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The Best Things
  • The markets.
  • The fact that on the one hand you have the touristy cooly type stuff and on the other you have the secluded canals and parks and stuff.
  • The fact that the locals dont pour excerement on the imported 'punks' from the rest of London who try to look like locals.
  • Inverness St fruit and veg market - not only do you get great fresh fruit and veg at good prices, but top banter as well
  • The Marathon Bar on Chalk Farm Road at 3.00am on a Saturday morning.
  • Camdens a great place to go if you want to be alone and just soak up atmosphere (of which there is plenty and most of it great) cos noone'll look at you and say haha they're all alone its also a great place to go hang out with mates and have a great time on the whole i'd say its my favourite place to go for shopping for clothes and stuff and just to chill out if i'm having a bad week cos i find it a very laid back relaxing place - believe it or not!!!
  • shopping in all the markets on a sunday. eating lunch from one of the many eateries in the food court (stables market ) while watching the other shoppers wander in and out of the various stalls. listening to the music that come from all the stalls around u. that funky shop little shop just before the bridge at the chalk farm road end of the high st. it's full of kitch pink fabulous stuff from wonderwoman to elvis. actually being able to buy hand made stuff.
  • Smashing windows in the summer
  • Market, random wandering junkies, Cantalowes
  • the buzz of the place. it's just so beautiful. the sheer number of piercing places, each one less sanitary than the last.
  • How nobody gives me strange looks because of my appearance. It's the one place in London where everyone doesn't look the same.
  • The atmosphere, the pubs, the people.
  • The interesting shops
  • Camden is one of the few places where you see different clothes and different people in London. Everywhere else as become a uniform high street with the regulation GAP, M&S, All bar one etc... However these are slowly marching in and it can only be a matter of time before the charming markets and independant stores are wiped out....
  • primrose hill is the best thing in camden, although since all the houses have been sold privately to a bunch of snobs now taken over the primrose island or vilage, a word to all the snobs in primrose hill, thanks to u lot, primrose has lost its community sprirt. u snobs all think ur living it up in primrose hill. but u aint, cos the real primrose hill died when the like of u's moved in.
  • Always good to go to Camden to cheer myself up and get away from the rat race. Nice selection of shops and stalls, but rising rents means the more esoteric and interesting ones have gone, and many of the shops left tend to sell the same tacky paraphernalia. Primrose Hill and Regent's park are nice on that rare sunny Sunday afternoon, especially if you've been clubbing all night.
  • The best thing about Camden is the fact that its not a carbon copy of all other high streets in London!! However this seems to be destined to change. The council are planning on building a newer, bigger and "better" underground station, which would however mean that the rows of shops either side (including the wonderful Electric Ballroom) would be demolished to make way for a new cinema and office complex!! Does Camden really need that kinda thing???? If you care make sure you're voice is heard..this IS important!!!!
  • Theres always somehere to go The people are always good Its free entertainment! PRIMROSE HILL (especially in the Summer) and the heath is pretty cool too
  • absolutely has to be cyberdog :) although the one in covent garden has a slightly better selection because it's larger. their website is
  • hair salon opposite the Roundhouse theatre, called 'enry 'iggins. Open every day and a nice friendly crowd.
  • E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.!!!!! Do I need to spell it out? I love Camden!!!
  • Sainsbury's opening 24h on Thursday & friday nights; it's so cool to go shopping after a night out at 3 o'clock in the morning.
  • Primrose Hill/Regents Park
  • Living in Camden, and the live music scene.
  • See pubs
  • If you don't live here, well I'm sorry for you, nowhere else on earth is as cosmopolitan, happening, alive all the time and constantly evolving.
  • The Palace! Tuesday nights are Feet First, for which one can always get cheap-entry fliers (3 quid - doesn't get much cheaper), and the music is Indie Rock and the sound system is top class. Excellent venue all-round.
  • 'The Mack' at the Underworld - one of the best Hip Hop nights. About £4.
  • Fantastic place to live mid-week. Good connections to elsewhere, excellent supermarkets. Inverness Street Market fantastic for fresh fruit and veg, and is in danger of closing. Support your local trader now!
  • Atmosphere - people like me!

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