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The Worst Things
  • The Gambian drug dealers on Camden High Street near the underground station and on the bottom of Parkway.
  • camden town dying? ha ha ha ha .... what ARE you basing this on its one of the most alive places in the London and the country
  • Its dying. Like everything else.
  • The imported punks who think that after their tube ride from Hackney that they have the right to abuse people in Camden Town.
  • The drug dealers and the beggars and the crazies that buzz around the tube from 530-9pm every blummin day of the week. The preachers with the megaphones on a Sunday
  • Did anyone mention the kids smashing the windows in the summer?
  • Camden has been excreted out for the 21st century as some nauseatingly trendy place for rich arrogant yuppie gits who work for MTV and the music industry. I thought the faux-suicidal stoned teenagers were bad enough but all these twenty something strokes fans with tight tshirts and asymmetrical haircuts costing over 50 quid really are making me wish the whole place was bombed back into the stone age. Go back to primrose hill you rich bastards.
  • People tring to close cantalowes...starbucks trying to educate u about the area when all you want to do is have a frapp.
  • Camden town tube (and it's environs) is the most uminently avoidable place in London. Worse even than Oxford St, Covent Garden and Soho on a Saturday afternoon in August. The walk from Camden tube up towards the lock is the most disgusting diplay of discarded gum, scanking drug-dealing pikeys and saddoes left over the the grunge days of 92-94 that can be found in the UK today. It is billed as the 'alternative centre' of London but is packed with tourists, students and simpering rich-kids in huge flares who can, ironically, find no 'alternative' to fouling up Camdens streets with their aimless banter and squawking. I reckon Camden was probably pretty cool back in the sixties and seventies but it is very far from it today. Walk up the road to Kentish Town, it's much nicer.
  • the wind that howls up camden road like it hates everyone the fourteen year olds with lo-rise jeans and huge belts who turn up every saturday to spend their ridiculous amounts of money on shit. they laugh at the bongs and point at anyone who has more than one piercing.
  • being asked if you want either marijuana or a minicab 12 times between the tube and my house on Camden High Street every single day.
  • The lock is filthy and full of crap - i saw a dead pigeon floating down it. There are two many druggies selling drugs and trying to give drugs to good honest people. Too many sleazebags who have crashed out on the floor surrounded by syringes and other drug implements. It is too filthy. Other than that... great!!
  • Having lived in Camden for 16 yrs and seen alot of changes I can no longer pop out to the shops on a saturday morning, bleary eyed, to get a pint of milk without facing HOARDS of alsorts of people.It just makes you wanna crawl back to bed!
  • The Tramps and pushers ...
  • Goths everywhere. The horrible Moroccan Cafe at the top of Parkway. The Odeon at the weekends.
  • Bloody tourists - OK so we want you to come and waste your money - but one tip - some of us live and work here - walk quicker or get out of the f***ing way!
  • somers town where the sun dont shine, the drug problems with young children and adults in kentish town - mainly queens cresent. camdem council its self for robbing the fireworks off the community centre in primrose. i remember when people from the area would go round the houses door to door shaking their buckets collecting money for that years fireworks.. it all started in auden place.
  • heroin junkies and crack whores
  • The tourists at the weekend- aaah! The recent loss of the Compendium bookshop. The overall yuppification of Camden as a whole. Camden as the centre of Britpop!
  • People who beg off you while you're in the cashpoint queue!! Threatening girlies at midnight on a Friday cuz they wont give you a fiver isn't big or clever!!
  • The bouncers at the Jazz Cafe. Truly, truly horrible!!
  • The scut The delaers outside the station The drunken lads People who are up themselves and take it all too seriously
  • The filthy streets and food stalls - I once saw a pigeon walking around having a peck at the pizzas in the cabinet of one such dive.
  • No. The kids smashing the windows in the summer certainly isn't the worst thing. For sure, I can think of a lot worse things in Camden like people shooting up in doorways and elsewhere (why do you think they have a blue light in the toilets in Burger King?
  • The trouble you get in the summer. Take out a contract with a glazzier company because you're gonna have to repair those windows at least once a year.
  • the way that the market (the loch one) was bought by some company a few years back and now has twice as many stalls squeezed into the same area... and bouncers, for gods sake! it's really ruined the atmos :( oh, and loads of the old stallholders (anyone remember the guy who sold theremins in the arches?) have been pushed out because the rent's so high now...
  • Dont bring a car, they will take it away and charge over 120 to get it back !!!! you have been warned.
  • Anything related to oasis. Oh yes, and people who pretend they hate britpop. where would we be without it? why don't you move away if you hate the tourists so much?!
  • Camden Palace feet first on tuesday; too young and too touristic Camden palace all the time in fact : too expensive
  • Traffic
  • tourists.
  • Several rough pubs and the kids 'rioting' and smashing windows over the summer.
  • As a resident of Kentish Town and a previous Camden resident for five years I'd just like to add: "kids smash windows in summer" isn't worst thing - it's not true!
  • Worst thing is the traffic, so AVOID - come by tube.
  • The crowds of people on a Sunday, even when there's a blizzard. And the expensive, rip-off food places dotted around the tube station. The worst thing about Camden Town is the amount of drug dealers constantly trying to sell their stuff to an unsuspecting public. Remember if a big bloke in a big puffy red jacket approaches you in any pub beware coz he ripped me of £20 quid!!!!!
  • 'Feet First' at Camden Palace.
  • All the streets are covered in scum.
  • People buying drugs in Camden - it's funny when people complain about being ripped off (all the drugs are fake). Maybe I'm just cruel, but why do people still fail to realise this?
  • Living in a tourist trap makes it horrendous at weekends. Arlington House drunks can be a hassle - avoid the mini-supermarket on Inverness Street.
  • The harassment for spare change from bums! It's filthy.
  • the starspotters. drink up and get out of my pub!

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