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  • the mad black lady who smokes weed all day and sits in Costa coffe on the outside laughin her ass off about nothing. the funniest characters are the Albanians, they have to always be reminded that bromley will never be Crenshaw Boulevard...f**king idiots
  • The geezer who walks round in SHORT shorts and looks like he's ready for an aerobic session but stuck in a 1970's time warp....
  • Can't believe no-one has mentioned the bongo player by bodyshop!! he's there most friday and saturday nights great when your walking down the high street drunk and feel the need to make a fool of yourself!
  • The guy who plays the bongos in the highstreet on the friday/saturday night, sometimes in a blue afro wig if you catch him when hes feeling saucy!
  • that weird old man playing the accordion outside debenhams and that mad nutter walking around with the snake on his head and yeah the wrinkly dude in the horrible orange shorts i call him paulie cos he reminds me of the guy from spin city
  • yeh, theres sometimes these crappy country singers, and once there was some russian dancers or sumin run round in frilly skirts with funny hats on. I mean WOT????
  • there is one black busker known as jimmy, he plays hese lil drums..hes a legend
  • 2 big issue blokes. 1 constantly outside paperchase on the high street. "big issue, big issue madam" & one outside the big entrance to the glades at the top of the high street by the job center. OMD the goths that have recently taken over the 'turf' outside index, there always there!!!!
  • well in swanley theres a women who is always out and about talking to herself ... (rather loudly)
  • TWIGGY as She is Known runs around the local area all the time . She is Clearly Anorexic and I suspect she may be dead as she hasnt been running recently (maybe she fell down a drain pipe)..... if you know anything else about her please let it be known!
  • Bob - big issue man bromley high street - he is ma homie
  • "Sonia" son -YAh the famous pikey who tends to beat up people for doing nothing wrong,or something stupid like dressing grunger or whatever.She is hideously ugly,stands abour 5 foot tall,frizzy brown hair that stops between her earlobes (complete with big gold hoop earing!) and shoulders.she is very tanned/of mixed parentige. She is a member of the female pikey gang in bromley.These a blonde one called lauren,and a fat ugly ginger one..and a pregnant one. (surprise!)
  • Always some 'bling' young guy cruising in a Merc SL55 - how did he afford that?
  • bug issue guy at starbucks is a right character and is a great guy especially as he helps out with the loacl fruit/flower stalls. also lately there has been a strange skinny guy wearing a pale blue racksuit & red t-shirt (none of which fit) and he seems bizarre. anyone know anything?? oh and gordon the park warden - hes "caught me and my mates graffing on cctv" altought we all know only scabby pikeys do that. oh and a 24hr restraining order was fun too!
  • The local guys selling flowers outside starbucks: John (older bloke), Peter(long blonde haired surfer dude!) and Terry (owner)
  • there's this man who keeps rubbing himself against me, he seems nice enough though.
  • oh ye theres a man who calls himself 'herbert' he busks outside urban chaos sumtimes, he plays a guitar and believe it r not does a great iron maiden impression (dance of death) grrrrr8 song
  • the rasta who flogs the Big Issue in White Hart Slip can be quite amusing. Piss*d-up pikeys provide ample entertainment on a friday night...especially when getting a kicking from, well, absolutely anyone really..........
  • yeah the mad old jogging topless in lycra with shades on guy hes nuts oh dred the rasta who sells the big issue can fix fones for ya :nice one son the tramp with the dogs seems to have vamoosed but late at night there is a new crackhead busker outside body shop hes an evil cunt avoid at all costs
  • Strange girl in a big red furry coat walks the high st!!!
  • look out for the rastafarian outside starbucks who sells the big issue - you may start talking to him thinking he's pretty cool but if you don't want a big issue or he thinks your fit you're in trouble
  • The flower stall guy, who comments on everything and everyone, hes jokes.
  • theres the trolley tramp that moved from beckenham, he can usually be seen outside habitat or oxfam.
  • There always seems to be somebody playing, often a group of S American Indians or even just one on his own with panpipes and electronic backing! Also the blond guy with the dog (haven't seen him for a while) and often on Saturdays what look like under-18 string quarters playing for money in front of W H Smiths. There was until recently an old gentleman who used to play some sort of xylophone-type instrument - he was actually quite good!
  • Theres a couple of nice old Italian ladies who sell ice creams from their little carts in January, bless them!
  • Just like to say that I once saw the big issue man outside body shop have a massive go at a little boy, grabbing his arm and shouting at him, so he isn't all that nice afte all.
  • catch them while you can still afford them, downstairs at the Zanzibar on Friday nights.
  • There was a woman outside Marks and spencers last xmas (99) who sang extremely loudly all the 80s' womans love songs in existance eg chain reaction etc
  • Theres that bloke with the irish wolfhound that appears every xmas who plays stairway to heaven...quite well The homeless bloke with the dogs and car keys....The big issue seller outside the bodyshop who makes me smile....nice bloke
  • yes we recently had some sort of west indian thing in market square -- obviously an event designed for the entertainment of the recent influx of people to the area -- most of which were in the glades at the time.
  • That weird wrinkly bloke that goes jogging all day long in pink lycra shorts! Who the hell are you, let yourself be known. More importanly, why not try and put all that running talent to good use and actually run somewhere else.... and don't come back you uphill gardener.
  • The worst buskers are the spotty pre-pubescent birds from Newstead Woods who play a string quartet. Give them nothing.
  • Very tasty bloke with long blond hair who usually sings outside Jeffrey Rogers in the High Street. He sings a mixture of songs very well and has an extremely nice arse! Normally found on a Saturday with a Robson and Jerome microphone, one amp and a wooly hat.

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