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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Mad Frankie Frazer ('just call me Mad') The Richardson Brothers The Pilkingtons Peter Crouch
  • Harry Harmer, the biographer of Martin Luther King and the British radical Tpm Paine, went to Wilson's Grammar School in Peckham Road in the 1960s and his first job was at the old 'South London Observer' in Camberwell Church Street.
  • Harry Harmer, the biographer of Martin Luther King and the radical writer Tom Paine, went to Wilson's Grammar School and his first job was on the South London Observer in Camberwell Church Street.
  • Richard Burgess (Crofton Road) Joe Jackson, Ed Baxter (Resonance FM), John Warwicker (Tomato, robbie coltrane, duncan goodhew, lorraine chase' jenny agutter, grayson perry, dan pearson garden designer plantsman, darcus howe, barry humphries (edna everedge, steven, vernon kaye, Chiwetel Ejiofor, james nesbitt, bryan ferry, brian sewell, jonathan meades, gilbert & george, christopher le brun, dan leno, edmund de waal, kip kano, glen baxter, steve frost, stereolab, alabama 3, steven appleby, stella duffy, marc wallinger, keith Coventry, William Blake, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Tracey Emin, Bill Woodrow, Chris Ofili, Basement Jaxx, Antony Gormley, Peter Doig, Grenville Davey, William Blake, Barry Humphries, Anish Kapoor, Sarah Raphael, Jenny Éclair, Nicolas Serota, Tom Phillips, Jarvis Cocker, Vic Reeves, Bob Mortimer, Julian Opie, Michael Craig-Martin
  • Abdullah Ben-Kmayal who is hiding from his 15 mintues whilst he is the winner of Sounthwarks Unsung sporting hero, BBC London Unsung Sporting Hero and on 12th December 2004 he got to party with the rich and famous sprots heors whilst he was awarded the Nationa BBC Unsung Sporting Hero
  • I dunno but here in Cambridge we have Rory McGrath so surely Camberwell beats the University city hands down on that alone.
  • BASEMENT JAXX live here - So did THE ORB not sure if they are still here though...
  • Mark McGowen provides us locals with a bit of laughter.
  • mark mc gowan is always amusing with his 'challanging' form of street art. look for the twat sitting in a trolley wearing a boiler suit trying to get to glasgow, for the man sitting in abath of baked beans with sausages on his head and chips up his nose.
  • Just to add to your list you forgot Charlie Drake who still lives in Grove Park Camberwell, I know because I lived there and I even went to his house. How anyone can forget Little Charlie.
  • Jeremy Bowen - often we see him walking around Denmark Hill with his shirt undone to his waist in the style that has made him an international gay icon after Hello magazine (or something like that)Champion Park area
  • Basement Jaxx. They live here.
  • Lorraine Chase (Luton Airport) and Nicholas Serota(head of The Tate)live in Camberwell Grove, Terry Jones (Monthy Python)is in Grove Park, Robby Coltrane, Kenneth Brannagh, Emma Thompson and Robert Key used to live in Camberwell Grove until recently, Jenny Agguter is in Camberwell somewhere apparantly. Film director Ken Loach used to be in Grove Park as well and I am told that Bryan Ferry lived in Grove Park in the 60's and Roger Moore is supposed to have lived in the old coach house in the alleyway between C'well Grove and the George Canning in the early 60's as well.
  • John Ruskin, famous art critic, lived in a big house exactly where Denmark Hill Estate is now. That's why they named the park...
  • Jenny Agutter, Terry Jones (Monty Python) but not sure whether he's moved, not seem him for a while. Bob Mortimer used to live here too.
  • Joe Jackson was a resident of Camberwell in the early 80's. He lived at 69 Camberwell Grove and would often hang out at the Grove Inn Tavern across the sreet. NIce bloke, he even bought me and my friends a round of drinks once. Never made a good record after I'm The Man, mind.
  • Though I may not be particularly famous I am in fact the genuine holder of the ancient title Lord of the Manor of Camberwell in England and would be pleased to provide any information that I can and if the event is of a charitable nature within Camberwell support it in any way I can. Contact me in the first instance at
  • Jenny Agutter, Bill Woodrow, Tom Phillips, Sarah Raphael, Duncan Goodhew, Lorraine Chase, Robbie Coltrane Christopher Le Brun, Anthony Gormley, bits of Stereolab, Nicola Hicks, Mark Wallinger, there's more too.
  • The composer Felix Mendelssohn lived in Camberwell. He composed a piano piece entitled CAMBERWELL GREEN which was a bit of a flop. On the advice of his publishers he renamed it SPRING SONG - now an internationally known masterpiece. ( You'd know it if you heard it!).
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • MICHAEL CAINE lived in Urlwin street and went to John Ruskin school, then afterwood Wilsons Grammar. Also Freddie Mills the famous British boxer lived in Denmark Hill and The Richardson gang (Second only to the Krays) had their torture chamber just south of Camberwell Green.
  • Jenny Eclair, Lorraine Chase!

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