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Cheap Food
  • Take away food stalls with seating provided in the Stables market. Lots to choose from.
  • The 1 noodle guy. "Hot meal 1.50 noodle 1". Stand buy him for 5 minutes and you will learn all you need to know about marketing.
  • HAche burgers in Inverness St is great - not the cheapest, but the best gourment burgers in town
  • I know it's bad and I'll probably go to Hell now on a very slow donkey, but after 8 pints there's something magical about that open fronted crap pizza slice place next to the Worlds End Pub that draws me in every time. Is it the offer of free salad? The mesmerizing smell of garlic that wafts across the street? Or merely the 8 pint thing and the fact that it's right opposite the 253 bus stop? I dunno. They must be doing something right though, 'coz they've been there ever since I can remember.
  • All the great food stalls in Camden Lock Market - the food is fresh and cooked in front of you. Sadly the same can't be said for the food stalls in Stables Market.
  • Strada, parkway. delish italian food seriously under-priced. nothing beats a 1/4 pounder with cheese at three in the morning, from that little kebab shop on kentish twn road(y'know the one, walk up towards kentish from camden station, just after the brigde and over the road pass that pub on the corner!!!)
  • Best food in camden is the stuff you get in the camden lock market. Communal cooking pans for that authentic 3rd world look. Cant beat it!!
  • 24 hour tesco on camden road. it's laughs in the face of munchies. there's something for everyone
  • People, if you like falfel and vegetarian food go to the falafel bar in Stables market. The falafel there are the best i have EVER had! - the stall is opposite the arches, chalk farm road entrance with serve yourself salad bar! ps beware, others sell falafel too, but they are not all as good, ive tried 'em!
  • Bar Vinyl on inverness street for the best breakfast in London - great beats, cheap and quality food and a lovely vibe. Camden Brasserie for the best restaurant food, although Wagamamas is good for a cheap & quick feed. Silks and SPice used to be good but has gone a bit formulaic these days.
  • Belgo's - up near chalk farm, for nouveau bistro versions of belgian classics. Massivley overpriced but the food is decent and the beer divine.
  • Go to Delicious on Ferdinand Street. It's a Chinese/Malaysian and the food is cheap and spicy. Leung is really cool too. Don't ever go to the Moroccan Cafe at the top of Parkway. The food is overpriced, bland and stodgy. The service is appalling and they still demand a service charge on top of the expensive food. Basically, they heat it up in a microwave. Avoid this place at all costs. Do not be fooled by the quite nice decor in the downstairs restaurant.
  • Tasty Corner- but the falafels can be gross! Don't go to the eating place beside the tube station, the food there is clearly aimed at tourists as it sets in your stomach.
  • The Jasmine Cafe on Castlehaven road - possibly the finest Yellow Thai curry you can eat for less than 3 squids. Believe me, it's the bomb.
  • Bar Ganza (dunno if this counts as a restaurant) is completely marvellous - if you go there, try their frozen marguerita...they make it a slush puppy machine and it's almost too good to be true :) and the guy who runs the place is a star!
  • George and Nicki's cafe on Parkway does some nice meals on the 'cheap'. (That's a lie, but compared to nearby places...). I read in smash hits (sorry) that all sorts of stars go there. Justin and Justine from Elastica, and the sort. wonder if that's true.
  • African food: there are lots of good restaurants next to kentish town tube (on Kentish town road).My favorites are the Moroccan & the Erythrean ones.
  • New restaurant to recommend - Mango Rooms near the tube on Kentish Town Rd. Excellent Carribean grub and surprisingly reasonable (no I don't work there)
  • Wonderful ice cream place - Marine Ices - opposite Chalk Farm tube. Historic ice cream for all the family!
  • Bar Gansa -- cool tapas near the veg market.
  • Nice caff (Sara's Cafe) in Kentish Town Rd and a cool pub,
  • The Enterprise close to Chalk Farm tube Station with a nice Thai restaurant on the first floor.
  • Diwana, located on Drummond Street (Euston Underground) has great Gujarati Vegetarian food. It's very reasonably priced and the location is great! Just minutes away from Euston! One dish I especially recommend is the "Thali". You get lots of different varieties of food and it's really good!
  • Ravi Shankar is a restaurant specializing in South Indian cuisine. It is also reasonably priced. Their 'Dosas' are legendary! Ravi Shankar is also located on Drummond Street and is also minutes away from all the touristy type attractions that London has to offer.
  • plastic but soggy pizza from the street corner
  • Camden Brasserie is probably the best restaurant. Marine Ices is a good choice for a cheaper evening out. Amazing that Camden, despite having well-off residents and millions of visitors, has such a crap selection of places to eat. Belgo is vastly over-rated. Why queue up to spend only two hours in a vast cavern with crap service serving over-cooked mussels? It's no wonder you have to dull your senses with strong Belgian beer.
  • Fish'n chips near Camden Market. Chinese in Camden Market
  • The best veggie burger on the planet is at the veggie bar located in the cobblestoned alleyway between the Lock and Stables markets. They're amazing, even if you're a die-hard carnivore!
  • there's that little Mexican restaurant up Chalk Farm Road a ways... best mexican i had in London

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