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  • The Queen in Bellfields road (corner of Ferndale, 2 mins from Academy), private function room available. Clean, friendly and fun, serving food daily (great sunday roast 6.95) and open all day. Great local!!
  • Febriary 2004: Effra Hall - best pub in Brixton...though sadly now deprived of it's pool table.
  • The White Horse on Brixton Hill definietly serves up the best pub nosh in the whole of Brixton. It's like restaurant food in a pub. All organic as well. Sunday Roast is the best, although on Mondays and Tuesdays you can get food deals and it works out really cheap.
  • theres not that many pubs left in brixton but the goose does good promotions at the moment a pint of STELLA is 1.85 and the food is nice if you stick to their burgers. the pubs in brixton are either trendy so the locals can't afford to drink there or look just the same as they did in 1975
  • DO NOT go to Living. They are said to be racist and soon to exit Brixton big style!
  • Babushka
  • Living (trendy pub on Coldharbour Lane) is nice aside from the customers. I like it there as, not being a local, I can go in there without feeling like I am tearing through some "only locals & dealers welcome" forcefield. Its expensive but the tunes are usually good.
  • It's out of the centre - but Bar Lorca on Brixton Road has a good atmosphere, good dancing and OK tapas
  • George 4
  • the living room - nice for lounging around, and reading the paper on a saturday afternoon. it's on coldharbour lane. dogstar on a sunday night - 80's party-o-rama!
  • Well, it seems like the good people writing here have forgotten some pretty crucial Brixton joints, so here they are. The Duke of Edinburgh, sometimes known as 'the Rock'. A classic Brixton boozer on Ferndale Road, HUGE garden, young crowd, liberal atmosphere. THE summer pub. The Hamilton. Not sure quite where this is, as am always half cut when I get there, but suffice to say, somewhere near Railton Road and Hamilton Road. Known for: the huge sound system that cranks out reggae at a very nice volume, and cranky regulars a-plenty. The Trinity Arms in Trinity Square. From the outside, the kind of pub you wouldn't be seen dead in, but from the inside... exactly the same. But, there's something about this pub that makes it one of the best locals in Brixton. Good beer, always a seat, and a square outside with concrete over it to save on grass-mowing bills. Luvverly...
  • The Hobgoblin, for the great garden in summertime. In Brixton Hill, beside the post office: The Windmill, a great small pub that organizes thematic nights (techno on sundays). Very nice atmosphere. On Saturdays or Sundays daytime, George IV for the after parties. Otherwise, go to "The Weather and Spoon", the cheapest pub in Brixton, but just to get drunk before moving on to somewhere else.
  • Firkin pub is better than many Firkins - witness the small number of 'firkin toilets' etc signs inside
  • Effra Tavern, superb local pub. Great atmosphere. Duke of Edinburgh. Young ravy place with a huge beer garden. Really vibey.
  • there is a new pub in brixton called furze & windmill with windymiller inside yes you guest it cambelwick green is where they got the name from easy access from tube (victoria line thats the blue one on the map)and british rail and all major bus coming into brixton. nice and frienly pub sells hot & cold food though out the day aswell as bitters,largers .
  • Prince Albert, Coldharbour Lane provides a wonderful cultural mix.
  • Hobgoblin, Effra Road, ask for a pint of Dogs Bollocks then... enjoy.
  • Dog Star - what was the old and notorious Atlantic Pub now a trendy bar / club place.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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