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The Best Things
  • Willow Restaurant, corner of Love Walk on Denmark Hill- The best restaurant in Camberwell.
  • drive by eggings
  • Camberwell Grove That sense of well-being as you you progress northwards up Denmark Hill, cross the junction with Coldharbour Lane, scurry past the methodone clinic and hop on a passing 42 up to Ruskin Park... Sophocles Bakers; the Greek Cypriot deli; Tadim's; Wordsworth; the oriental supermarket gaining points all the time - great fresh Vietnamese groceries in store now!
  • Proximity and access to the river and its pubs(!!), Ruskin Park,the friendly attitude of the locals, the improvement of the Green in recent years.
  • Village-Type Feel in Back streets (when you see Camberwell Green Junction you don't realize this) Some great Bars/clubs - Camberwell Art College
  • Good food
  • being able to see the dome of st pauls on a clear day and reminding yourself that you're on the crappy outskirts of a beautiful city.
  • The wealth of buses that you can take to virtually anywhere in London!
  • The pool - one of the only uncrowded places to swim in London in the evening.
  • Close to central london
  • The Fox on the Hill - when it comes to having a family in the summer time. They have recently installed a fab new climbing frame which is perfect for those tots who have to endure a few hours down the pub with mum and dad in the sunshine. Enables you to sit back for a while and let them ware themselves out.
  • The architecture, the interesting people, the variety.
  • The people, the mix of cultures
  • Ruskin Park, has tame squirrels running about, tennis courts, a basketball court, childrens playground, it is a small, pretty, quiet park, a good place to get some fresh air if you don't have a back garden
  • To answer the question as to where Sarsparilla was purchased - Baldwin's Health Food shop, on the Walworth Road opposite Amelia street
  • The 42 bus route (which goes from outside Capital News Agent on Denmark Hill) goes via Tower Bridge, which is a personal fave of mine, and then onto Liverpool Street Station via the City.
  • Well served by buses. Lots of parks and greens.
  • SASPARILLA at the Elephant. cant remember the name of the place that sold it though. I'd swop all Canadian Beers for just one more pint of SASPARILLA!!
  • Very trendy student area village atmosphere will become the Camden of the nest millenium!
  • Brilliant international and cheap food. Good bus routes straight into the centre of town and to and from Waterloo. A vibrant cultural mix, lovely old Georgian Houses.

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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