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Skateboarding Spots
  • there is a skateboard park in Sandhurst but it needs to be bigger
  • Crabtree skatepark if you dont mind falling in lots of broken glass or having your board nicked. The white elephant, which is the tightest fullpipe possible to skate. The council offices whith a 6 set and some drops round the back and the arena with a few banks, gaps and drops. Other than that there are loads of buisiness parks with various spots hidden about. 'The double curb' is also a popular spot but it is rubbish.
  • I here sandhurst near Blackwater is quite good!
  • sandhurst skate park, crabtree (industrial estate-near the car dealer thru estate and up some wooden steps)
  • Around the back of the dump is Crabtree Skatepark. Old mini is a bit sketchy, but they've added a decent sized flat bank, driveway and quarterpipe. Double Kerb behind High Cross church. At nights, the multi storey carpark is amazing, really fast spiral ramp to bomb. Don't get picked up by the pikeys who are drunk off white lightning. There's a manny pad behind Rock Box and a wall to tail drop off. Bank at arena car park, bit of fun. 6 set at the council offices, go after they've closed. 4 set in the park next to the arena, look for a little pavilion. Check every single vacant block of offices, there's always something. Skate from the High Street towards the agincourt down the A30 on the left hand side, look out for sketchy three sets, kickers, and drops. The White elephant made of concrete pipes. Tight, difficult fullpipe. Theres probably some stuff i forgot.
  • The double curb behind the car park. Byron Avenue was OK but its a bit heavy but it does have a massive hill which provides tons of gaps from the speed. The shops is full of pikeys but is good when there aren't any. Ridgewood private estate is cool but u always get kicked out pikey's parents who threaten to call the police. Its good to wait for a car to open these massive gates and then go through them before they close.
  • Theobalds man, the only place that is pikey free(almost). Car park behind heatherside community centre.
  • Heatherside park sucks becos ther is loads of pikeyz there but the park in a road called theobalds is cool cos there is loadz of sk8ters there and good waxed curbs.
  • Some people go on the roof of the library and skateboard off into the trees below, whist their friends video them.
  • there is a halfpipe in sandhurst and bracknell however the best place to go is the new skatepark in farnborough theres also a skateboarding club in cambers now (surrey heathens) u can pick up leaflets at the Arena
  • There's the odd skateboard day @ the Arena- other than that skaters can be found mowing people down on the camberley streets- how we like it!
  • There is a mini 5ft mini ramp on the field out the back of york town, just of the industial estate. Its really empty and its a nice ramp. Its metal so its a not to be used in the wet its to slippery.
  • behind the multy story car park its a bit dumb cos its near the police station but its got a nice curb and a double curb. high cross church would be cool because its got a 3-6 step in front of it but their are signs saying no skating. heatherside is also realy cool for skating . its got a 3-step with a weelchair ramp next to it, a big ledge and some gaps. If you cant find anything just look around
  • Crabtree Park the field behind Sainsbury's, but beware pikeys gather around the grafiti'ed railway bridge too.
  • please put a skate park in camberley cuz it takes 2 long 2 get 2 guildford!
  • I tried skating before and hurt myself....a lot, i cannot comment on skate spots but fair play to any skaters out there, you're all nuts.
  • car parks,betwwen the libary and woolworths
  • All I know Muddy is the King of Skate boards!!
  • not all that bad if you've got an imagination. council buildings: 7 stairs with nice handrail(i think i'm the only one to ollie them so far),3foot drops in the carpark round back, good waxed curbs, round corners, under cover!! arena leisure centre: banks to drops, 45deg. banks(curb at bottom) charles church(opposite council buildings): line- ollie up 2 stairs then down 4. path between high street and arts link: plastic benches(american style) no-one sits on them cuz skaters have knackered them cuz they are so good. behind rock box: a bit rough but some wierd ledges, yet to be skated properly. Best Spot Of All!!: small car garages! ask for directions to 'small car' st the VW garage(london road). rough floor but some amazing lines.(wear gloves if you fall a lot) of course, only skate these spots on sundays or after hours, or we'll risk losing them.
  • i never see anybody skateboarding. i do see a lot of people carrying skateboards though. (cos they're like, sooo cool)
  • Um... absolutly no-where worth mentioning... the was a warehouse with various goodies but it was demolished. Try outside the art centre thingy. All of camberly's skater know to go somewhere else.
  • Industrial Estate Yorktown is cool. Banks, grindy blocks and street areas, but watch out for angry security guards. A new mini has just been built in nearby Sandhurst which is very nice I'm told.
  • Many good places but their all a bit dodgy, so it depends on how god a skater you are and how many risks you like to take.

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