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  • Skye Nightclub in Lewisham, here we come. Just checked it on facebook, nice pictures,looks well cool and I see they're doing "buy one get one free" on drinks this Saturday! Let's get this party started!
  • Yes, Great new club. I went to Skye nightclub on the opening night last Saturday. Very nice fun crowd, great atomosphere, music and lighting. Security & dress code is quite strict and admittance requires photo ID. Door staff, bar staff, clubbers, everybody, all very friendly and drinks were reasonable. No chavs or pikeys allowed in. Skye club is definitely the upmarket place to go for a good night out. 5 stars
  • The new Skye Nightclub in Lewisham High Street opp the Police Station is the coolest place to be for an enjoyable night out. Open 10pm to 3am. Check it out on facebook
  • hahahaha Lloyds is the one if you get a whole load of drinks in you from early and spend the night soaking up the epitome of 'trashbag chic'- bad extensions, cheap market dresses and primark heels...lmfao!!!
  • Bromley is fine if you're a local and don't feel like travelling too far. If you don't expect too much, and can dance to anything, you might get on with it ok. Walkabout or Lloyds are probably the best pubs to start the night in. Lloyds is oviously cheap if you can stand the queues at the bar and so you can get pretty drunk before you head onto one of the 'clubs' (trust me, it helps sometimes!!!). They also have a DJ in there as well at the weekends though I havet been in there to witness it. Walkabout usually plays half decent music (I did say usually) but the problem seems to be that it takes ages for people to start coming in and so the atmosphere isnt as good as it used to be. Drinks not bad, depending on what you have, can sometimes get a good deal on little shots when you buy a few at once. There are a couple of 'clubs' if you want to stay after pub closing time. Bibas is ok, depending on what kind of music you like and what night you go, the price to get in is quite high considering what it is, although you can sometimes get free tickets from the corner of the road. Watch the bouncers though - if there is any trouble in there, keep out of it! My boyfriend got punched repeatedly in the head by bouncers whilst stopping a man get glassed. Jazzmins is cheaper in entry but takes a while to get going. The bouncers here think they're great! Delanos is one of those places that you hate admitting is ok but you would probably end up having the best time in.
  • The Underground Bar at the Churchill Theatre! Live Band Nights Once A Month Gigs For over 18's on Fridays (see myspace site for exact dates) And Under 18's on Sundays Become an Underground Member and enjoy 10% discount on bar drinks and cheap entry!
  • The Underground Bar Churchill Theatre Someone mentione the storm before well The Churchill is back with avangence they've started The Underground Bar Showcasing the best of local bands with nights for under 18's as well as over. The first few were a bit quiet but the Churchill seems to be getting recognised as a genuine gig venue and the nights are getting busier
  • Jazzmins is far too small to go to for decent music -everyone there is f*cked and its the size of my front room! Go to walkabout for decent all round music, or SKY bar for proper cheese.
  • in reply to some charisma challenged . under-educated twat about the dj (jammie as he called him) Jamie. The over friendly comment is a little uncalled for, especially warning women not to go there because of him. The person who posted that comment obviously had an insecurity complex and maybe saw 'jammie' lol..receiving a request for a song.. or has been dumped by the intelligent lady in question and has now, nothing better to do than to bitterly log into websites about bromley because of his lonely nights in due to him now being single. Jamie as far as i know is 'welcoming' to all patrons of delano's and does his utmost to please everyone musically on request.
  • If you can go out to City, of course you'd be better off than Bromley, although things have changed a little from what I can see. Delano's and Jazzmins are full of teenagers who want to fight everyone (Delano's is small and Jazzmin's is like an old person's tea room in Eastbourne). Biba's decor has been the same for years but I prefer out of the 3 because unlike the other 2 they play half decent music. Funky house (a lot I havn't even heard and I work in HMV Oxford Circus) and old school house classics that seem to be working it's way back in. The Saturday DJ start's off in Henry's Wine Bar in the high street where he gives out free entrance ticket's to everyone!!!!! 8 per person and all 6 of us got tickets week before last.
  • There are no good clubs or bars in Bromley for people who like real music, it is a shame! We almost had something when the Churchill Theatre tried to introduce live music and encourage the local bands to play, with 'the Storm' but unfortunatley this was only for one year! The Swan and Mitre is the only pub in Bromley worth visiting, especially in the summer for the best pub garden, it has no serious competition from any other pub in Bromley. Also attracts most of the non pikey non chav, normal people who like a drink with the people they like. most of the time without any trouble, fights, attempted rapes and problems that are frequent in all the other pubs/bars. Unfortunatley people like us have no where to go after the pubs close in Bromley, so we leave before the rest kick out, as to avoid being started on by scumbags, and jump on a 119 to the Black Sheep in Croydon, or to Rock at the Mean Fiddler in London, bit more of a mission but luckily night buses visit Bromley so we are lucky on that front. Haven't been in the 'clubs' in Bromley, bar Jazzmin's (totally lame, just look at the queue and u wont wanna dance with the predominantly orange people, who have terrible taste in music and seem to think its still 1999) and that was a mistake. So someone out there should save us. soon!
  • Sorry I didn't know that the likes of Delano's, Jazzmin's and Biba's passed as clubs?! Surely they are just overcrowded sweatpits filled with Bromley boys (you can spot the w*****s by their Lacoste/Burberry shirts, stupidly tight jeans and 'Gucci' loafers, with no socks!!!) and the 'designer' sl**s (fake Louis Vuitton/Gucci bags, acrylic nails and peroxide blonde hair.) Note: "Blondes", when on the stage at Delano's, your hair will turn a hideous shade of green. Just because they have flashing lights, massively overpriced drinks and a prat in the corner putting CDs into a HiFi (some would call these a DJ......yeah right!), doesn't mean that they are nightclubs! However, if you're into star spotting, Jazzmin's is the place to be. Celebrities such as Robbie Williams and Angelina Jolie have visited the premises. Though some say the owner popped over to the Virgin Megastore and nicked a couple of posters and stuck them up on the wall! If you enjoy a party in your gran's living room, Jazzmin's is the place to be. If you like pretentious tw**s have a few bevvies in Delano's. And, if you're hungry, go to Biba's on a Sunday for the "delicious" buffet! All in all, Bromley is full of the utter pr**ks who go to the same places that they went to when they 15. And if they weren't in the pubs at 15, they were in Churchill Gardens drinking White Lightning and admiring their newly stolen Nokia 5210! Basically, don't go to Bromley, there's a sort of reliable bus service that will take to you one of the London airports so you can get as far away from delightful Bromley as possible!
  • Delano's was good till the main man dj Andy Spam had a car crash, sadley broke his neck, now you have dj jammie better on saturdays than friday, problem is now the age the people is getting younger, watch out if you pull she might still be at school, Biba's stuck in a time warp, jazzmin's who cares, the best places are in Beckenham the newkey opened bridge bar worth a look house music, the only problem like all the other places 3.50 a beer more for a short, get real, have a drink before you go out it might save you loads....
  • The Railway Bromley North - good for live & DJ music, great rock night every Saturday!! Good vibe, good crowd, good drinks.
  • Warning to all females off to delanos, Beware of the over friendly not so good looking dj jammie. Plays on both nights, obviously skint, Although his set does not change.
  • all you alternative types, get a 367 to croydon, and enjoy the delightfully diverse yet grubby black sheep bar.
  • skantrys in beckenham not worth the que time, walkabout croydon is wicked despite the 5 after 11 entry fee its wel worth it, delanoes if you're out for a punch up or to watch some pikey get knifed, and bibas if you have a fetish for the elderly.
  • ahhh now theres the walkabout, the bell, delanos, weatherspoons plenty of jokes places or if u want to get drunk just go to the churchil carpark and snatch cider and vodka and stellaz!
  • Langtry's-dere doin da upstairs up so dat shud make it beta cos its ful of desperate people dat cant get in anywhere else, Jazzmins-dunt slag off old peeps in bibas til u've seen da OAP's in jassmins! Phantoms-anyone can get in b4 8 bti basic, delanoes-pokey, cramped, over-priced, cupboard! bibas-FAB nite out! barmaids dress up on occasions as nurses, bunnies etc. Gr8 DJ's mike & jason! kareoke, gd food, really friendly staff, kitted out gd aswel, what more cud u want! u gota try it!!!!!!!!
  • Whilst Langtry`s in Beckenham is quite fun to go with your mates, Mark Franklin and friends that play the music cannot hold a candle to those heady days when Richard Taylor bossed the gig. Great atmosphere, crazy guests and generally the mayhem that went on. Roll back the years. What about a come back gig for the Magnum Man!
  • jazzmin's or zazbo's or jazzers as iv come 2 know it. remeber kids u gotta b old enough or no the bouncers!
  • Some would be nice. One maybe? Please....
  • Delanos, good club with great music, dj Andy spam (friday night) great r&B, commercial sounds mixed with old skool, saturdays with Jammie (the good looking one)banging tunes all night, dont listen to the knockers this is a good night out, miles better than Bibas & Jazzmins, not that theres ever been much competition in Bromley.
  • Absolutely no where in Bromley, Swanley, Dartford. Croydon only just passes the club test as it has a Tiger Tiger, which has a sister club in the west end (although similarities to a night out in a Newcastle or Benidorm disco can be made with TT). Why are there not any decent clubs in Bromley or for that matter most of the Kent side of the South East. Why does the youth and club scene seem to revolve around either copious drug taking and mass beer swilling and then aggression and violence. Why do so much damage to both one's own self and to others on supposedly a social night is all about good fun and a nice time.
  • you cant beat jazzmins on a sunday night! (especially if you manage to be a goldcard holder as ten quid entry is a bit pricey!)
  • the clubs in bromley are pretty shit. ive been to them all. usually got to the bell and never wana go home at 11 so we stagger into eiher delanos bibas and jazzmins. At the mo jazzmins is where its at but the others are all pretty standard. and by the way langtrys equals lolly pop club but such a laugh when ubare drunk. u have 2 visit it once in your lifetime as it is so easy 2 get in 2. but the men are not a pretty sight
  • Jazzmins!!! reputed haunt of Robbie and Angelina (Jolie - i kid you not) ... nevertheless manages to attract the hairiest grannies in the south-east.
  • langntrys has changed so much(not the interior)but flyers,special avents. they have a web site now and emma feline and pied piper are resident. mark franklyn has taken up the role of entertainments manager. serious night out now!
  • Bibas, great place but sadly full of young 20 somethings who think 35 plus women are all desperate?? Boys we do have a life.... great music and good place to dance night away.
  • Here we go: Delanos - To only be done when completely pissed and have free entry. Bibas - Supposedly rubbish never been in there. Langtry's - See Delanos. Bar Flux - Very good and the doormen and bar staff are very friendly.
  • ha ha ha, clubs? you gotta be joking, got to croydon and take a trip into flares, unless your a bloody pikey and like pants r&b stuff, then got to the schoolkid (blue orchid)
  • They are all poor Delano's boasts Kate from big Brother, all others full of desperado thrice divorced fity somethings
  • Thank you god for trains that take u to PROPER clubs in London! Langtrys is a dump, wid stupid perves standin round the edges...altho the walls in there r kinda funky. Its way too cramped to have an atmosphere, and its just too out of the way to get to!!!Oh and its full of little kids! As for Delano's...not even worth wasting time on...if u want a nice fight try the Venue...
  • Our group PA was dahn famous Bromley nitescene 'dahn Delano's' last weekend. She was queueing up for drinks at the bar when the man next to her got his order in then turned round and vomited down her dress. You just can't buy that sort of class.
  • please train station isnt that far get on it if you want to have a really good time in clubs.
  • Check langtry's out on a friday.Mark franklin, Stevie B, & Kwik playing decent music and providing a nice vibe.Don't knock it till you tried it!!!
  • Bibas is classic - full of 35 year women.The reason for this is because Bromley is full of good looking women who think that their shit doesn't smell and will only talk to you if you happen to have a handful of 50 notes and 6 bottles of Laurent Perrier on your table.The result of this is they end up realising that they have missed the boat so they go to Bibas to pull some unsuspecting 18 year old. Anywhere else is full of posers who just want to be seen - burn the bastards designer gear with your fag - its all snide gear anyway.
  • Langtry's, or Langers as it is affectionately known, is probably the club in the area with the worst reputation. It is however a good, and cheap night out (especially when very drunk and with the flyers which get you in free)! It has two floors, one garage, house etc, one cheesey pop stuff. I was once a Langtry's doubter, but have grown to be a Langers luver
  • I see people talking about Langtry's but that place went out in the 80's. What is the upstairs and downstairs like now - used to be a good indie night upstairs.
  • Bibas has a new lease of life! Sunday nights are now the place to get on down when the pubs shut at 10.30. They have well known DJ 'Mike Steel' (he dj's locally in Bromley cos he only lives in Biggin Hill) in there on Sundays playing the latest Garage, R+B and dance.. Trust me it aint like the old Bibas at all!! Check it out if your bored on a Sunday night (ooh plus you get free food).
  • Delanos is crap, all you people who said its okay have obviously not been to a decent club. As for the person who thought the manikin doll outside was to die for, you should get a life you sad sad man. All the clubs are the same in Bromley, rubbish, but if you want a late drink and want to be local, then anyone will serve this purpose.
  • The Home Guard Club in Bromley ROCKS!!!!
  • Why can't we find a nice, young, single man at BROMLEY HOTEST NIGHT SPOT!! Jazzmingers???
  • 4 clubs in bromley, bibas (middle age stomping ground), delanoes (small but good), jazzmines (where angelina jolie visited 1 year ago) and Chaplins (x-clusive wine bar)
  • Delanos is the best club in the south east of Greater London, Saturdays & Fridays is for the older over 21s crowd & Thursday is for the over 18s with loads of DJs & MCs, Pied Piper, Masters of Ceromony, Sparks, Kie, EZ, Viper & loads more have all played there. And the Millwall footy team even come down to party occasionly!!!!!
  • Delanos (East Street) - avoid like the plague. Over priced and totally pretentious. Have use the fact that it is one of the only places you can get a drink after 11pm to their advantage - unfortunately not to the advantage of any one else ("we can turn away anyone we want because everyone's dying for a late night bevvie and there's no where else to go" type attitude). Unnecessarily strict door policy (trying to be trendy), Over priced door entry (about 10+), over priced drinks. The only one thing that I can say is good about the place is the music - not too cheesy and very danceable.
  • Delanos beats the pants off Bebas and Jazmins - don't miss the oh so attractive manikin doll by the clubs entrance - the outfit's to die for!!
  • Delanos is a classy club really, good podiums on the stage for when your mate pulls and you don't want to look like a loner. If you do make it down, look out for the man in a tank-top - bit of a legend!!!
  • What clubs? I think there is one dodgy over 25's place hidden ?
  • Try Delano's (in east street). It may be small, but it plays very good music + EZ has played there often.
  • Langtrys is ok, if you dont take it to seriously, but otherwise your best bet is croydon. of which my particular faves are Bon Bonne and sinatres(though do not accept the free food-its rank)
  • The nightclubs in Bromley are dire, thank god for trains to take you somewhere a bit more happening.
  • none -- unless you seriously consider delaneo? or jasmins? worth mentioning -- toilet clubs for toilet people.
  • Salsa Dance Club, Bar Coast Monday Nights....8.30 til close
  • Bibba's; full of desperate 35 year old tarts Langtry's ("Langers"); Only good when pissed up. Cheesey dive.
  • Jazzmines has got to be one of the best clubs in the aint full of spotty 18 year olds and has a brilliant atmosphere, A fiver to get in and 70s, 80s and 90s sounds!
  • Night life in Bromley is notable for its absence.
  • Bibas is the only night club in Bromley; located at the top of the High Street.
  • Go to Deja Vu; taxis are cheapish if you look around.
  • Check out Langtry's at Beckenham junction. It is getting quite good now especially on Fridays and Saturdays when Mark Franklyn and Mike Kenny are D.Jing. Good sounds and atmosphere.
  • Bromley has now got its second nightclub (about time Biba's had some competition). The new place (can't remember its name - proves it was a good night!) is in East Street nearly opposite the Firkin pub

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