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St Andrews School by Tony Ward (Member 10010448) on 13-Apr-2000
Hi, I am interested in making contact with ANY ex pupils of St Andrews, Knowle Hall near Bawdrip. I attended the school from 1948 to 1959 and was the Head Boy for the last year. My Father worked for British Cellophane and was transferred to Melbourne, Australia in 1959. I now live in Sydney. We used to live in Woolavington.
Tony Ward
  • Re: St Andrews School by Malcolm Ridgeway (Member 10140575) on 17-Dec-2004
    Hi - this is a great surprise - came upon this by accident. I passed 11 plus and started at St Andrews in 1958 approx. My name is Malcolm Ridgeway and at that time I lived in Bishops Hull near Taunton.
    I can remember the Head - Peter Calaminus and his wife............ the pupils names that spring to mind are Frank Tyson - overweight and they thought he set light to the generator in order to speed... more >>

  • Re: St Andrews School by Anthony Houghton (Member 10277535) on 22-Aug-2012
    Hello. I was at St Andrews School from about 1948-1953. I remember some names like Anthony Bryant, Rosenthal abig bully, Wheeler, Mr Price who was sent to jail, he was our Maths master.Mr Calaminus and old mr C, our stern Matron. the wild dog who bit everyone, poor thing was chained up always, I used to take him for walks. I lived in bridgewater on Castle street. I was a boarder for a while and th... more >>

  • Re: St Andrews School by keith swift (Member 10277795) on 1-Sep-2012
    I was also a student there as a boarder, and have few pleasant memories. I do remember sleeping next to a peter rosenthal, probably not the bully mentioned in the other post. I remember a math teacher by the name of McGrath, an English teacher by the name of Tiles, and assistant head master named Bevan who administered beatings with a bamboo cane. I also remember a student by the name of David Gra... more >>

  • Re: St Andrews School by Christopher Rumsey (Member 10035234) on 7-Oct-2013
    Hi Tony,
    I have seen your name on other sites but this is the first time I have contacted someone on this subject. I was at St Andrews from 1953 to 59. I remember quite a few facts from my days there. I remember Mr Peter and Robin Clatworthy who was a former pupil. There was a Peter Flawn who came from Southampton. There was Chris Searchfield and Gordon (can not think of his surname) who were... more >>

  • Re: St Andrews School by keith underwood (Member 10289270) on 19-Oct-2013
    What a lovely surprise to find this site,i was a boarder for about four years mid 50s.My memories are running round Puriton at the crack of dawn,the head pete c who when his back was bad we all suffered,the marrow from the orchard which we tried to destroy,our striped blazers,yes Tyson who i called Bison.iwas friends with Mike Wilmott and Robert Quinn.Yes 3 Iraquis one was called Jammie Dodger rea... more >>

  • Re: St Andrews School by Richard Greasley (Member 10290795) on 7-Jan-2014
    Nice to find this site.I was a Day boy in the early 60s Mr Peter was the headmaster.Mr Carter woodwork teacher,used to spend most of the lesson telling rude jokes,I did hear that his eyesight was failing.Also heard he married Matron! Mr Potter was in charge of the young farmers.One lunch time the tractor rolled away into the pool!Cross country rums remember them,around the villages.Mr Osbourne a ... more >>

  • Re: St Andrews School by Richard Greasley (Member 10290795) on 15-Jan-2014
    Just a thought the name Underwood rings a bell with me,I am sure he was there at the same time as me.Also Len Miles who lived at Bawdrip and I think moved to Canada.also Martin Heal who lived at Chilton Polden. I will no doubt thin of more in time!

  • Re: St Andrews School by Christopher Rumsey (Member 10035234) on 24-Feb-2014
    Further to the previous message I left, I discovered(in Friends Reunited) last week that Mr Peter (Rev P A F Calaminus) died 28th July 2006 in Australia. I do not know of Mrs Peter. Some of the names quoted above I remember. I have come across some long lost photo's of St Andrews when I smuggled in a Box Brownie camera. I have no idea of the persons taken but do know the locations.

  • Re: St Andrews School by Andrew Sparkes (Member 10292062) on 18-Mar-2014
    Hello everyone. I was a border here during the 60's.
    The names that come to mind are Denier ( head boy when I first joined), Andrew Conroy, Hornsby, Crisp, Lockyer, Stemp 1&2, Blackmore, Christmas, Russle Bargery (sadly died a few years ago), Phil Harding, Innes 1&2, Lovell.... Too many to list here.
    Teachers: - Cousins, Potter, Jakeman, Cartwright, Christmas, Grey, Osborne.
    A.T.C. 2389 St.A... more >>

  • Re: St Andrews School by keith underwood (Member 10289270) on 27-Mar-2014
    Is there any way i can have sight of some photos of the old school please, i lost mine in a move once i was there between 1956 and 1960, i notice Chris Rumsey saying he has some and he was there at the same time as me.i live in shaldon south devon

  • Re: St Andrews School by Andrew Sparkes (Member 10292062) on 27-Mar-2014
    Try this link to view some old photos.

    I'll be adding a couple more at a later date.

  • Re: St Andrews School by Andrew Sparkes (Member 10292062) on 4-Apr-2014
    More photos added....

  • Re: St Andrews School by David Rowley (Member 10295497) on 1-Sep-2014

    I was at St Andrews during the mid to late 50's. I arrived at a time when Otto Calaminus was on the verge of retiring. Not a happy time for me as being there under protest I rebelled and fought all I could to be returned home. I won in the end and gained my expultion. I do remember the bursar Robin Clatworthy (who I met again 20odd years agoor so) and of course Peter Calaminus. The la... more >>

  • Re: St Andrews School by Martin Weston (Member 10296620) on 16-Oct-2014
    I was at St.Andrews from 58 to 65 as a boarder,my brother Bruce was also a boarder.Not good with names but recognise some mentioned. Have got some photos perhaps will now be able to put names to faces!

  • Re: St Andrews School by Tony Christmas (Member 10297473) on 6-Nov-2014
    I was a pupil there sometime in the 60's and my Dad (Roy Christmas) was a teacher there at the time.

  • Re: St Andrews School by Tony Christmas (Member 10297473) on 6-Nov-2014
    I was a pupil there sometime in the 60's and my Dad (Roy Christmas) was a teacher there at the time.

  • Re: St Andrews School by Andrew Sparkes (Member 10292062) on 6-Nov-2014
    Hi Roy, Take a look at the photos I've posted. Your dad is in one of them. I've fond memories of him.

  • Re: St Andrews School by Andrew Sparkes (Member 10292062) on 6-Nov-2014
    Sorry Tony, I mixed your names up. Old age don't come alone mate (ha, ha).

  • Re: St Andrews School by keith underwood (Member 10289270) on 12-Nov-2014
    Hi Andrew,I have noticed you have kindly put up some photos of our old school.Unfortunatelyi can not for some reason access the link,more than likely its me as computers are not really me,it was just wind up radios under the pillows with radio Luxembourgh in our days.

  • Re: St Andrews School by Andrew Sparkes (Member 10292062) on 12-Nov-2014
    Try this link .... maybe a bit better

    If that doesn't work search for Friends Reunited on Google and then look for St.Andrew's School.

    Good luck

  • Re: St Andrews School by Andrew Sparkes (Member 10292062) on 12-Nov-2014
    Let me know if you have a problem mate.

  • Re: St Andrews School by keith underwood (Member 10289270) on 15-Nov-2014
    Still no joy,tried friends reunited and surprised how many st andrews there are but could not find our lot

  • Re: St Andrews School by Andrew Sparkes (Member 10292062) on 16-Nov-2014
    Send me an e-mail to here
    I'll send you a copy of the photos.

  • Re: St Andrews School by Andrew Sparkes (Member 10292062) on 12-Mar-2015
    More photos added ...... god, the memories....

Thomas Morrell Lear by dave jackson (Member 10009278) on 18-Mar-2000
Looking for ancestors of Thomas Morrell Lear, who lived and worked in Bridgwater as a police superintendent during the middle and late 1800,s.
John Evans of Luccombe by David Evans (Member 10002250) on 20-Feb-2000
I am trying to trace any relatives of John Evans from Luccombe who, with his wife and daughter Jane, went to live in South Wales in the middle 1800s, He was my great grandfather and his daughter Jane was my grandmother who died in Port Talbot in 1949. My great grandmother was from Wooton Courtenay but I don't yet have her name. Any info greatly appreciated.   
Hike in Dartmoor? by Hans Kollenstaart (Member 10006680) on 16-Jan-2000
A girl from Bridgwater once told me about some kind of yearly hike in Dartmoor, that was organised by the army.
Since I am interested in participating, with a group of scouts, I would like to find out more about this. Unfortunately I haven't had contact with the girl for quite some time
Could someone tell me more about this hike, or where I can find more information about it.
  • Re: Hike in Dartmoor? by Frank (Member 10008128) on 21-Apr-2000
    The event will be the 'Ten Tor's Challenge'. I am unable to give you dates or other info at present but I will keep trying.

Irene Adams by Jack Qualman (Member 10000046) on 16-Dec-1999
Irene Isla Adams (Adams was her maiden name).A fashion model from Birmingham. Born in Scotland 1935. ISLA ADAMS, where are you now? Anyone who went to school with her in Birmingham or West Midlands, or knew ISLA, please email Jack Q. Thank You....   
Charles and Sarah Jane Saunders by KAY SAUNDERS (Member 10004166) on 15-Dec-1999
I would like to find any one with the Saunders name in Bridgwater or Chilton Polden Polden hill. I would like to find out about my husbands grandparents Charles and Sarah Jane Saunders. They had a son Ernest born in July 1883 or 1885.
I did write to a P Saunders in Bridgwater some month ago put he might have moved away and not got my latter. I am doing a family tree and can not find out anything... more >>
the gallery pub by shaun (Member 10005586) on 12-Dec-1999
Does anyone know the address of the gallery pub in bridgewater or a phone number will do thanks   
  • Re: the gallery pub by Frank (Member 10008128) on 26-Apr-2000
    Try looking for the Arts centre, Castle Street. I think that may be the place you want.

Anyone remember the Bridgwater College Tunnelling crew '93-'95? by john stephens (Member 10005500) on 9-Dec-1999
If you were privileged to know the above group during that time, especially the Irish lads,write in and we'll do lunch or contact me at Anyone remember the stretch limo??!!!   
Searching for Denise (Warren) Rogers by Lisa Salyer Conkel (Member 10002876) on 24-Sep-1999
I am desperately searching for Denise Warren-Rogers who lives in the area of Bridgewater or Somerset, England. I lost contact with her over 8 years ago and I really need to find her.
She is married to Michael and has 2 children: Dawn and Richard. If anyone has a clue please tell her Lisa Salyer Conkel is searching very hard to find her. Please email me with all the information you can. I am f... more >>
Carnivals by Dave Henighan (Member 10002560) on 11-Sep-1999
We hope many of you will turn out on the night of Carnival. Check this   
SALTLEY COLLEGE, Birmingham. by Roy Smith (Member 10000619) on 9-Aug-1999
Saltley College, Birmingham. Hoping to contact anyone who trained at this teachers' college, especially 1961-64.   
Query about Somerset-girl , living ( ? ) in Bridgwater by Alexander Bjerke (Member 10001421) on 29-Jul-1999
I am a Norwegian guy who used to live in the UK , and I am now attempting to find an old friend of mine who used to live ( still lives ? ) in Bridgwater , Somerset . And I hope somebody on the Internett from Bridgwater may be able to help me. My friend is called Rachel Jane Harris , she is approx. 29 yrs old , and the last I heard from her ( in 1991 ) she was unmarried , worked at FKI Transervice ... more >>   
Query from Canadian film crew by Barb Campbell (Member 10000798) on 16-Jul-1999
I am attempting to locate a couple - Redgie and Betty (no last name) . They lived at 128 Tarmtan (?) Road in Bridgwater in as late as 1954. Their home was titled "The Willows". Their children were Diana and Malcolm. and I assume would be in their 50's now.

I am part of a Canadian documentary film crew producing the story of Vi Milstead Warren. She was part of the ATA during World War Two a... more >>
  • Re: Query from Canadian film crew by Dave Henighan (Member 10002560) on 19-Nov-1999
    The road you mention in Bridgwater ,UK, is TAUNTON ROAD, unfortunately I don`t know the person but have tried to find out for you, no luck. Best of luck in your venture. Dave @Galaxy Tv

  • Re: Query from Canadian film crew by Malcolm Ridgeway (Member 10140575) on 19-Dec-2004
    How strange I should find this message - the Canadian film crew found my mother BETTY RIDGEWAY and visited her at Staplehay near Taunton and included her in the film about Vi Milstead. I had a telephone call from a very dear friend asking if I had a copy of the film, as my mother died on June 22nd 2000 and she has no video of mum. If anyone knows where a copy exists or where I can purchase one I ... more >>

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