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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • Angry Shouting Man with a cowboy hat is a regular in Camden. There is a busker with an African drum who is very good. There is a preacher with a megaphone near the tube station.
  • The Happy drunk. He is a great advert for alcoholism he wears a kind of well worn stetsun and caries round a walking stick. He has a can of white lightening in one and can often just been seen talking and chuckling to himself. He is sometimes not happy so buy him some chips.
  • The punks who hold the signs for the british boot company! they're always there, all of em are nice guys so go and say hello!
  • The bloke that wanders around Sainsbury's loudly wishing everyone "The best of luck!" Haven't seen him for a while, but then I've started to frequent Morrissons more and more lately.
  • the black guy who's always playing music tapes from a portable stereo, hangs around on the bridge over the canal by the market hall, just playing his tunes. unlike the other unsavoury characters trying to sell their wares to any and everyone... you konw the ones "weed... marajuana" yeh... them.
  • Camden has been excreted out for the 21st century as some nauseatingly trendy place for rich arrogant yuppie gits who work for MTV and the music industry. I thought the faux-suicidal stoned teenagers were bad enough but all these twenty something strokes fans with tight tshirts and asymmetrical haircuts costing over 50 quid really are making me wish the whole place was bombed back into the stone age. Go back to primrose hill you rich bastards.
  • Random Hare Krishna guy who keeps asking me if my glasses were paid for by the NHS every time I go to Camden.
  • i want to say support john coley the handicapped busker hes a lovely guy give him all your change say hi to him chat to him i havent known him long but hes really nice by philomena mctigue
  • The funny little men selling little bags of sugar and washing up powder and bars of brown plastic on the high street... highly amusing...
  • Camden! Just go and look around you- if you can't be entertained walking around Camden then you're both blind and deaf.
  • visit the handicapped guy who busks in the market...and save your pennies to give to him!
  • There's a girl that does great juggling outside Gateways, look out for her in her army fatigues
  • The bums are everywhere and quite scary.

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Last updated: 2013-07-19

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