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  • freemans tavern
  • Bit stuck for pubs in Bromley - if had to pick I would prob say O'Neills or Tigers head
  • The Swan and Mitre is the best pub in Bromley by far, good prices, and the best pub garden by a long long shot. its completley enclosed and has loads of seating, patio heaters, an orning for when its raining & an outdoor pool table. Also is out of the way of Market Square and all the pubs down that end, so the clientel are usually nice enough people who dont want trouble! Also over 21's so no-ones there who shouldn't be there.
  • The Railway Bromley North - good for live & DJ music, great rock night every Saturday!! Good vibe, good crowd, good drinks.
  • The Goose is cheap, and not exactly a dive, although crawling with girls who seem to have applied their tans with a trowel. Avoid at weekends.
  • O'neils is probably the best in bromley, bit pricey drinks wise, Lloyds is alright now it has music and its cheaper, greyhound is DEAD! The Bell is for the underage chavs, And swan and Mitre used to be for the oldies but now is suprisingly good with good music!
  • O'NEILLS is possible one of if not the best pub. Its a blindin atmosphere with blindin music. Bit pricy but you pay for what you get compared to the dumps that are walkabout and greyhound
  • the courthouse Spital st Dartford, kent
  • now the pubz in bromley can be tricky to enter but if ur like CANDY and BUNNI (two decent birds who get around!) u would flaunt a little so they would let u in!
  • Forget these nasty Yate's, Walkabouts and Wetherspoons. They do nothing but attract the local scum who go in purely to either a) get totally off their faces for cheap, b) pimp their wares (just check the Wetherspoons toilets if you don't believe me) or c) to pick a fight. If you want a properly classy drinking establishment, try out the Slug & Lettuce near Bromley South station. Well-mixed Pimms in the summer, cold varied beers all year round and cheap but delicious shooters that vary week by week (the Malteser shot was the most interesting thing to pass my lips in a long time).
  • ok. loads of the pubs that are mentioned in here have changed. but ill just highlight the latest change pamphillon (or however that dump was spelt) is now walkabout - an australian bar which goes no more australian than fosters i am lead to believe yet havent found out owing to the mile long queue evey night.
  • all rubbish! go somewhere else.
  • Well, if you like your death to have a touch of class, go to Spoons, where you might get brutally injured. Or die.
  • I'd just like to say that the doormen from the Bell, O'neills, Henry's and The Greyhound are all from the same company so as for the Bell's doormen being rougher than O'neills, that is rubbish, this also helps well with the pub-watch scheme they run for a safer evening
  • you cant beat the Bell, although i think the bouncers do need to be a bit more iscriminating when checking how old the girls are that go in. and the dj's are lovely if you get to know them!
  • bell panth tigers o neills
  • Bell = pikeys and slags...also good if you happen to fancy a kicking. Pamph = good food, cheap shots but sh*t dj. Tigers is the place to go if you're trying to get hold of a little something for the weekend, but best avoided if you're not. Henry's? Don't even consider it - full of tw*ts. Really really stay away from the gay place at Bromley North (unless you happen to be gay, of course). O'Neills is the best of the lot...
  • Swan and Mitre near the cinema is the only pub worth bothering with. Closest Bromley has to an "Alternative" pub, good crowd, good staff and not a burberry cap in sight. Gets very busy on Thursdays.
  • O'neils ROCKS thursday night LIVE MUSIC nice drink and comfey seats
  • The Pamphilon used to be good. I used to work there up untill recently and it is now very quiet. In fact Bromley as a whole is now very crap, and i feel very old there and I am only 24!! I think everyone is just getting younger! The Greyhound is probably the better one out of all of them, especially on a Sunday if you like a bit of Karaoke
  • Wetherspoons: Good to get pissed quick 'cos well cheap (WKD & Becks 1.09!!!) Bell: No go. Pamphillion: Good but now strict on the age. (21's) the younger crowd may want to go before 8pm. HINT HINT!! O'Neill's: Don't we love the Irish. is this the only pub In Bromley where you can act the right fool and no one really cares? Can you imagine doing that in The Bell?! Oh yeah, the doormen are really sound as well.
  • a few, none very good, whetherspoons isn't too poo
  • Loads of pubs suitable for Miners, steel workers should go to Croydon or Beckenham, face it, over 18's get a cab up town
  • The Pampf is good, altho i c far too many people i know...the Bell is good till u get bored, and altho the DJ is old, he aint too bad.
  • dont matter if your not wlking yet. you will still get served.
  • Pubs with self important bouncers and dress codes!! Try and get in in a group and have your night tarnished by a jumped up prick of a bouncer who makes sure he has loads of backup - after you've knocked him out or managed to get in somewhere you'll wish you hadn't.Unless you wanna be a sardine or only like drinking one pint every hour then your better off in the firkin where the bar is so big they will either serve you or you can help yourself.All in all a waste of time near Bromley North - cant comment on new Wetherspoons but I suppose you either like them or you don't(i don't - no atmosphere!!! ). Mr Q's by waitrose is excellent though - good venue for watching sport esp. in the summer - beer garden and pool tables.Superb
  • Dont goto the bell, in bromley unless your underage or over 30, cant get laid, wanna go home hurt or like being a tosser (trendie). This is the now the worst place in bromley.
  • The firkin is a nice safe place, so safe you probably wont get in even if u were the queen theyd proly take ur head gear coz its pointy
  • I hate to sound like a moaner, but the centre of Bromley has largely become a no-go area on Friday and Saturday nights due to a vast amount of overcrowded them pubs and leery juveniles pouring into the area. Even without the trouble drinking in some of these places is no pleasure due to the packed nature of the place and the overloud music (and I'm a bassist!).
  • The Fox and Firkin has been closed and is now an O'Neal's! I haven't been there as yet, but am told by reliable sources that it is 'Well good'! There is also Jazzmines 'Dance Bar' if you like local Bromley geezers! But they are an aquired taste...!
  • Just a correction.. "The best pub in Bromley is the 'Philatalist & Firkin' at Bromley North. " Sadly, the Firkin has just served its last pint. It closed its doors on 29th September, is getting refurbished and will reopen in several weeks as an O'Neills.. so it will probably suck then. Very very sad.
  • The only proper boozer in Bromley is the Railway opposite North station. The others are naff theme pubs where the presence of bouncers on the door and twatty DJs persuade pimply 17 year olds that they are having a good night out.
  • Pubs in Bromley are generally crap unless you are aged under 18 and want to end an evening vomiting up alcoholic lemonade. A couple of years ago I discovered the Bromley Labour Club in the HG Wells Centre. What a great place. Only 14.00 a year to join (just go in and ask for a form) and with decent bitters and lagers at 1.40-1.50 a pint you make that back in no time. They often live music at weekends as well. Maybe the decor is not exactly cutting-edge, but so what. A further selling point is the place is refreshingly free from both the pimply pubescent alcopop brigade and the middle class wankers in their freshly creased chinos who infest the boozers in the Bromley area.
  • Bromley has a LOT of pubs in a very small area, from Wetherspoons to The Royal Bell (dancey flash big pub)
  • Parisia Bar (by Bromley South) Fairly new, quite pricy but one of the nicer places to have a bevvie in Bromley.
  • Weatherspoons is a good starting point for the cheap drink!!!!!! but there is no music! I strongly suggest they have some!!The best part about it is the manager Duncan!They do a good deal though 7 and your on the bus on the way to Atlantas! Panthalon is good for music and dance along with town house, but is full of teenage girls TRYING to flash their clevage! The final place is the Bell which has a good selection of music,but could do with some air con! You can then take a coach to the blue orchid. Bromley aint the best place for night life!!!!!
  • The one and only - The Bell! May appear to be full of laddish wankers, but the men are extremely cute adn the music is the best in Bromley - plus there's a coach to the Blue Orchid - what more could you want!?!
  • The pamphilion is a cool place, they sell Black Sambuca's (about the only place you can get them in Bromley).
  • Mostly themed/branded and charging nonsense prices justified by paying bouncers. We also now have a wetherspoons (cheap but like drinking in a station). You're better off outside the town centre. Bromley north residential area pubs generally OK or the Bricklayers (recently refurbished, but not themed in the process) or the Palace Tavern.
  • I personally like the Townhouse and believe that 'star and Garter is the scum pit of the universe as it is fuul of strange old men who growl at you at the bar. Also, instead of asking you to leave at closing time thy surround your table wit chairs?
  • ?? sorry are there any ???
  • I used to love it, but thay all do my head in now. The Firkin is good every once in a while, for perving at the nubiles and seeing teenage kids vomit. Abbaye is good if you're pretending to be sophisticated.
  • The Chatterton Arms live music /disco/quiz/ food /beer gardin/two bars/ big screen 8ft by 6ft/ frendly staff good service great beer somting for every body
  • Bricklayers Arms; Full of dirty 50 year olds reading the Sun with dodgy stains on their grey nylon trousers. Philatilist and Firkin (aka the "flat tits"); lacks atmosphere because of size
  • Often under-rated and described as a dive is the "Star and Garter" opposite the cinema. It may be a bit dodgy but it's the only pub not yet invaded by the designer clothes brigade that seem to have taken over every other pub in the world. Ralph Loren's at twenty paces!
  • The Greyhound? Your having a giraffe aren't you? It's full of old people who smell of wee.
  • Farwig in College Road - great band on Friday If you want pubs with loud music and lots of people, try those on the High Street. For a quieter session, venture into Bromley North residential area where there are five pubs within five minutes walk - great for a pub crawl.
  • Bromley is being sunk under the weight of bloody theme pubs, and consequently is attracting hordes of morons who think they're getting something special. For my money the only honest-to-goodness pub in Bromley is the Railway opposite Bromley North station.
  • The best pub in Bromley is the "Philatalist & Firkin" at Bromley North. The name sort of gives away that it used to be the post office. It's a big pub, best on Thursday to Sunday, full of birds/blokes or whatever you choice, good staff, loads of bloody stong bitters and bands play there a lot. Top place.
    The Philatalist & Firkin in East Street was not the Post Office, it was a drill hall for the Territorial Army. It used to be used around Cristmas as an overflow from the Sorting Offcie adjacent to Bromley North.
  • Best pub is The Greyhound, good for pulling "chicks" (a local term?).
  • I used to frequent the Greyhound a lot, but that sort of died out. Sruffy Murphy's is now my fave. It's an Irish pub, situated by the outside of Boots' at the top end of the High Street. Mostly inhabited by Bromley's population of skaters, Scruffy's are known for their endless stream of Oasis-type songs and (much to my delight) playing Ash's 'Goldfinger' three times in a row!!! Only visit Scruffy's on a Friday or Saturday night if you like drinking and smoking in abundance and sitting virtually on top of the person next to you. The Sovereign of the Seas (my local) is okay, but its severe downfall is a lack of music which is unfortunately one of the brewery's regulations.
  • Tigers Head for medics and nurses.
  • Hungry Horse.
  • Hey - Wanna get pissed quick ? Well go to the Abbaye Now. It's a Belgian beer bar located at the back of the Glades shopping centre. It serves 12 percent proof beer, strawberry beer, wheat beer and lots of other lovely beer! And some decent barmaids and food. You will also be quite safe from any skate boards in this establishment.
  • The Bird In Hand, The Greyhound and The Tiger's Head are recommended, but there are far better pubs in surrounding areas. Try The Sovereign of the Seas (or The Chequers) in Petts Wood, The Harvest Moon in Orpington (or the White Hart, The Cricketer's, or the Five Bells), or nearly everywhere else. The Sovereign of the Seas tends to be *my* lucky pub...
  • There are a few pubs in the High Street but none of any real consequence. If you're looking for a decent pub then try the surrounding areas where you'll find such places as The Bird in Hand (Bickley) which actually have parking facilities.
  • Several new pubs have opened in Bromley [1996]: The Pamphillion ( I think thats how you spell it) which is opposite the side entrance to Alders, it's a pretty good pub with good music although it gets rammed on Friday and Saturday The Partridge: next to the the above, looks quite posh from the outside, I haven't been in it yet but it looks OK. A Firkin pub in East Street, I can't remember the name but a pub for students none the less.
  • Bar Coast is nice if you like a trendy joint, with a tasty range of drinks, a cappucino maker and nice bar food.
  • Generally of a poor quality. now they are all v swish and up market. go elsewhere... anywhere

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