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early greetings from down under by Robert Body (Member 10035608) on 20-Dec-2009
Whatever or however you refer to the days over Christmas/new year (dec 24 to 2 jan), I wish you all well, safety and happiness, come back into the New Year   
  • Re: early greetings from down under by bruce smith (Member 10029368) on 7-Jan-2010
    where is down under. You must be a pommie living in Oz. Be cause only pomms post mess lik eyours

  • Re: early greetings from down under by Robert Body (Member 10035608) on 8-Jan-2010

Lost Cockatiel Woodingdean Please Help :) by Lesley (Member 10127195) on 4-Nov-2009
Pip has been missing since Saturday evening from my sisters home in Woodingdean..He is very light coloured with a yellow head and rosy cheeks.
I am told that Cockatiels are quite strong flyers and he could have possibly gotten over a couple of miles from home so I would be grateful if all you nice people out there in the Brighton area could keep a look out for him as he is my sisters baby and she is devastated.
  • Re: Lost Cockatiel Woodingdean Please Help :) by Sally Baldwin (Member 10242508) on 19-Nov-2009
    I am from a bird rescue center near Hailsham and have just picked up a Cockatiel nearby that was being attacked by a Hawk. I do not know if it may be yours but I am trying to find someone who may be able to recognise it.
    It is quite small, light grey with dark grey feathers each side of it's tail. Quite a biter but probably more due to fright and having a bad day!
    Eating well and seems to... more >>

looking for Kevin Connell by zohreh moridani (Member 10240598) on 14-Sep-2009
Does anybody know Kevin Connell who used to work for Lloyds Bank, Iran representativ Office during 1970s. I have been looking for him everywhere with no luck.   
Leggings Jeggings by jean (Member 10078820) on 27-Aug-2009
Leggings Jeggings from size 6 to plus size 22

No wonder we are addicted to leggings
Re: THE SHEPHERDESS by IAIN BRIMSWALL by Reader (Member 10122086) on 29-Jun-2009
New meaning to pastoral care in the community.
Review at
New Biscuit Business Radcliffe Market Free Offer by shaun kenyon (Member 10232610) on 22-Mar-2009
Kenyon's Quality Biscuits is new to radcliffe market and offers a wide range of old recipe biscuits over 50 different flavours
pick'n'mix,singles,packs at low prices
from £1.00 pack to £2.00 per pack large Oaties
We searched the country for the best quality and price for every one to enjoy,

Radcliffe market is Buzzing with many new traders selling great products at fantastic prices includi... more >>
What Difference Would Extra Income Make to Your Life ? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 30-Dec-2008

I am looking for people who have experience in the Financial Services, Utilities or Sales Industries. I can offer a good opportunity for those who are prepared to put in effort on a part time basis with a Footsie 250 Plc company to earn a regular residual income for life.

Visit my website for further info... more >>
  • Re: What Difference Would Extra Income Make to Your Life ? by Buster (Member 10101570) on 29-Jan-2015
    r u still in business? sounds like flannel

Christmas / New year 2009 by Robert Body (Member 10035608) on 21-Dec-2008
To those I know and to those I have contacted,

As we start to leave 2008 and what has been a very mixed year of fortune and folly just a brief note to say HAPPY CHRISTMAS & A BIG 2009 and that I hope ours is the same.

Kindest... more >>
PAUL WELLER BASSIST DJING THIS FRI 12 DEC @ DA DOO RON RON KOMEDIA by dadoolanglang (Member 10233887) on 11-Dec-2008

Da Doo Ron Ron - "the legendary 60s girl pop, soul & funk extravaganza", the NME - crown a truly fantastic 2008 which has seen the likes of Andy Smith (Portishead), Rhoda Dakar (Special AKA / Specials) and Edwyn Collins (Orange Juice) grace the Da Doo decks, by welcoming an ace brace of equally fantastic superstar guest DJs; the mighty ANDY LEWIS (PAUL WELLER BASSIST) & JON SLADE (BORN BAD) - to... more >>
60s beat/mod/R&B band members from Brighton Wanted by Paul (Member 10233578) on 24-Nov-2008

I’m based in Sussex I also collect records and am completely obsessed with the 60s.

I am working on a project of putting together a compilation LP entitled “60s Savages from Sussex and The South C... more >>
lost brighton contacts by Robert Body (Member 10035608) on 20-Nov-2008
I've posted something like this before and I'm still interested in contacting some of the people on this list, whom Ive lost contact with:

vince coccozza:
paul dwyer:
stuart derwent:
doree... more >>
  • Re: lost brighton contacts by Paul Dwyer (Member 10234766) on 23-Jan-2009
    Hi Bob you can contact me at

  • Re: lost brighton contacts by Robert Body (Member 10035608) on 23-Aug-2009
    Paul, sent you an email after seeing your post rather tardily

Gary Moore the musician by Bridget (Member 10233083) on 28-Oct-2008
I know Gary Moore lives in Hove somewhere, he`s been my hero for 30 yrs, could someone plz tell where in Hove he lives.

  • Re: Gary Moore the musician by sparky (Member 10057560) on 8-Nov-2008
    stalker lol

Koru- what do you think? by dan miller (Member 10233001) on 24-Oct-2008
Koru Instant Energy Strips- I've seen them on the counter in newsagents all over Brighton but what are they like?   
Scaffolding by Paul Sanders (Member 10000001) on 1-Sep-2008
We're changing some things - might be a bit of dust around for a few days.   
new chatroom now open by alan (Member 10169915) on 27-Aug-2008
hi knowhere chatroom has closed down i am offering all a new one......its only bacic so please try it somtime.....its open 24/7 ..tell your friends and mates and good chatting.......the room is moderated so please use but dont abuse.......thanks all.............   
  • Re: new chatroom now open by urfa (Member 10113585) on 1-Sep-2008
    Hi, I am a long time member or user of your old chat room, I live in Tasmania and I was wondering what hapend to the chat room, my user name for that was "urfa"
    I will be looking forward to the opening of your new chat room,....Regards..............Matt

  • Re: new chatroom now open by mike hunt (Member 10207314) on 20-Sep-2008
    fek off you dirty old prossy,fat alan takes it up the arse the gay cunt

  • Re: new chatroom now open by Qtip (Member 10136528) on 26-Oct-2008

    New Chat room

Anyone know, Caroline Wheatley ? by victor jeffreys (Member 10220706) on 25-Aug-2008
Caroline is a member of,'Friends Reunited', membership No:- 477579. Could she or anyone that might know her; please leave a message for, Vic Jeffreys on the 'Peckham' page of, Knowhere ? In respect of the, 'Avery family tree', thanks.   
  • Re: Anyone know, Caroline Wheatley ? by victor jeffreys (Member 10220706) on 19-Oct-2008
    Would friends reunited please take this conning cows crapp off of my appeal.

Pete needs some fun by Hunky Pete (Member 10221859) on 11-Jul-2008
Hi, my name is Peter Lyon, I'm a big gay hunk and I'm looking for some fresh Lyon lurve. Mr Dinkle Winkle's not had a lot of action recently, he's ever such a lonely little boy. Please call me if you're looking for hot gay fun with big sweaty stud. Call me at work, 0151 298 9495.   
Have you seen......... by Callie (Member 10223905) on 12-Jun-2008
Dave Prentiss............. lost touch and need to get hold of him. LKA flat on seafront. Thanks   
Have you managed to meet anyone yet? by Phillip (Member 10227299) on 8-Jun-2008
Its hard to make contact and sometimes you just feel you are sending endless mail upon mail and still hitting your head against a brick wall?

Successful Sex Networking is the solution!

(Plus real life s... more >>
Start testing for scoliosis in school petition by Ab Fab (Member 10048437) on 2-Jun-2008
10 year old Emma has had surgery for Scoliosis and is now campaigning to raise awareness of the condition and for all children in the UK to have the very simple 'bend forward' test to get an early diagnosis of Scoliosis. She has an online petition at

Emma is aiming for 1000 signatures and currently has just short of 300...... more >>
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