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Hookup Spots
  • Level D, the empty underground car park underneath lion yard/grand arcade. its quite complicated getting down there, basically go to the corner of the grand arcade next to john lewis and go down the stairs then turn left, it will get to a car park, then go in the lift and press the button level minus d. there is a door, painted dark grey now, which had names written all over it most people sit there and get pissed on friday nights :)
  • christ' piece DEFINITELY, the coolest place ever. most hang out by the "magic tree" (made magical by people peeing on it for hundreds of years) or by the princess diana memorial. the best place to get pissed, get stoned, smoke, smile, laugh, love and live <3
  • Parkside swimming pool. Not in the building but outside. Tends to be a lot of people hanging out there.
  • Helloctj - this is just a testing, don't worry about it
  • Petersfield park, next to parkers piece is ok. Quayside when you're a bit older for a brew on the wall next to the river and the beautiful people who wish they were in Soho. THE CHALK PIT AT THE END OF MILL ROAD IN SUMMER IS AMAZING. BEAUTIUL CLEAR WATER LOOKS LIKE HE CARIBBEAN. PAST THE JUNCTION FOR SAINSBURY@S THEN FOLLOW THE ROAD ROUND TO THE RIGHT AND KEEP GOING UNTIL YOU REACH A TREE WITH A CRATE THAT LETS YOU CROSS THE STREAM> AMAZING.
  • Mill pond, nuff people getting piss up by the river (near silver street)
  • jesus green anywhere warm
  • they used to hang around in level D of lion yard car park
  • Meet up outside kings college, sitting on the wall on kings parade.
  • The Five best spots in Cambridge: Lets get started on the gnarly dung 1.)The Scaries: Norfolk Street, PS Subway Dave - were talking steeze on legs. Pure Hammer time from Joe Fox Williams aka tech dog. 2.)Currys: Luke Gizzas representing stoat biggleswade, this boys is a mini pele.With his all natural slides-Luke Gillson doing pressure flips day in and day out. 3.)Castlepark(R.I.P) aka ripped by what they call themselves the infamous trespass Crew featuring the likes hugh alan byron Seb and chief Dave. 4.)The Leys known as dirty dog Dixon, that kid drove that launch ramp out of town with a step in his heels, were talking PHAT biggs flips PURE party time! 5Last but not least as much as i hate to say it the park 5, Tim Gresham one man destruction session, even to this day the place closed due to his level of accuracy, gnarliness and pure, utter rippin':Nollie, Backside, Half cab, etc. not a daily i must agree. Check all this Jack out on the new Cambridge scene slammer: Dont Watch filmed by Don Whaley and edited by his younger brother Sameon Whaley aka mullet chief.
  • The stone circle on the north side of jesus green, near the bowling green. Sit, get drunk, whatever time of day but best on a summer evening.
  • Jesus Green, Nice ladies! The beer is fresh
  • mil pond always great in the summer, jesus green is fast becoming the 'cool' place to hang due to the skate park and swimming pool.
  • under the lion in lion yard
  • in the summer the mill pond for all your smoking, drinking and fit girls wearing next to nothing neads.
  • The big lampost in the middle of Parkers Piece where the two paths meet in a Crossroads. The lampost was called something pretentious and deep like 'Reality Checkpoint' if I remember rightly
  • Didn't Gary Newman record his early stuff - are friends electric - etc in a cambridge recording studio called something like Bunny Studios??????
  • As i drive past it has to be outside parkside swimming pool in 2003
  • Not really any hook-up spots of great meaning to me. I guess the Mill pond is always a good place to meet for a beer and smoke in the summer. Normally lots of girls around. L-banks was the hook up spot for the skaters, but alas the uni realised the playground they had created was going to attract noisy plank wealding stuntmen.
  • Outside Parkside Swimming pool where all the skaters hang out
  • If you're 15, Jesus Green outside the toilets. Mostly people just sit in the various green spaces around the city (Parkers Piece, Christs Pieces, Jesus Green etc)
  • we tend to hang on christs piece int he summerand clowns (the italian coffee shop) down kings street throughout the year-serves the best hot choc and cake and open till about 12
  • What more can you ask for than the Regent Newsagents on regents street of course. So close to parkers piece which is actually pretty dangerous during the night. But hey abundence of youngsters who get themselves drunk and when they reach the age of 16 frequent the nearby pubs (the ones closest to parkers piece. The fact that the police and fire station is only 50 metres should not deter you if you feel the urge to drink and smoke on parkers piece.
  • Christs Piece, definatly except the area away from the bus station underneath the overhanging trees where groups of tramps sit and drink Special Brew.
  • The Top of lion yard...go up da stairs and through the glass doors...lots of people hang out there.....can do skating there 2
  • Parkers piece, of course.
  • all the underagers gather on parkers piece especially on special events and end of terms etc... There is a distinct shortage of proper places to go other than pubs and stuff... theres a coffee bar called clowns but generally full of people who don't speak no english...
  • parkers piece, in the summer its the only place to be.
  • Check out the food at the Green Man, Triplow. Out of this world. Truly.
  • Cambridge uni May Balls (in June)
  • Best place to meet is parkside pool as its slap bang in the middle of everywhere and links between tennis court and the tech [APU] nicely. Loads of boring-as-hell nu-metaller types seem to enjoy sitting on christs pieces dont ask me why
  • The Mill Pond and Christ's Piece
  • The village recreation ground where everyone goes to chill and ride the jumps.
  • Train Station to watch the trains...Mmmm 225 Intercity!
  • Quay Side is an excellant spot in the summer to hang out, or slightly further up the river on Jesus Green. Plenty of laughs to be had at the tourists trying to punt, and falling in. Lots of little take-aways and of-licences to buy drinks at and it is relatively easy to spot your friends.
  • the CRC grounds down kings hedges road are pretty phat, loads of nice ledges and a like, lots of nice surfaces. it has just been re-done so it is really well made and stuff. lot's of cained 6th formers pootering around prime for being beaten if you fell that way inclined. also a good sixth form college if you are that age, good enough to travel the country definately!
  • Cemetery on Mill Road (actually a lovely place if you ignore the fact that some sick people like to vandalise it)
  • The only hook up places that I know of are private house parties held my desperate sixth formers trying to get their end away...
  • There are none , find your own friends you lazy bastards.
  • Parker's Piece!
  • EVERYONE goes down Christs Pieces! Only in the summer though - when it's nice and hot
  • Kings bar Kings bar Kings bar. OK i used to be a student, I'm biased. But i do miss the old place. Other than that, the wall outside kings. buy a sandwich from peppercorns, more of which below and watch the world go by. oh and kick the crap out of some french schoolkids. also more of which below. the mill - in summer, the only place to drink warm beer, sit in cowpats and watch americans fall out of punts
  • Parker's Piece. In summer, you can check out the babes while-u-wait!

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