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2015 by Robert Body (Member 10035608) on 23-Dec-2014
May all readers get what they wish for in 2015   
  • Re: 2015 by Buster (Member 10101570) on 29-Jan-2015
    thanks man. likin da positivity

Bad by sharon (Member 10296940) on 27-Oct-2014
Never trust a cobb from Brighton   
2014 by Robert Body (Member 10035608) on 31-Dec-2013
may all you readers get what you wish for   
  • Re: 2014 by Buster (Member 10101570) on 29-Jan-2015
    nice 1 me old mucker

What no posts since 2012? by Robert Body (Member 10035608) on 28-Apr-2013
no news from Brighton?   
  • Re: What no posts since 2012? by mike hamblett (Member 10289843) on 16-Nov-2013
    I finally spotted your appeal Bob. I remember you soiltesting and concrete. And the table tennis at lunch times. Here, s e mail if you want catch up. I, m in Berkshire these days.

  • Re: What no posts since 2012? by Robert Body (Member 10035608) on 21-Nov-2013
    Great to hear from you, will email very shortly

lost contacts by Robert Body (Member 10035608) on 27-Sep-2012
I'm interested in knowing what'shappened to some old friends, whom Ive lost contact with:
vince coccozza, paul dwyer, stuart derwent, dave darton, doreen goodall, allan holman, mike hamblett, phillip hewlett, judy jones, linda king, anton samborski, nick wright, pauline woolgar - out of curiosity

Dave Darton - I email regularly, but the others are lost
Sussex River Authority staff 1970-1973 by Robert Body (Member 10035608) on 18-Sep-2012
looking for anyone who worked there during these dates, I worked in the lab, also with a driller called Derek   
YMCA Residents 1970-1972 by Robert Body (Member 10035608) on 18-Sep-2012
looking for anyone who lived at the YMCA, Old Steine during these dates   
Looking for information about JAMES BARSON by Derek Bailey (Member 10252080) on 22-Oct-2011
I'm trying to get in touch with anyone who knew or has any information about JAMES BARSON. He died in Brighton on May 27, 1983. He was about 76 when he died. He was possibly a cook or a security guard at some time in Brighton. Any information would be really appreciated at this email:
maxine maria purcell by jbbutterfield (Member 10262546) on 18-Jun-2011
caroline atkinson hodges wants to get in touch,say hello to her on facebook!
while i'm here! how ru?
cheers jbb
The Next Band making it big!! by Anne (Member 10259496) on 22-Mar-2011
This band is brill! and they're on their way to making it big! they're called 'Maker' give them a go :)
Seasons Greetings by Robert Body (Member 10035608) on 17-Dec-2010
may your god go with you, all those who do remember me then an extra special wish for these times

  • Re: Seasons Greetings by Robert Body (Member 10035608) on 3-Jan-2011
    nor I you, either in Brighton or Borehamwood - dates of residence in either please

Playgroup Festival 2010 by George Rankin (Member 10250608) on 9-Aug-2010
✭ ✭ ✭ The First Ever Playgroup Festival ✭ ✭ ✭

"It's a magical mystery bus tour weekender, with a few twists!"

Join us in August for our magic b... more >>
Don’t Panic Brighton and Together presents – “Lucky for Some” by George Rankin (Member 10250608) on 9-Aug-2010
Audio Brighton - Friday 13th August - 6pm - 4am

Together are a party collective that run parties across Brighton, raising money for Cancer Research UK, raising nearly £10,000 in the last 18 months. And if you don't know Don't Panic.... you don't know.

6pm – 10pm, Terrace BBQ
10pm –... more >>
Old Brighton Friends by Robert Body (Member 10035608) on 14-Jul-2010
I'm well in contact with Dave Darton, but would like to once more contact Paul Dwyer, I did try an email address but no luck, can anyone help   
Need a man by Glenda (Member 10247636) on 18-May-2010
I'm a single lady in my fifties looking for a companion to spend some quailty time with. I'm not over the hill yet, and still young at heart. I can be found at sagadatingsite website just search for Glenda. Looking forward to hearing from you.   
  • Re: Need a man by Buster (Member 10101570) on 29-Jan-2015
    saga aint got a dating site. I think u r getting mixed up.

Easter by Robert Body (Member 10035608) on 2-Apr-2010
For those of the christian faith - a happy Easter.

To those of other faiths whatever you wish yourselves
Loneliness.. by gilf (Member 10245596) on 12-Mar-2010
Is there a man out there who can satisfy my needs? I am an interesting widow in my early sixties, and I am still young at heart. I am looking for a local man to keep me warm at night. The best way to find me is via the www dateagranny dot com web site - I would rather you find me there than email me directly - I hope you understand. Sylvia x
  • Re: Loneliness.. by Buster (Member 10101570) on 29-Jan-2015
    that site cant be real. u need 2 get tucked up in bed with a warm bowl of bread n milk

Sussex's Only Childrens Hospice. by panic (Member 10245063) on 24-Feb-2010
Hi .......,

We are aiming to care for every life-limited child in Sussex. We
need to spread the word. You can help by just forwarding on this
... more >>
Reply by MyM8z (Member 10243740) on 12-Jan-2010 - a new social networking site for keeping in touch. Some of the features include a MSN style messenger which allows speaking directly to friends on facebook, msn, aol, yahoo etc. Video and music downloading - sharing, live radio stations and tv.

visit us at
Did you know that you can play Slots for free on Facebook? by Em-Jay (Member 10243622) on 12-Jan-2010
DiLiGO Games Slots offer 500 FREE daily tokens. Many themed games. Bonus Games. Multiple pay-lines. Send Token Gifts to Friends. Compete for Token Prizes on daily, weekly and monthly Leaderboards.

Click below to find out more:
  • Re: Did you know that you can play Slots for free on Facebook? by Buster (Member 10101570) on 29-Jan-2015
    yeah yeah I love wasting money. lets do it

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