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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • The Hermitage.
  • Over 30's Night at The Holiday Inn Brentwood on The First Friday of Every Month. For details visit or call 07875 949565
  • omg SAMS!!!!
  • Sams is good... no sams is amazing.... there is nuff fanny in there and brings the beef to any romford or chelmsford equivelent any day of the week.
  • Sams is ok, but it is recently becoming bombarded with Chavs, and young girls wearing rather short skirts, and hot pants, which on occasion have looked suspisciously like large knickers.
  • sams
  • Sams Nightclub, Great evening out, opens Thurs, Fri, & Sat every week. Check out the Xmas & N Year Programme there are some great evenings to look forward too, and a full programme of events for the following year.
  • Sams.... nuff said!
  • sama i dont think so
  • SAMS Shit
  • Sams,thats it!Not big enough to swing a cat around in!But they're talking bout adding new one where cinema used to be.Nadine
  • All those who think they are still young but they aint go Sam's Nightclub, Ongar Rd
  • Sams - attracts the young and old! Not a very good sound-system unfortunately -so if you are 'addicted to bass'.... forget it!!
  • Sams is the only club to be seen in - a great night out with loads of great music
  • Ooh there's Sams lets all go there. (Note Sarcasm)
  • SAMS. the one and only. mite catch your mum in there. everyone knows wallis.
  • Sams - honestly - you'd have more fun being clubbed to death!!!! Ashwells - cos yer bound to find yer nan in there!
  • Unfortunatly due to the fact that Romford and Chelmsford are just a short Jag in either direction on the A12 we seem to be lacking in nightclubs. However the light at the end of this particular tunnel comes in the SHape of Sam's nightclub on the ongar road. Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (Thursday - Over 18's. Friday and Saturday - Over 21's) It has a wide variety of music and is open as late as 2.00am some nights also offering things like Skool Disco (not underage nights but come in school uniform) and under 18's nights once a month.
  • Sams - remarkably young patrons on thursdays youll find
  • Sam's is definitely the place to go on a Thursday! It's Boogie Nights (althought the DJ doesn't seem to know that Rock DJ and MC Hammer weren't knockin' around in the 70s and 80s!!!). Dinks are ridiculously cheap so you can absolutely blitzed for less than 20. Unfortunately, in recent months there have been more and more little girls filling the dancefloor. This is obviously a bonus for Baggers, but it just makes the rest of us feel really old!!! If you're really lucky you might bump into Emma Bunton in there (not the real McCoy sadly) or possibly the opening West Indies batsmen (as Rach found out!!).
  • I think there's a nappy night at sam's...
  • Sam's you can't beat it! If you want to meet the the girls of brentwood. Just ask C.M. about L.R. And afterwards you must take a trip to the rat burger stall. Sorry H&H Kebab is closed. But there is always time for a quick game of spoof the loser goes in the water fountain outside sainsbury's. Kathy don't lose your keys!!
  • Sam's, Sam's and Sam's. There is knowhere else.
  • Sam's Brentwood
  • Sams at last it means if you want to get hamered and go to a club knowing you wont remember what it was like at least you wont have to get a mortgage for the taxis
  • Well I was going to start up a boring hobbies club - it's amazing once people have a few beers inside them what they admit to getting up to in those boring moments. Talking of boring moments, Sams is good for a laugh. It's fondle a fossil night every night down there!
  • Oooh, yes, the centre of 16 year olds social activity, SAMS! :o\
  • Sams if you're really desparate
  • Sams on a Monday night! Garage with top DJs
  • We do now have a club so it's worth a mention. Cheap booze and some classic 70's and 80's music can be found on a thursday, but the strictly over 18 door policy is getting a bit lapse, so if you want a classier night go at the weekend. Saturdays are best if you enjoy a boogie.
  • Sams - otherwise known as "The Last Chance Saloon"
  • Frodgers and Frank Brunos's house!
  • Sams, and the male toilets in there!!!
  • Sams Night Club!!!
  • none, but there's a dodgy new club called "Sam's" but I haven't been there yet - there's a rumour going around that one of the nuns from the convent school had her birthday there - not a great recommendation!
  • Sams (in the Meads Ballroom) has opened! Very cheesy! Lots of 30+'s. Lots of old women in teenage clothes (yuck!)
  • Zero!! Although The Meads should be opening as a club soon (allegedly)!
  • one "Sams", strictly for over 30's

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