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The Worst Things
  • Kids on the bus chatting crap Albanians wearing the trousers ridiculously low. The police walking around like they are waiting for something to happen, then when they annoy you by asking dumb questions and you get narked, THEY have the cheek to ask you why you're aggressive? CHEEK! do I bother YOU PIGS on the way to work? no, I expect the saqme level of respect...pigs) *The super skanks *The old people *The wannabe Bourgeousie (kiss my ass) *The Cinema *The library Staff *The alcoholic who sits outside sainsbury's * the teens high off yay in the Kebab shop singing crap when all I wanna do is order my Doner and go home and eat *The council - useless sacks of sh*t, especially housing association, tokenistic bast**ds
  • Limited parking, no stella!!!
  • people like that stupid idiot whos never even spoken at a traviler pikey this and pikey that say it to the next ones face u see then o no u wont do that u prick go get a life u must have better things to do then have kids read what u said and feel bad for who they r like my sisters girl did u prick
  • Spices "Thai" Restaurant on the High Street. Was a rather splendid Thai girl called Piyawan there until end of 2001 who was occasionally full of eastern promise. She alas, was the only reason the place was worth visiting. Not that I did very often. My BBC English/Received Pronunciation tone did not go down too well in (un)fair Bromley... ...although she did.
  • There is shit all for young people to do in Bromley. Bromley council should invest money in starting and opening more activities and fun places to go in the borough rather than letting pikey primark take over the whole bloody world.
  • Pikeys, the way you always happen to be in a really sad shop with your ancient mum or something and then your crush walks in. It happens to everyone in BrOMLEY!
  • the grungers, violent albanians and mean old drunk men (in the evening)
  • TOO MANY PEOPLE WALKIN AT SNAIL PACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! poeple have palces to go and things to buy so y walk so slow i dont no if ur standing stil or stil moving!
  • ermm pikeys
  • The local residents who spoil your time enjoying all the things above.
  • The amount of pikeys (what chavs are called in this area)
  • pc hussy and his possey of wankers
  • The whole place. thank fuck i moved away a few years ago. total inbred tossers.
  • The 13yr old pikeys who rekon they're 'Ard!
  • I'm going on holiday in July.
  • Racist freaks who cant speak properly
  • All the pikeys that hang around the park around the back of the Churchill, and the 13 year-old 'hardnuts' who reckon that dressing up in an eskimo coat and walking like a colombian drug lord makes them look hard, when it fact they just look like complete and utter prats. The ones who hang around the front of the McDonald's are the funniest.
  • Welcome to Pikeyland. Enjoy your stay, and don't forget your sunglasses to protect against over-exposure to excessive (and vomit-inducing) fake gold jewellery.
  • pikeys, soooo many sodding pikeys everywhere you look its horrendous.
  • A bit far from the smoke
  • Some really fantastic looking women who think they are royalty and that you have just fallen out of one of their horses arses!!!
  • PIKEYS... erm... pikeys pikeys pikeys, oh yeh and erm pikeys. But apart from pikeys... townies, shazas and trendies... oh and rude boys... pikey sk8rs *spits* Other then that, bromley is nice :) Oh yeh and DO NOT GO IN CHURCHILL PARK place behind churchill coz its dangerous!! unles u got knives n stuff coz there r 2 crews now in bromley, big ones and they hav gang fights in there n jak u n stuff... not nice.
  • The Glades has become a victim of its own success, reducing weekend traffic to a crawl around Bromley and making car parks a round out of Japanese "Endurance". House prices are also horrendous, even worse than much of the rest of the South-East.
  • The tremendous amount of pikeys that are prominent in such areas as outside McDonalds and in Churchill Gardens. Most are harmless who will only say "ya mum" as you walk past but you do get occasional 16/17 year olds who will try and deny you off of your phone. Don't be intimidated and simply insult their 45 inbred brothers and sisters and they'll run off crying.
  • There is a definite type of Bromley resident who really get up my nose. They have generally moved out of South London after making a few quid on the sale of their council house. They buy a tacky Barratt property and generally own a second hand FWD. They think Jim Davidson is funny. They read the 'Sun' or the 'Daily Mail'. You see them in the Glades on Saturday, the women with peroxided hair and ankle chains, the men in chain-store leisure wear. They go on about how they live in 'Kent' (the Post Office, estate agents and anyone else with half a brain accepts it has been part of Greater London since 1966)and voice bigoted opinions about Blacks, Asians, asylum seekers, single parents, Gays and any other minority group. Althpough Bromley has some good things going for it such as schools, shops and open space, the smug, self-satsified people who live there make it good to leave.
  • people from other boroughs causing trouble
  • That HAG that works in the cloakroom of Bibas.what a moaner
  • the teenage girls and boys who wear their tracksuit bottoms half way up their legs in a feeble attempt to look "hard" i mean dont they get cold!
  • PEOPLE - they have no class, no intellegence, no modesty and no brain ... and the cars! what do you have to prove?
  • Loads of shops !!!!!!!!
  • People in Bromley are all fur coat and no knickers..I work and live in the heart. After ten years people have started answering when you say goodmorning. There are some good people of course.......
  • glades
  • Darrick Wood School uniform. Brown and yellow? Orpington high street- full of teenage mums in shellsuits pushing prams and shouting at their other children Wayne, Letoya Jackson. The number of wide boys in their puffa jackets hangin' out in the Glades
  • Non-existent night life. What more can I say?
  • It's full of stoooodents! Arse!
  • Watch out for the big banana late at night!
  • The lamest thing is that you get chucked out of most places (like the Glades Shopping Centre).
  • Traffic system from hell.
  • Amen to the "traffic system from hell" comment! Wonderful shops though, if you travel in by public transport, or are successful in the hunt for the lesser-spotted parking space.
  • All those car parks -- always full, nowhere to park motorcycles apart from a couple of tiny bays in tiny side streets at the wrong end of the High Street. To reach these round the one-way system takes you so far out of your way you would use less petrol going to Folkestone to shop.
  • No decent pubs.
  • No night-life apart from the theatre.
  • Rather too close to Catford & Lewisham.
  • Too near Orpington
  • Such is the excitement at Bromley that a real highlight is watching the channel trains zoom through Bromley South Station.
  • The parking. If you're lucky you might get a place behind the Civic Centre (but no longer, seeing as I've just told everybody about it!), but otherwise it's best to get a bus or a train in.
  • I agree with the 'no decent pubs' - go to Orpington instead.
  • The High Street's losing all its good shops, and everywhere's closing down.
  • Only really accessible by public transport. There are a number of multistory car-parks but it's cheaper and easier to go by bus or train.
  • The Glades is far too big and spread out, and it attracts all of Bromley's drunks (et cetera) when it's raining. That said, Bromley hasn't got that many drunks.
  • Bromley needs nightlife or at least a better link to London's nightlife than the N47, God bless it!!!
  • Cheap bus fares relative to the rest of the country is a good thing.
  • Direct bus (726) to Heathrow Airport is a good thing.

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