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  • Gallery is one of the best pub in Carluke, There is cheapest prices in all Carluke, great DJs, great atmosphere, friendly staff - service is really good, not true bout underage ppl. You can meet more 18-25 years young people rather then maybe 30-40 or up. Ofcourse there time after time comes in ppl even up to 60 years old. If You want to have a really good time out in carluke - Gallery is best deal for anyone. I'm goin out with my pals nearly every weekend - and i enjoy my nights out. other pubs is too booring.
  • the gallery er....shit!!
  • The Crown Inn is pretty good for a few drinks. they put the football on regular so thats good and thier food is okay too.
  • All the pubs are crap, seriously. Full of people who never want to leave Carluke. Do you seriously want to be surrounded by lunatics...?
  • AVOID that dump (and when i say dump i mean flea riden midden) of a place Dixies, i tell you that Helen thing needs to do something to sort that place out and an other thing her bar staff need personality transplants they are well out of order!!!!! AVOID!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Club G attracts a fresh faced crowd so go there if you dont want to be surrounded by the over 40's!
  • the back of the gallery sells under 18/s no questions asked
  • The new-look Crown is pretty decent.
  • The Blackbull Pub where kickings are mandatory and religeon is everything. The Blackbull pub is a toilet both inside and out, full of bigots and sectarian arseholes who bolster their masculinity by parading their beer gut and horse like expressions up and down the streets of scotland usually wearing shellsuits and a pair of brogues or jesus sandles followed by an enterage of believers and fish wives equally as pot ugly.
  • congrat's on your retirement mcleod ya bass we are buying you out
  • kirkton again i am selling 250,00 offers over it's up to you goose
  • refer to clubs and the bit about losing the will to live
  • There were no pubs inCarluke 30 years ago
  • remember the JUNCTION????? oh, how those mirrors made a noise around our feet!
  • Carluke has pubs like The Railway inn, Tab's, Dixies but the best would have to be the Gallery (Moan Club-G!!!)
  • The GALLERY the place to go to keep up to date with the local youth trends,(Harry potter ,Pokemon, Bob the buider etc).And whats more your 2.00 entrance fee goes towards having the Ant Hill Mob as bouncers !
  • stay a way from the gallery it's due to be raided
  • Thr County(better known as the flying pint pot) has that much broken glass on the floor the land lords dug has got shoes on. The Gallary is so much of a rip off but is all right if you want to pull jailbait. The Railway is full of neds. The Thackie is alright if your a Celtic fan and The Bull if your a Rangers man. The best two pubs are The Kirkton a good pint, good crack and the staff are all up for a laugh and The Crown much the same but they do bar meals which are outstanding(the steak just melts in the mouth).
  • By the way Carluke has two bowling clubs, the Junction is now Street Level and the best pub by far is The Rovers (honest!).
  • HEY.. THE GALLERY & McGOWANS.. I WAS THERE ON SATURDAY. Friendly staff, by far the best DJ's in Carluke, Clean, Modern, BEST PRICES in Carluke and my friends say it's the best pint with pleanty to choose from. 10 out of 10. I have read some of the other opinions here and these people have probably been barred.
  • The crown is the best pub in carluke, the rest all seem to have people with a fetish for jailbait(and the landlords DON'T disapoint!)
  • The County - a dive. The Gallery - Ok if your illegally young. The Wee Thackit - a dive for old farts. Tabs - a fine establishment but with some dangerous stairs on departure.
  • You could try the Station Inn at Braidwood but I bet you any money you won't be there long.
  • THE BLUE ROOM in The Black Bull in the High Street is a great place to go if you are a Rangers fan... my mate chris once met Walter Smith in there on its opening night.
  • mcgowans aka the gallery what a joke
  • The Kirkton. Where you get a better class of "slagging". Murdo's yer Man for the perfect wind-up.
  • Very sectarian - Thackitt - Celtic, Black Bull - Rangers (check out their Blue Room). Dont go in here if easily offended.
  • The Wee Thackit
  • King George rocks
  • If you are wanting to shout abuse about Celtic and Praise Rangers to Heaven visit the mighty Blue room and Black Bull.It's an different experiance everytime.
  • Most pubs in Carluke are total dives..particularly The County...(midden) and The Railway/Helens!!! Best pub by far is the new Crown Inn...D.R.
  • All are recommended - especially Helen's (formerly Dixies) Gallery and Tabs
  • Best Pub "Dixies" This is where you can go and chat and have a pint and talk about computers (but watch the hostile neds) then down to the Gallery for more drink and loud music.
  • MAJOR UPDATE..... The county was never the best pub in Carluke. Checkout Dixies, McGowans Bar or even The kirkton (CAUTION upstairs only).
  • Oh God - if you want a bottle in the face then Carluke's the haunt for you. Boycott The Gallery - owner thinks she's got a top class night spot, waters down the beer, paints the walls a sickly colour and then charges everyone 2.00 for the privelege.
  • Most pubs per head of capita? Population: about 35k, Pubs: 12. Railway, McGowan's, Gallery, Wine Bar, Kirkton, Crown, County (called Cheers!), The Wee Thacket, The Bull, The Junction, Masonic Hall, Bowling Club.
  • The best pub in Carluke is definitely the County Bar.

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