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Cheap Food
  • Avoid Mozzarella e Pomodoro in Camberwell - every time I've been there I have been overcharged on my bill because they add on service and tell you that there is no service charge, so you end up paying twice. They are pretty aggressive if you confront them about it too! It's a shame as the food is good.
  • Most places
  • Copleston again
  • Thai House Esperanza
  • Great fish and chip shop on Red Post Hill/Herne Hill junction.
  • Rock Steady Eddies Diner,
  • Go to The Castle on Camberwell Church street. it was refurbished a few months ago and they started doing really nice food at the same time. They do lunch and dinner menus and the prices are good value for what you get. Great for sunday lunch too or also try the comedy on wednesday evenings. Very variable but fun anyway.
  • Castle pub on camberwell church street is newly done up and has a nice menu.
  • Safa on Camberwell Church street, is the best upmarket curry I've tasted in london. Not expensive considering the quality of food. The staff are very friendly and give each female customer a red rose with their bill!
  • Tadim's is brilliant. Good priced turkish food that tastes gorgeous, big servings and lovely waitresses. Pick something random, it's all good. Fez's is a typical greasey spoon but it all tastes great.
  • silver lake is most amazing oriental restaurent, it's really small but if you eat in the staff love you up with free green tea and huge king prawn crackers the size of poppadoms.
  • The George Canning - excellent food, good beers and wines and amazing ambience Fusion Tapas seems to be very overpriced for what you get BrB on Tuesdays is good - not one but TWO pizzas for the price of one
  • Peckham Experiment I thought was a bit overpriced for what it was. The food was definitely nice and service excellent - but it's more a cafe than a restaurant but the prices are more restaurant than cafe.
  • Upstairs at Blake House on Grove Lane is the best food in Camberwell.
  • Thai Kitchen is excellent for really well cooked thai food and a bottle of wine. Very good value too. Mozarella and Pomodoro is nice but tries a bit too hard. It's also a real shame that they stopped doing pizzas. Brb has the best pizzas in Camberwell. As well as the usual Margaritas and spicy pepperonis, they do a great range of different pizzas including chicken caesar and crispy duck - definitely to be recommended. Zara's has seriously gone downhill some time over the last year - I think there was a change of management.
  • Eddies Rock and Roll Diner is a must after a hangover. Eddie is Elvis fixated, and you can sooth your hangover with a greay fry up whilst he gets out a microphone and sings tunes to you. He also does the 'hilarious' going down an escalator' routine from Waynes World
  • BrB (former The Grove) has fantastic pizzas and good deals for happy hour Nisha's serves delicious indian Thali on lunchtime
  • Chibchas appears to have closed down.
  • Chibchas on Denmark Hill is now a "fusion tapas" restaurant called Rock 8
  • The Mozzarella Pomedoro - for Camberwell it's brilliant
  • Zara's Kitchen is a BYO Indian on Camberwell Church Street and the food is pretty good for the price Paprika is a bit expensive but is definitely a cut above the usual curry place and the staff are lovely
  • The Peckham Experiment (OK it's 50 yards outside C'well) but it serves lovely food and is very good value - in Bellenden Road, SE15. Otherwise Chibchas on Denmark Hill is good fun, great food and v friendly.
  • Hey Babe on Camberwell Church Street (used to be Camberwell Tandoori) sells 'Exotic Eastern Cuisine', very tasty food, a different angle on the Indian restaurant. Brightly decorated. Cohiba, Mexican restaurant - massive portions of everything so don't snack before you get there.
  • The Thai House - check it out for good, well-priced food. Also Mozarella & Pomodoro is a good Italian - check out their freshly squeezed orange juice!
  • Sun and Doves
  • Fish and chip shop opposite the East Street (Lane) Market - next to Safeway's - the best fish and chips to be found locally in years!
  • New one just opened on Denmark Hill called Paprika - smells nice, but is a tiny bit on the expensive side.
  • Pie n Mash down Westmorland road.
  • Jazz Live @ the Crypt St. Giles Church Church Street SE5 Every Friday opens 8pm - 3 courses 6 !!! + Live Jazz
  • Brilliant selection - Chib Chas (tapas), Zara's Kitchen (Indian) incredible value for money and really friendly people, Tadim's (Turkish) perfect for that hangover breakfast.
  • Seymour Brothers Deli, Grove Lane,
  • the nogar in Denmark Hill if you want a spot of curry
  • Plenty of that.

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