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Cheap Food
  • Atlantic Bakery on Atlantic Road. Ginger Cake, crazy tasty, hmm, and the best rice&peas in Brixton.
  • Neon - on Atlantic Road. This is the place where the cool people go to eat modern Italian food and drink cocktails - they have the BEST martinis in South London. An evening won't break the bank - but it WILL impress! Enjoy!! Check it out at
  • 'Number 1' is a great new Caribbean restaurant on Lyham Road next to the prison, in the old Red Lion pub premises. Only been open since Dec 2004. I went there last night and I can't stop praising it. The service is good, the food (mainly Jamaican) is fantastic, and it's great value for money.
  • McDonalds in Brixton - don't go! Unless your idea of entertainment is crackhead beggars wandering the premises and hassling you while you attempt to eat (a mistake in itself). It will however take your mind off the vile food (even by McD standards). Ever had a cheeseburger whose bun was covered in a shiny film of grease, served with cold limp fries? Masochists only. At least KFC has bouncers.
  • see above: new menu at the ritzy cafe including delicious crepes with argentinean caramel dulce de leche...
  • For homemade hot food under a fiver try the Queen in Bellfields Road (nr Brixton Academy), under new management they have a great little selection of home cooked food done by a Chef with quite a pedigree! Fun, friendly and clean with a great atmosphere.
  • Joe's Basement - avoid this place: the owner is a washed up old has-been with a terrible attitude, and you'll wait over an hour for crap overpriced food. The decor's quite sweet with a nice garden out front, but can hardly make up for what is a truly terrible dining experience.
  • February 2004: Ichiban (Altantic Road) does amazing sushi. Great jerk and goat stew at the Effra Hall (Kellett Road). The White Horse (Brixton Hill) is good for sunday roast and a pint of Bloody Mary (New York Style). Great Columbian food in Brixton Market (The Coldharbour Lane entrance) - especially the cheese balls and arepas con queso...oh and apparently you can eat 'seared fois gras' at Atlantic 66 on Atlantic Road...who would have thought it on the frontline!
  • February 2004: Forgot to mention Curry Paradise (Brixton Hill / Josephine Avenue), which does arguably the best value and tastiest Thali in Brixton - and they're top guys.
  • The Kabab shop opposite the old white horse pub (now the samba bar) is one of the best plus my mums house
  • Babushka is now closed.
  • eco, brixton market, best pizzas in england
  • Fujiyama and Ichaban off Railton Road for Japanese, the Noodle bar on Coldharbour lane for very cheap Chinese.
  • No way - the food in the Sate Bar is rank. Barely defrosted food they just bought from Iceland.
  • as a balance to the lengthly assault on Pangaea - I'be been going there since it opened and have always had excellent service and excellent food
  • BEWARE of PANGAEA pizza restaurant on atlantic road. we went in there yesterday evening, because we heard that the pizza there was great, but... we got there at about 8.15, and didn't get our order to close on 9.30. firstly, they gave me lemonade that was more like soda water, because the soft drinks mixer wasn't working properly. then people that came after us, got their food way before us, our orders got mixed up, and we received the wrong food. when we got the right pizzas, the aubergine on my pizza was stone cold [whilst the rest of the pizza was hot]. to be fair, they did compensate us with a free drink, as it was taking so long to get our order cooked. when i asked for the bill, it was put on the counter and not given to me where i was sitting, - our waiter was having a drink behind the bar, and we had to ask again for our bill. by this time, I got quite annoyed about the whole meal, and the lack of customer service. for our sins, they had added 10% customer service onto the bill as well. the manager was less than courteous, saying that he he hadn't forgotten the order, just that they had got it wrong. then he asked us what we wanted. when we asked him what would be the usual practice, he said that he'd take off 5, plus the 10% - when we paid, there was the cursory cheers, and that was it - no admission of sorry, nothing like that. it left me with a rather derisory experience of eating there, and I don't recommend that you pay the service charge for such god awful service, if you do decide to visit. the bread and olives were good, but then i don't suppose that you can go far wrong with them...can you?
  • The range of West Indian food available
  • Inner City London Market style.
  • Eco in Brixton Market (Inside Arcade) make the best Pizzas in the world! Fact. 'Nuff said. Also check out the Brixton Wholefood Co-op. It's well stocked, and try the fresh New Zealand(!) Carrot Cake.
  • Helter Skelter - fabulous food, quite posh but in the scariest bit of Atlantic Road.
  • Brixton Wholefoods is a cool shop, their wholemeal bread is heavy and filling - a loaf will last you ages and it's just the thing for curing those 3 am munchies.
  • The Markets: Market Row off Coldharbour Lane hides some great little restaurants/cafes.
  • Satay Bar - a new Satay restaurant/bar next to the Ritzy on Coldharbour Lane.
  • Fujiyama - a new Japaneses noodle bar off Coldharbour Lane in Vining Street.
  • Bah Humbug - In the crypt of St.Matthews Church a great restaurant serving veggie and fish.
  • Franco's Pizza in Market Row off Electric Lane serves the best pizza in London but only open during the day with the markets.
  • Pushkas also in Market Row and a good wholemeal veggie restaurant.
  • Thai Cafe also in Market Row and great for fresh Thai food.
  • There are others poppong up all the time especially on Coldharbour / Atlantic Road.
  • Great food at good prices in a pleasant atmosphere at Goya on Acre Lane. Eclectic (?) music and menu.
  • Helter Skelter - Restaurant in the maze that is the market (perhaps Electric Avenue - just wander til you find it) Excellent food, eclectic sort of modern British come Thai come... Lots of fish & vegetables. Around £20 per head. Paintings by Jasper
  • Peter Pepper's Mediterrean Vegetarian Take Away - its not just take away, it's a cool spot to hang out. Which is what you might end up doing as service is a bit slow. But the food is imaginative and tasty and the staff are very friendly. It's up near the top of the Hill in Morrish Rd ( last turning off Brixton Hill before the South Circular). Mid price. Open In morinings for that interesting concept,veggie fry-ups and in the evening for really good Medddie Veggie dishes.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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