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The Best Things
  • That wicked Jerk chicken shop on Cold Harbour lane, although the price increases the more you have had to drink and you arent going to argue!!!!
  • Brockwell Park circe 1950's The Rose garden and Minature Village
  • Brixton market on a saturday there is people and music every step of the way. there is nowhere in the world your your find such a mix of culture, races, food and people and most are friendly and you will always find something to do.
  • the buzz. the people.
  • Very cheap fruit, veg and meat in the market(some butchers better than others though). Best mix of people of any place I know. Lots of healthie food places for the hippies amongst us.
  • The buzz & the edge. The variety. Watching rich people & students make their nervous way down Coldharbour Lane to Living & to other places.
  • You can buy a used travelcard for 1.50. Never too far from the public transport.
  • the market - huge diversity of foods on sale, including pigs feet!
  • Diversity The fact that theres still loads of people around at 2am or 4am due to the clubbing scene - makes it much safer than many areas New shops and redevelopment of the town centre at last
  • The Multicultural International Global Village Vibe. The Creative energy that runs along the river Effra.
  • The unique atmosphere in Brixton. The animation at the exit of the tube (the stupid and racist tribes of Saleem that just make you laugh!,...).
  • Lively, unpredicatable nature of life Safety Brixton Cycles Lambeth Council - 5th lowest council tax in Britain and New Labour flagship borough Very good transport links
  • A new gifts shop opened recently on the Clapham/Brixton border. Everything But The Kitschen Sink is a treasure trove of fun and innovative gift ideas. 50's pin ups and movie icons nuzzle with religious relics, nostalgic toys, cow cruet sets and fluffy table lamps. The shop is a suffusion of lurid colours, a fetish for trashy plastic and Andy Warhol-esque glamour.
  • Brixton is really beginning to buzz now with lots of nightlife and even the markets are looking better. Try glancing up at their entrances when walking along Coldharbour Lane or Electric Lane.
  • CoolTan Arts building has been bought by The Voice newspaper. The Ritzy Cinema is done up now - I went ages ago and saw Exorcist 1,2 & 3 (why?), and loads of other stuff: anyone been recently? I hear the prices have rocketed. [Perhaps, but still £3.00 concessions.] My mate Peter Polanyk lives off Coldharbour Road. That's a good thing about Brixton, at least. Check out Landor Road late at night for a surprise or two.
  • The Ritzy: A great art house cinema in a newly renovated five screen high quality venue
  • Sports: Check out Frank Johnsons in Ferndale Road.
  • Brixton Exchange and Mart is a good source of second hand music stuff, although don't expect everything to have its serial number intact. It's sometimes quite hard to get served if the people in there are engaged in one of their interminable arguments with a big Rasta about the guitar he bought last week.
  • My brother says the best thing about Brixton is the market... I suppose he's got some use for cheap, knackered Duracell batteries that I haven't thought of.
  • The best thing about Brixton is the Fridge club. There is excellent music there on Saturday nights with a superb atmosphere - get youself there
  • Brixton reacts to you as you do to it, grasshopper! Hey, you get what you give. The Fridge can be very impressive: keep an eye on Time Out for information. The Academy is uniquely beautiful. I've had some times there - as have so many Londoners! Worth a pilgrimage. The outskirts of Brixton are also pretty good, and pretty poor. Brockwell Park is a bit bleak now - but just wait 'till the summer! Go to the lido. Go to Pride - I can't think it'll be back in Victoria Park again in '96. A great festival for any sexuality. Check out Brixton Books - books on epidemiology - I kid you not!
  • The Academy - brilliant venue.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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