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Hookup Spots
  • The engine room cafe, best place ever to hang out at this moment, nice and friendly atmosphere, its even open on saturdays now. i really really like this place so much and the people that i meet around
  • Victoria skate park
  • Kings Square
  • The Engine Room...
  • dont go 2 kendale Rd, you'll get asulted & raped
  • Macdonals carpark for do bot racerze
  • The bench by Gregs!
  • PARKWAY shops lmao aload of ugly retards that cant spell dere 1st or last name hang around dere and all da youngsters go 2 a place called 'palace' (what a shit whole) full of young teenagers lookin for a quick shag the end dave
  • yeah people hang out at longstone druggy's all adults who lets age 3 yr olds and above in there homes
  • parkway park is good for hangin out but friday nights are mad because it is full of wrecked 16yr olds havin a gud time but also hasslin ppl to get us more drink.
  • parkway park is good for hangin out but friday nights are mad because it is full of wrecked 16yr olds havin a gud time but also hasslin ppl to get us more drink.
  • The Fair rocks and so does the Carnival but the coolest place to hang when nothing's happening is probably Blake Gardens it's nice and peaceful :) or most of the parks neae the nice estates, like Durleigh.
  • cranliegh gardens roofs
  • I used to hang out in Brewery fields behind Splash with a litre of white lightning!!
  • cornhill- avoid if u dont want sum abuse from a fe 14yr olds.
  • Quite alot of the teenagers hang around in either Vicky park, blake gardens or cranleigh gardens!! they also go in mega bowl alot cos they will serve anyone as long as they are out of nappies!!
  • Victoria park is where a lot of people hang out nowadays
  • All the druggies hang out at the base of the Blake statue and cornhill in the town centre, which is nice.
  • The residents of Bridgwater were asked by the local rag (Bridgy Mercury) About plans to erect a statue that represents Bridgwater past and present, it was decided that a carnival theme shoild be the winner, however my suggestion was somehow overlooked. A bronzed statue of a schoolgirl holding a mobile phone, balancing a pint of lager/kebab with her newborn child in a pushchair as inapropriate.
  • blake gardens if you want to find some interesting plants and chemicals for sale. megabowl if you are looking to find a fight with someone who just lost his last 2p in the one armed bandit and is looking for revenge. the graveyard next to three crowns/rockgardens if your looking for adolescent binge drinking rockers.
  • Dunwear car park for green smoking sessions.
  • megabowl
  • I once halted disco Jeff in market street and pointed out that he was going the wrong way in a one way street, he apologised put himself in reverse and backed himself out.
  • holford road park
  • So people still hang around in West Street? That used to be the place to go!
  • When I was a teenager I used to hang around cornhill or cranleigh gardens, thinking I was cool, sad eh! Although still thinking I was cool, I left Bridgy and left thinking that it smelled normal, good old smellophane, I was surprised to find out that other places do not smell like that(or much anyway) and most definitely do not smell like boiled eggs or other unmentionables. I sometimes romantically reminisce about good old bridgy but then when the prozac wears off, and I am having my electric shock therapy, I realise that this asylum has better memories for me.
  • I believe blake gardnes, and Crnley gardens are good places to befriend ladies.
  • Blake gardens is one cool place to hang out in
  • dillons one stop at the end of wills road
  • Last time I went in a Bridgwater 'Nite Spot' I was 19, and I left because I felt too old. Does that offer any clues as to where the 'young ones' go?.....
  • Mansfield park:place for imature boys and girls who will do anything for a fag hang out.Get a life...
  • Splash carpark - skaters and suchlike hang round there.
  • One stop on the bower manor estate is good if you like good old Bridgwater Bikes!!!!! "LOL"
  • Another favourite hook up spot is Parkway shops, just in front of the newsagents.. Overlly stocky guys and poodle permed tracksuit wearing girls circulate here, drinking their Hooch and/or White Lightning, hassling anyone who 'dares' to use the shops.
  • Well the perfect place to pick up girls is down on the Bower Manor estate around by the One Stop shop.....Loads of birds
  • Blake Gardens
  • Cornhill toilets
  • Admiral Blake statue (you sad bastards)

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