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The Best Things
  • Crossing the river bridge and heading further west......
  • skate park and tescos
  • Carmarthen is pretty good for a friendly night life. There are a few places to go for lunch, a lot of homemade slecetions. Its quite historical.
  • MERLIN YOUTH THEATRE. A good place to go on a Sunday. Great hard working young people who don't slop around wasting their lives
  • the park and tesco
  • The music scene. It's seriously underrated and not many people are aware of it, but once you've been to a few gigs and spoken to a few bands you get to really know it.
  • Quoted from someone else, the train/bus station. It's the source of escape, if you can't drive.
  • Everyone knows everyone : ) Yey!
  • Everyone knows everyone : ) Yey!
  • best things...really?? ...its carmarthen...dont think there are ne best things about it...actually...the 'brew' or brewery road, 'belva' or belverdeer, park hall too...all great places to drive thru n get rocks chucked at ur cars
  • The beautiful scenery!. It doesnt matter where u are in Carmarthen u can always see the Countryside in at least 1 direction!.
  • The bear is cheap and so are the women
  • The nightlife has always been good enough for me. It's alright for shopping too.
  • everyone knows everyone
  • Q E maridunum, rm 19 (Mr browns room) and the bike sheds
  • Some great people
  • lots of friendly people
  • carmarthen per se.
  • The mighty Carmarthen council for their outstanding forward thinking and open minded attitude. Let us just think, trying to refuse Wetherspoons 'because it may have an adverse effect on local business' well King street is a hive of retail activity. Refusing a new train station 'because it could get wet if it floods' and ONE MILLION pound on a new indoor bowling green. Genius, take an afternoon off my hard working councillors, if you haven't alread buggered off home early, and give yourselves a big slap on the back.
  • Ummm... we're only an hour from Cardiff?!?
  • escaping on the weekend
  • Some of the shops are cool. The people are cool. Well- the non-townies are anyway! The old people just make me laugh!
  • great record shop, cool people (seriously! you just have to look a bit harder) all the lovely surrounding countryside....
  • Food at Y Gegin
  • Ooooh now then...The best things are:- the shops, the BOYS, just the general atmosphere of the town. Just the town. County Hall is the thing that stands out cos it's huge. Enough parking space. Tesco right next to the shopping centre. Everything...
  • The Towy Valley and the squirrels therein.
  • Friendly people. Pubs. Surrounding countryside. History- the oldest town in Wales. Sense of belonging. Merlins Hill- Abergwili for the view.
  • The Lyric Theatre/Cinema, on the inside
  • There are no best things about Carmarthen other than that it makes you feel better about every other place in the UK. If you ever have the chance to go DON'T... The place is evil as far as I'm concerned. I'd rather live in Silent Hill.
  • The best thing about Carmarthen is it's close to other places - Tenby, Swansea, Pembroke, the sea, etc.
  • There are no best things. I'll be honest, Carmarthen is complete pants. There's nothing to do except drink, and that's all everyone does. All the blokes think they're rock hard and are obsessed with fighting. There is so much bad attitude in Carmarthen, I blame Bro Myrddin.
  • Going out with your mates to the Vaults, followed by the Jolly Tar and Waterside.
  • The way St.Davids hospital lets all the patients wonder around town without supervision. Such a great source of free entertainment.
  • There's not much to do in Carmarthen apart from getting pissed, so the locals are usually very happy, friendly people. The art college means that there are a lot of young people who are a bit 'different', this adds a bit of spice to the town. The pubs and clubs have good atmospheres which make for a great night out.
  • Great place fo gays (not!!!)Nice rugby boys!! I like
  • The lesire centre, the amount of family i have here, The large number of pubs

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