve Davis can be seen occasionaly and lets not forget Brentwood three other claims to fame. Writer Douglas Adams (hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy) and Noel Edmonds (Crinkly Bottom) both pupils at the Not So Famous Brentwood School. Oh our thir Claim to fame?.... Brentwood was voted 'Most Boring Town In Britain'. Judge that one for yourself.
  • What about Gary Webster who used to be in Minder? I'm sure he's from Brentwood.
  • In the Green Man, Herongate I have served Billy Murray, Graham Gooch,The guy that wrote the song 'you to me are everything' -Micky Dean I think. Frank Bruno, Rob from Let Loose. Des from Diggit on GMTV went to my school and so did the bloke from minder (BCHS). Ross Kemp. I have also served Nicky from Eastenders and it was rumoured she was going out with someone form my school so I'm not sure whether she lives in Brentwood. Nassar Hussain's Mum lives down the road from me.
  • frank brunos daughter goes to ingrave johnstone and he himself is running in the election for brentwood MP - cringe i shall.
  • Well there's Trevor Brooking, Ross Kemp, Martine (Tiffiny from Eastenders),Frank Bruno
  • Noel Edmonds used to frequent the Hutton pub, but always disowned himself what a git.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Steve Davis, Frank Bruno(running for MP), Fatima Whitbread, Griff Rhys Jones, Tony Robinson, Noel Edmonds, Frank Lampard, I'm sure the list goes on but I've drawn a blank at the moment
  • Trevor Brooking...hurrahh!
  • just a line to let you know that Graham Gooch is no longer living in Brentwood he has for the last year lived in Begger Hill Ingatestone and been very happy with his new home there .
  • No one has mentioned Geoff Hurst who lives near Trevor Brooking just off Middleton Road. One New Year's Eve 9 or 10 very large and expensive cars were seen outside! Also, Katie Hill from Blue Peter.
  • GOT TO BE PATSY HOLLAND (Champion Drinker). By the way, no-one's mentioned Alison Moyet, she lived up on the Mount in the Eighties.
  • Ermmm, that Javlin bird. Steve Davis, Martine McCutheon, Ross Kemp and some football bloke!
  • That Woman that's meant to look like the Queen (Jeanette Charles ??) used to live up Hutton Mount, as did ex-QPR (and Sky Sports presneter) player Clive Allen - He used to go out with my babysitter whilst still a QPR apprentice. Noel Edmod's mum still lives in Shenfield Place, I believe.
  • Frank Bruno Jacob Schorr ( I guess)
  • Rob from Let Loose. Saw Frank Bruno in the Halfway House the other month, and the bloke mfrom the Bill, in the Green Man. Last year I saw Ross Kemp kicking in his car outside the Co-Op in Shenfield.
  • Ross Kemp, Frank Bruno, trevor Brooking, Graeme gooch etc etc
  • Douglas Adams, Griff Rhys Jones, Noel Edmonds and Jack Straw all went to Brentwood School.
  • Ross Kemp
  • Jimmy Greaves, Trevor Brooking, Grahame Gooch, Frank Bruno that git from The Bill
  • Billie Murray lives here (star of "The Bill")
  • There's absolutely loads: I've bumped into Ross Kemp (Grant Mitchell) a few times, and Tiffany from Eastenders used to live in Brentwood too. Greavsie had a house there not long ago (but apparently his wife likes to move a lot) and Graham Gooch lives on Hutton Mount - which is quite an expensive estate near Shenfield. Quite a few famous celebrities are claimed to live here, and I can see why!
  • Frank Bruno, Ross Kemp (leave it!), Graham Gooch, Trevor Brooking, Martine MacCutcheon (Tiffany Mitchell) - now moved out though, Frank MacAvennie (ex), Gary Webster (bought me a drink in Hollands - Shenfield), Pat Holland (runs hollands) ex-West Ham (who cares about Orient!)
  • Well, are you ready: Frank Bruno, Ross Kemp (Grant Mitchell), Graham Gooch, Trevor Brooking, Martine MacCutcheon (Tiffany Mitchell) - now moved out though, Frank MacAvennie (ex), Gary Webster (went to my school - BCHS), sure there's more but my mind is a blank (no change there, then).

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