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  • the lyric has one screen and is always empty but is so crap i don't go there and i live in carmarthen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The cinema is pretty rubbish with only one screen. If someone tall is in front of you, you wont be able to watch.
  • what cinema? we only have one and the people there are about 60! gte some new people!!!!!
  • Please can we have a decent cinema in Carmarthen cos the Lyric sucks large!!!
  • liz the lyric
  • Can't believe someone has actually said the Lyric is small. With 740 seats stalls, dress circle and cirle tiers set in a massive auditorium which doubles up as the fourth largest theatre auditorium in Wales it is obvious the contributor has never been in there. Hows that for ignorance!
  • in King St ther is a ONE SCREEN cinema
  • There's the Lyric, but it's so small, you'd be hard pushed to notice that it is actually a cinema. They have one movie a week, which is always out like a 1-2 months later than the rest of cinemas in the UK. (Including small ones) Go to Swansea or Cardiff, it's much better and there are not so many ignorant people I find, perhaps as there is one more screen.
  • Please God - let us have a UCI! Please?
  • cinema in carmarthen...shite...go to swansea uci instead
  • The Lyric is brilliant !!! its just let down by the wrong ads carmathen journel put in most weeks
  • Actually, UCI Swansea only has Digital Theatre Sound in TWO out of it's 10 screens... So The Lyric has the SAME quality sound as four of them, and BETTER sound than the remaining four. And the screen is around the same size if not bigger than all the ones at the soon-to-be closed UCI. A 1 in 5 chance of seeing a film screened better than in The Lyric? Get your facts right!
  • I really hate to ruin a myth but the Lyric cinema were not the first cinema in the UK to screen Jurrasic Park,as the Chief Projectionist at the Town Hall cinema Pwllheli(now named Theatr Dwyfor) I can tell you that we were screening the film on that very night in 1993,along with many others all over the country.We were not exactly over the moon with BBC WALES & HTV WALES NEWS for this misinformation on all their News bulletins,Still the Lyric is to be admired as I beleive it's run voluntarilly.
  • The Lyric Theatre runs films. I think 3 times a day. Under new management so prices might be a little different now. Ok if u just want to see a film, but if you want top sound & screen & want to see the latest films go to Swansea.
  • The Lyric Theatre - haven't been there for years. There's a new multiplex one being built in the next few years, along with a bowling alley and lots of new shops.
  • Lyric - horrible cinema. Better off going to the one in crosshands, if its still open...
  • the lyric is great! dolby surroud sound and comfortable chairs. cheap too.
  • Only 1 screen, 1 cinema...the Lyric. Plays one film a week, and each film comes about 2 months later than every other cinema in the country. Plentyof youts in the back seats if you want your film disturbed and i can guarantee a group of kids will be kicked out within half an hour.
  • The sound in the Lyric is amazing since they had Dolby Digital Surround Ex put in!! Good one!!
  • The Lyric is only still there because of the long running operatic society. As a cinema-its pants. A new release takes on average 6 months to show in the Lyric - PLEASE BUILD A UCI!
  • The Lyric was equipped with full Dolby Digital Surround in 2001, this was upgraded to dolby Digital Surround EX in 2002. The cinema system on a technical level is now one of the best in the country boasted as a showcase cinema by the equipment installers Sound Associates in London (incidentally this firm also equip the UCI's, Odeons etc...). With a lack of Local Authority support the Lyric still survives as a registered charitable trust with unpaid directors and voluntary staff.
  • From 2000 the Lyric Projection system has had a complete upgrade. All the technical equipment is new. In 2003 it now is proud to exhibit films in Dolby Digital Surround EX - Dolbys latest development in surround sound technology.
  • The lyric is ok, but the film's r always shown a month later than anywhere else, so it's kinda lame, and there's only one screeeeeeeeeeeen!
  • There's one. One film per week. Don't bother. Rent a DVD.
  • Cinema? What cinema?
  • The Lyric on King Street. It's not the best quality, but it feels..I dunno...nice and warm!
  • Lyric. Dolby Digital Surround Ex Sound was installed in 2002
  • The Lyric Theatre is a really good place- in fact, the only place in Carms to go see a film. It's really big. The main cinema has two balconies. I don't know much about this cinema though cos I usually go to Llanelli.
  • To correct the information currently on the page, The Lyric Theatre/Cinema was fully equipped with Dolby Digital Surround Sound in July 2000. As a projectionist I know that the system is the most up to date in the area. The Cinema is the Largest in Wales with 740 seats to one screen. Cinema and Theatre performances can also be heared clearly by the hard of hearing with the aid of the new infra red loop. Prices for Cinema are less than a UCI and films that are not shown on the release date are usually shown within 4 weeks after. Andrew Fletcher, Chief Projectionist
  • Lyric Theatre- King St
  • There's one cinema I know of in Carmarthen... It's called the lyric. It has one screen, gets the films in late, and generally looks like it's been put together with chewing gum and staples.
  • Go to Swansea
  • The Lyric. That's it. Films come out about a month later than everywhere else, the screens are small and the sound is bad. Best to go to Swansea, it's far better for that sort of thing. There's a good cinema, bowling, quasar, stuff like that. Far more exciting.
  • Saw the Exorcist and Rush Hour in the Lyric
  • The Lyric Cinema - a refurbished Art Deco cinema. Alternatively the LLanelli Entertainment Centre (18 miles east) which plays 3 screens
  • The sound may not be fully digital surround sound, but the Lyric cannot afford to have anything better, bacause it does NOT get any financial support from anyone! I would much rather have this cinema than a huge modern multi-screen cinema anyday!
  • There is only one cinema, and that is the Lyric Theatre. It was the 1st place to show Jurassic Park in the UK when it was released. But that is the only interesting thing about the place.

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