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  • There are lots of pubs in Camden. Hawley Arms is popular for star spotters.
  • Constitution - nice pub on the canal it can be pretty interesting sometimes
  • Most of the pubs/clubs are expensive and are starting to lose their character. After living in Camden my entire life I am dissapointed to have watched the demise (and possible loss) of the Dev, The Purple Turtle, The Camden Palace, Full tilt at the Electric Ballroom try the dublin castle for late night fun. Bands on all the time in the back room, once they clear away, a dj will usually fill in until closing time.
  • The Lock Tavern, Chalk Farm Road. Tarted up boozer with great sofas, dj's and the best roof terrace in London.
  • the hogs head on a friday.
  • go to lock tavern on chalk farm road. It has the best music in london, including djs like john carter and friends and family. THe food is also great, and reasonably priced! the best venue in Camden. check out the vibe at
  • The Spread Eagle (parkway) for the best beer, the Hawley for a chilled midweek atmosphere and a guaranteed seat (brilliant new chillout room upstairs), The Lock Tavern (chalk farm road) for the trendy set (Sara Cox et al) and the elephants head (Camden High Street) for an experience.
  • The Devonshire Arms- London's Gothic Inne... THE hangout for goths in London. Cheap booze, obnoxious barstaff and lots and lots of weird looking people. Freaks, weirdos and general outcasts will all feel at home here. Occasional gigs and regular DJs spice up the atmosphere.
  • Fusilier and Firkin have some really crappy bands at the weekends. Bartok is classy, The Good Mixer is a load of Britpop shite!
  • Hawley Arms has great food cooked by a man called Declan, nice and relaxed without the real trendy trendies. Keeping it real in Camden with a mixed clientele good guiness and real ales alongside shooters, cocktails and so on. I recommend the mussels with fries, the fresh battered haddock or any of the pies on the menu.
  • Go to the Royal Exchange in Camden for some herbal fun and wicked tunes playing - and the fire is the BEST in Winter
  • The Lansdowne in Gloucester Avenue, Primrose Hill is a cool and wonderful pub serving terrific sometimes-Spanish influenced food and enjoying friendly staff and patrons. However the pub cat seems to have disappeared! Also the Stags Head in Camden is a cosy, jolly Irish pub if you fancy a pint of stout and some fiddlin'.
  • The Crown and Goose is on Delancey Street and is probably Camden's nicest pub - good tunes and a wierd and quiet upstairs room. The Hogshead's reasonably nice, more lively than most Hogsheads, good Belgian beers. Bar Vinyl's nice, on Inverness St, if you're feeling for a trendy, dance-music based bar. The Edinboro Castle got renovated and is now more expensive and not as comfortable, but it's not bad. Good for the summertime.
  • Just a quick and hopefully descreet "warning" to young single attractive females hanging around in the Good Mixer district of obsessive and possesive famous males!
  • The Hawley Arms was an excellent pub, great Guinness, great people, but unfortunately it has been revamped and is another poser's paradise. Why don't we have a say when breweries want to change something good to something dire? The Stags Head is excellent for a good old Irish shindig, and the Guinness is marvellous.
  • No matter how much you hate all the britpop fans, surely you've got to admit that the Good Mixer is a cool place to have in a town. The drinks are nice, the dukebox is the best I've seen, and it's small and cute. And who knows, you might bump into Graham from blur (as I have done on several occasions, or Jarvis, or somebody from menswe@r. Check the 'food 100th birthday' plaque behind the bar, and the Inverness street street sign on the wall. Go on, britpop haters, admit you're quite proud to live in such a cool place. it won't hurt you. We won't think any less of you, who wouldn't? camden is the best 'town in the universe that I have ever been to.'
  • For the old-fashioned ppl, there is Rosie O'Gradys, Camden Road, which opens quite late (sometimes...depends on the manager's mood). but you definitely need to get there b4 11pm.
  • The Victoria,Mornington place nice calm pub to escape from the crowds, basic but really freindly staff and nice food
  • Dillons. Go there, now.
  • Pubs are without exception terrible. Spread Eagle used to be quiet, good beer etc, but now full of record-industry types. Avoid the Man in the Moon at all costs.
  • The best place is "The Man in the Moon" a pub opposite the market on Chalk Farm Road. A great, extensive selevtion of ales and bitters, hardly a lager in sight. Must be visited for the good beer and friendly atmosphere.
  • The Man in the Moon is a crap pub. Check out the Monarch Sundays until 6pm.
  • It has to be said that some of the best pubs in Camden are the ones away from the Britpop crowd. The Good Mixer is a complete hole and a definite no-no... so keep away from Inverness Street. The Spread Eagle on Parkway is alright - the beer's not too expensive and they have some good stuff. I suppose the really worst places are The Laurel Tree (Greenland Street) and Quinns (near Kentish Town Road). The attraction of these places is that they're open until 2am (Quinns only at the weekend) but this means that you're usually already pretty drunk by the time you leave The Dublin Castle/Spread Eagle/Monarch, but feel you could have 'just one or two more'. This is never a good idea. Oh, and I mustn't forget to mention The Lock Tavern on Chalk Farm Road. It's opposite The Stables market yard on Chalk Farm Road and in summer you can even go on the roof. Bargain.
  • The Liberties is a great pub, and the Crown and Goose.
  • Good Mixer - it was great (jukebox) when I was there. Dublin Castle - even better, blokes are lookers! Spread Eagle - sorta quiet for my tastes, but my friend got chatted up by a tasty bloke.

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