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Clothes Shops, Shoe Shops, Fashion and Bargains
  • Lots of clothes shops and stalls in Stables market. Rokkit is a vintage clothes shop on Camden High Street.
  • Dragstrip, sells famous stars and straps, dickies, and atticus stuff and loads of shoes, hats, belts, bags, band stickers and patches. theres also another shop a few doors down which sells similar stuff but is less mainstream and has brands such as Toxico and alot of band merch in there! the markets are always great too. theres also a shop on the highstreet which just has loads of band shirts and tartan trousers outside it just up from the market, its a bit dodgey and overpriced, if you do go in there and go to buy it, haggle, he says the trousers are 45 but you can get em down to 20 so its worth it although i never go in there cos the guy who owns the shop scares me. if you mooch around theres loads of places which have exactly the same things for half the price!
  • Love dragonfly for retro t's and random bits of kitsch...i like the Bettie Page t-shirts. Cool belt stall in the upstairs covered market...I like the 'ELVIS' buckles.
  • urban nation stables market. high jinks on the lock bridge, ismo in the stables, my personal favourites.
  • i forget their names, but there are two great ones on the camden road, near the parma cafe (train station area)
  • The Black Rose/Drag Strip in Camden stables market is great!! Lots of goth and punk stuff.
  • Urban Nation and UN for new, cool, 21st century gear including Firetrap & Full Circle; Egoshego for trainers; Rocket for retro gear
  • Cyberdog and Jupiter make some of the best club-wear. Also try swear, punkyfish and pink and fluffy... all in the stables markets.
  • not enough!!!
  • Camden Market, The Stables for clubwear. Cyberdog sells some hideous clothes- check it out for the music and cybercafe though.
  • Covent Garden market is pretty cool and there are some good bargains down there if you hunt around!
  • Camden Lock area's the obvious place, but we say take a look at Insane as well.
  • Vintage/used place near M & VE. Also try Camden Markets - I found a Fred Perry for £10, hard to find here in the US.
  • cyber dog,(cool clubby, electric t.shirts, bizarre trousres etc.) map, wierd t.shirts. the market-kitsch, retro, goth, etc. pretty cheap but the food stalls smell

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