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car key by daniel (Member 10314721) on 21-Jul-2017
has any one found a car key in the Brandenburg area contact 07960116521 reward   
Looking for The Brautigam Family by JULIE COOPER (Member 10312822) on 14-Apr-2017
I'm trying to find long list freidnds Christine and Ken Brautigum, they had 2 daughters Leanne and Louise, they could have more children. They live on Papanburgh Way Canvey Island. If anyone knows this family could you ask them to get in touch, thank you,   
Up with Falkrik FC by Susan The Faint (Member 10309116) on 29-Oct-2016
Up with Falkirk Football Club of Scotland.   
Linda Gould of Essex maiden name Linda Self by dave (Member 10301426) on 19-Jun-2016
If anyone reading this knows Linda, then can you please ask her to read it and reply ....any help would be appreciated   
locations by Ghosthustlers (Member 10300627) on 8-Jun-2015
If anyone has any Paranormal activity that they need investigating for free let us know please, here to help
Thank you for taking the time to read this, we are a local paranormal investigation group and we wondering if you have any locations we could investigate. we are a non-profit group of writers (6 people) that are interested in history and the unknown. We meet... more >>
  • Re: locations by rudy wilson (Member 10239252) on 15-Jun-2016
    I live in the usa.....Was in love with a girl, Laura ... in Canvey Island, for a year...It's been a long time over but I still think of her --wish her the best....

Long lost girlfriend by david (Member 10291460) on 28-Jul-2014
Hi all....I'm looking for my long lost girlfriend from the 1964/65 period..her name then was Linda Self and live on canvey Island, we met while on a camping holiday with the scouts/her the Girl guides on the channel Island Jersey....would be great to hear how she,s going   
  • Re: Long lost girlfriend by Linda Gould (Member 10297675) on 11-Nov-2014
    yes i'm still on canvey married with two children and four grand children how are you ?

  • Re: Long lost girlfriend by david (Member 10291460) on 18-Aug-2015
    Wow.....Fancy that...I never thought in my wildest dreams i would ever get in contact with you email address is contact me remember this.."postman postman don't be slow, be like david go man go"

  • Re: Long lost girlfriend by dave (Member 10301426) on 30-Aug-2015
    Hi Linda.....please contact me...wanna catch up on our lost time

Canvey Island Essex escort service 07956225796 by Exclusive (Member 10252824) on 1-May-2014
Canvey Island Essex escort service girl companions call to book 07956225796
Friend by Sheila Stacey (Member 10287478) on 29-Jul-2013
Does anybody know what happend to Raymond king he was a friend of my husband .I lived in norton ave late 60s he used the haystack pub .My name then was Sheila hampton   
Church Parade, Winter Gardens by gerrycook (Member 10271999) on 30-Mar-2012
Does anybody know when the chalets were demolished to make way for the new estate and are there any photos relating to it?   
  • Re: Church Parade, Winter Gardens by Rhys Evans (Member 10273015) on 22-Apr-2012
    them new houses was built many years ago, back in the 90s

Lost Uncle by Rick Smallman (Member 10257404) on 1-Feb-2011
I am trying to find Terence (Terry) Ellingford who lived in Sussex Street in Brighton. I am his nephew and I now live in Australia. Regards   
  • Re: Lost Uncle by Bob.Waight (Member 10280861) on 9-Dec-2012
    Hi Rick, I know this was nearly two years ago, but I thought I would give it a try.Can you tell me if you are related to the following Ellingfords who emigrated to Australia in 1952? Betty A.born 1928, Elaine L. born 1951, John W. born 1921(?) and Steven J. born 1948.Bob Waight

Jennifer A Kane by Paul dowding (Member 10251794) on 25-Nov-2010
Any information on jennifer a kane from canvey island, also Richard william kane born 1947 need to know if they were living in london 1975 onwards and if richards father was tom thomas kane if so please contact me urgently thanks   
Celebrity Charity Football Tournament - 25th July 2010 by Marianne Marston (Member 10246406) on 27-Jun-2010
On Sunday the 25th July some of the biggest names in British Boxing, along with stars from TV, Film and Music, will be gathering at the Brockwell Stadium in Canvey Island to participate in a football tournament to raise funds for The Indee Rose Trust, which provide support to children recovering from brain and spinal tumors.

The tournament, which is organised by renowned professional boxing coa... more >>
Need a man by Glenda (Member 10247636) on 18-May-2010
I'm a single lady in my fifties looking for a companion to spend some quailty time with. I'm not over the hill yet, and still young at heart. I can be found at sagadatingsite website just search for Glenda. Looking forward to hearing from you.   
Bruce How by Ray (Member 10245325) on 4-Mar-2010
Anyone know/knew Bruce from Delfzul rd in the late 60,s ?   
Seeking JAMES WHITE from Canvey island by Simon Hewett (Member 10215565) on 1-Mar-2010
Hi. As the thread states, I am looking for James White, who would be in his mid to late 20's. A ceiling fitter, with 2 kids. Masie and Charlie.

please email:

Jean Collins (nee Frost) and Ernie Collins by Paul Collins (Member 10131511) on 20-Dec-2009
Hi, I've not been to this site for a while and have changed my email address. It might just be me but I can't seem to change from my old email address to the new one. Anyway,it's now

My father was Ernie (William) Collins and mother Margaret (Jean) Collins (nee Frost). My mother left the family when I was nine and I've not seen nor heard from her since. I'd be interest... more >>
Bob Williams by sarah kemp (Member 10238986) on 17-Jul-2009
Hi I am looking for my Godparent Bob Williams who grew up here. His sister is called Gill/Jill and used to work as a florist in canvey. Its been about 20 years since I've seen him. Born 1953. Used to be married to Vicki. If anyone can help me get in touch with him again or just point me in the right direction I would be most grateful. Thanks   
  • Re: Bob Williams by sarah kemp (Member 10238986) on 15-Dec-2009
    Does anyone look at this website anymore??? I guess not. Not a reply on here for a very long time. Bob if your out there it would of been lovely to get in touch with you again but it seems I'm asking the impossible.

What Difference Would Extra Income Make to Your Life? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 31-Dec-2008

I am looking for people who have experience in the Financial Services, Utilities or Sales Industries. I can offer a good opportunity for those who are prepared to put in effort on a part time basis with a Footsie 250 Plc company to earn a regular residual income for life.

Visit my website for further info... more >>
looking for by sarah (Member 10233302) on 9-Nov-2008
looking for an old friend kenny haywood age 39 approx, sister called jackie she moved to spain and he came back to live in canvey in 2005-6 thanks if any one can help   
Michael Murphy , Angela and Theresa, (maiden name Murphy) by tessa england (Member 10232434) on 4-Oct-2008
Looking for family that i have lost contact with and would love to know how they are now. I last knew of them when they lived in Didcot Oxfordshire, but that was in the 70's... the family also had a place in Canvey Island. Any info would be much appreciated.   
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