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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • FIREWALL @ the Palace. DJs like Darren styles, Hixxy, mark EG, M zone, Frantic are regulars along with some of the best MCs in the country!
  • Palace is ok, not really my scene though. When I have visited on student nights it surprised me that leering 50 year old men were considered 'students'!
  • palace nightclub
  • Lots of people go to the Palace (dance) otherwise the Albion is good for live bands and drinks.
  • Stop complaining about how crap the night life is and do something about it. Its not that difficult, get some bands or djs together find a venue or field and advertise it. If its any good you could have started something!!! p.s one of the best nights of the year is North Newton beer festival compete with hog roast, mosh pit and cider.
  • THE PALACE- only club in Bridgwater- has got better in the past few yrs, nice place jst in the wrong town! has hard dance nites- firewall- evry 3 months brings out the best in the town! wikkid nite!!
  • Palace where EVERYONE gets in!! I no a 12 year old who got in!! Lol!!!
  • the only club i know of is Palace but bridgwater has loads of pubs for you!
  • Th elabour club some how drifted down from 'up north' and sells cider dirt cheap. It has to be seen to be believed. (think tacky hovel)
  • TDF formally known as toffs and the palace and infamous for their young patrons
  • the palace is the local place to groove as long as you are under 12 if you have survived past that age then you have probally got 3 kids and moved away, far away
  • ovid toffs unless you are particularly full of youth as it is sticky capreted and just really rather not nice. The palace offers an acceptable night out if you happen to be drunk enough for you to think you are somewhere else.
  • Galleries Remedies And the Palace are the kind of places you enjoy once drunken amnesia sets in. Shame they're the cream of the crop really....
  • Remedies...keep your eyes open for local legends Danny Binding & Steve 'yoda' clatworhty....a couple of local bridgy legends who like nowt more than to drink booze, smoke roll ups and argue with each other in a druken mess. Danny is a potential guitar playing hero who has drowned in booze.
  • palace nightclub
  • The Palace creche!!!!
  • I have one thing to say about the Palace.....HAHA!
  • The best place in town is no dowt the Remedies Bar. It has taken all of the Place's punters and has great DJ's, reasonablly priced drinks and fantastic bar staff. Give it a go!
  • Palace is terrible, unless you like steps, s club tm, westlife, boyzone etc.
  • All clubs in Bridgwater are utterly shit, you have to go to Weston or Taunton for a decent one.
  • not really a pub but the blake arms is a great night out when ricardos disco is there!!!
  • Bridgwater is in real need of a good club. the palace can be okay, but the drinks are expensive and the music is mainly rubbish. Also there are too many big-headed sods and ageing slappers in there. Toffs is pants, and looks distinctly 80's. If you've got any sense you'll go to Taunton or Weston-Super-Mare instead.
  • The Palace is a lot better than Toffs night club, which has at least made the nightlife a lot better, Remedies a fairly new bar/club and galeries are also good as well as admirals landing
  • Toffs is sticky and needs a good dose of Flah. Now. Oh, and apparently some guy called Russ pisses at the bar in the Palace. So don't go there.
  • There's a few - Palace is the best, then there's Toffs which is ok, then Arena and another one which I really wouldn't bother about.
  • I just thought I had to write and say that the Palace night club is hardly a Dance club. Bridgwater NEEDS a really decent Dance club dedicated to good music and not good profits. All you need is a big warehouse out of town and some bangin DJ's and non of that Cheesy Dave Weller music that gets played in Toffs and non of that Chrt music crap that gets played in Palace. !!!!!!! REAL MUSIC.....NEW MUSIC......BRIDGWATER NEEDS IT.........
  • Bridgwater 'clubs' (I use the broadest sense of the word) are now in a frenzy of competition and are continually offering cheaper and cheaper drinks in an effort to tempt customers into their particular dive, I mean premises. I anticipate at least one club paying people to go and drink there within the next few weeks! One day they may even realise that people only go in there to get drunk before going to the Palce for a real night out.
  • This bit needs updating! The Manor has now been demolished (probably to try and reduce the amout of drugs circultating the area). The old favourite Toffs is still going but has fierce competition from The Palace which is relatively new, three floors and actually pretty good. It's like a proper nightclub! (Don't expect any write ups in Mixmag though). Definatley the place to go at the minute and always packed on Saturdays. What was Harley D's is still open but has had various names including Chubbies, New York New York and various others. They are now trying to tempt people with very cheap drink but it is still full of 14 year old who can't get into Palace and pervy Bouncers. Oh, and that wonderful establishment - Chaplins Snooker Club - has shut. It really was rough and tucked down a back alley, anyone remember it? Anyway, as I said Palace is the place to be in 1999.
  • The Palace is the only good club in Bridgwater
  • Just the one, and it's not even really in Bridgwater, The Manor, on the A38, 4 miles north of centre.
  • Yes, Bridgwater is a complete dump. But I think that you were wrong about the Manor being the only good club. In fact, it should be noted that the Manor is the one place that you don't want to be on a Thursday night, as it can coincide with Bridgwater College parties which means that the whole place is full of College kids. Any other night, there's the problem of which one of your mates can't drink as they have to drive you there. I find that Toff's, just off the town centre in St.Mary's street is a good alternative. I prefer it to the manor. Especially on a Thursday night as its only £1 entry before 10, and ALL drinks are then £1 for the whole night. It can get quite crowded, but not so crowded that you end up with half of your beer down your front before you've even left the bar. Admittedly the dance floor is quite small, but it's adequate. The music can be good at times. If you're staying in Bridgwater then there is of course the added bonus of being able to walk there and back so no one has to drive. There's yet another bonus of having a KFC, literally just around the corner. Its always open until around 2am on a Thursday night so if you're a bit hungry after coming out of Toff's, its a good place to go. Basically, what it comes down to is that if you're with your mates, Toff's guarantees a good night.
  • Don't be tempted to go to the recently renamed "Dazzlers" (formerly known as Harley D's) which is situated just up from Toff's, as the only time you'll see any life at all in there is on a Saturday night. Even then its pretty dead. Basically, its just not as good as Toff's and I'd strongly advise you to skip it. If you're passing and its free entry, just pop your head around the door and you'll see what I mean.

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