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Live Music Venues
  • nothing
  • nothing
  • lol the county in dukes place a think its called aff dukes rd eastfeild ... two duffers way a guitar n adrum machine oooh catchy lol
  • not many scince the langfeild fell doon ! the county inn has bands sometimes but no much cop
  • erm.... the county inn "the cunty bin" as its a dive if youve no got danny killing the karoke in the wine bar you sometimes get sad tossers that think they can play there instuments in the lounge
  • bandstand in the park
  • trinity high skool hosts concerts by bands as does Universal Connections even if they are crappy
  • rutherglen have some bands in their pubs
  • Okay. Its kinda dorky but sumtimes UCs(Universal Connections) rent their rooms out to bands who play concerts ther.e Just kep checking posters. the bands advertise everywhere, even on top of the vendes which is totally crap when u want to pres a button to get sumthing, totally crap for them oz u rip it down!!!
  • Universal Connections, full of gay mini-moshers, you get frisked on entry by a very smelly man, still a laugh. Some good old fashioned rock and roll as well as pissing awful punk shite. Kicking Buckets were one of them, I remember. Bloody Awful.
  • Universal Connections above the More Store does band nights on occasions.
  • There is a recording studio in universal connections. There are singers up the ingleneuk from time to time, Blues guy rev doc and his congregation made an appearance once which was cool. On the whole however for venues as such you are looking at cathkin high school where from time to time they have band nights either with bands from the school or visiting bands. Whiteout came to the school once (they use to be famous), and some tarten clad boyband. City centre is main place for gigs however. You have the arena, king tutts, Strawberry fields, Mcchuills, Bourban st, the inn on the green, to name a few. Failing that you could go to sauchiehall street and watch buskers for hours on end.
  • Universal connections next to the more store in main street
  • (as i nearly choke on a can of miller) if you mean real stuff, you have to hit somewhere else, the best on offer is..................Billy Porter in the Sun Inn and he's a comedian (allegedly)
  • Unless you want to start one, there are none!
  • Again, only a few live bands, mostly doing cover versions, in pubs.

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Last updated: 2009-08-28

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