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Musical Instrument Shops and DJ Gear
  • Twang Guitars - 94 High Street, Penge, London SE20 7EZ - Tel 0208 676 0926 - - Email Excellent shop for guitars and all guitar related items, also sells other musical instruments too - brass, woodwind, other string instruments, percussion including drums. Twang Guitars does amp, mixer, microphone repairs etc. Offers Friendly advice - a shop for musicians run by musicians.
  • theres a great music shop in widmore green, if you drive away from bromley town centre towards bickley (widmore road) its just before the traffic lights on the left.
  • TMT - has just moved a bit further down the one way system, near the petrol station. Amazing shop!! friendly services and advise.
  • theres one in west wickham which is quite good
  • uhh, theres 1 near the cinema, but its not very good. You dont get the higher quality in there. Tysoes in farnborough is the best place to go, its where i got all my trumpets, guitars, saxaphones and trombones
  • Normans, Eltham
  • Reids. Has nice pianos. Also a shop on Widmore Road, may still be called Unisound.
  • there's good old unisound half way down widmore road which is actually pretty good
  • Theres a shop near the cinema, its along that road but i dont know the name. Theres Unisound which is along a row of shops outside of bromley towars bickley, its by the traffic lights.
  • Reids on the high street opposite that failure Zumo or Sumo, whatever it was called.
  • Theres one but duznt sell a huge range of musical instruments but has got alota books.
  • Unisound in Widmore Road is often worth a visit, Cliff is v. friendly and they do sell books in addition to instruments.
  • a couple of good shops at bromley north that are v.equipped
  • Here you say art nash in Penge is useful, but it's closed down nown i'm afraid.
  • Wing Music & Hire 442 Upper Elmers End Road, Beckenham, Kent. Br3 3HQ 020 8650 1118 A wide range of vintage & contempary musical equipment. Sound & light hire, sales & installation. Establihed 1972 (longest established music shop in the area)
  • Art Nash in Penge are very helpful

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