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  • Tangled Parrot moved to King Street in 2011, and now has a cafe/bar downstairs where you sip your latte or have a proper drink, while gloating over your purchases. Great selection of new and s/h vinyl, and plenty of CDs if you're still old fashioned enough to want them. Slipped Discs in the market is still an excellent source of reasonably priced second hand vinyl and CDs.
  • Tangled Parrot is now relocated to the 1st floor of 32 King St in a new and improved space with more stock and a well stocked second hand section.
  • Ooops thats Tangled Parrot at 32 King St!
  • Tangled Parrot is now in improved surroundings on the 1st floor of 342 King St.
  • Tangled Parrot! Soon re-opening in the old Gramby's pub in King Street.
  • tangled parrot
  • Well at the moment there are currently no record shops which sell a wide range of music. There is the tnagled parrot and you can get some quite classic stuff in there but if you are loooking for albums from the charts this is not the place to go.
  • music zone is ite
  • Tangled Parrot is the ONLY record shop in this town.
  • tangled parrot is class for class music
  • Tangled Parrot has some cool stuff, it's hidden away down Bbridge Street. Music Zone is in Greyfriars, it use to be MVC. It's the same as any other chain store, they do have some really good offers though.
  • There's the Tangled Prrot, but I swear they are always stoned. There's also Music Zone, the only good thing about it, is that's it better than MVC, but that doesn't take alot to beat if I'm being honest.
  • Tangled Parrot is ok - a bit small though. MVC - too expensive & has a round (like a beach ball) girl working there - seriously, go take a look.
  • tangled parrot possibly the best and friendliest record shop ever theres always interesting people in their too
  • record shops...hmv up in swansea??
  • MVC and the market.
  • Having just returned with some 17 used records (vinyl)from "Slipped discs" in Carmarthen market, i have to say that the condition of every one of the 17 was in an extremely fine condition,i use an expensive Ortofon M/C cartridge on a custom built granite T/T,and will be up very late tonight,in my opinion slipped discs offer the best condition used vinyl in the area,and a pleasant lady to boot,unlike some of the odd folk who sell on records fit only for potable record players from the 50`s.and live in Lampeter ;o)
  • Tangled Parrot in Bridge St has a wide selection, from Punk/Metal/House etc.
  • Only tangled parrot... not a huge selection so dont go in there expecting to find what your looking for, but if you have a look around im sure youll find something you like. Definetly teh shop to go to if you have alternate tastes.
  • Tangled Parrot the best record shop in the area From dj yoda to mr scruff, pink ffloyd to jefferson airplane. You can smoke inside and try your vinyl before you buy.
  • MVC usually have a lot in stock, but if they don't, just ask them and they'll look for it. Or order it in for you.
  • Tangled Parrot (yep, that's what it's called) in Bridge street. This is an excellent shop, and rivals even the bigger city record shops in terms of the sheer range of eclectic music contained within. I am biased (no I don't own it) but it really is good. check it out. Good place to find out about local music events as well.
  • tangled parrot stocks all the music MVC doesn't plus some it does(but cheaper!).The place for all alternative music!
  • tangled parrot,mvc
  • tangled parrot
  • tangeled parrot, man! when the hell were you last in carmarthen?tangeled parrot is sorting the music scene out(a bit)-last i heard anyway
  • Tangled Parrot, definately. MVC is way too expensive&its just plain crappy ( I found Rage Against the Machine in the Pop section?!) The staff are all a bit dopey too.
  • Tangled parrot...erm i think thats it!
  • Tangled Parrot (for anything your mum would hate) & MVC for mainstream townies.
  • there's a fantastic record shop in carmarthen- it's called 'Tangled Parrot' and the range and quality of music it supplies (considering the size and location of carmarthen) is amazing. the owner's called matt and he's a nice chap. it's by the castle down the little side street.
  • Th best new record shop that's around is Tangled Parrott which is located in Nott Square down the left ally from the Angel vaults pub. Thyev got decks in there which everyone can have a go at, a couch and loadsa punk collections n stuff, plus lotsa kule drum n bass music stuffs, and a nice collection of strangely shaped records hung on the wall :)
  • Tangled Parrot, go past Angel Vaults, just opposite Oz Bar. Best selection in town. They even sell vinyl punk LP's. Unfortunately they also sell dirty hip hop and dance...
  • MVC in Greyfriars. that's about the only decent one there.
  • f***! there is an EXCELLENT specialist independent record/c.d shop in carmarthen. It's called 'tangled parrot' and it's @ 15 bridge st.. behind the 'angel vaults' on nott square. HUGE range considering the size of shop, imports etc, ALL sorts of(good) music and ultra-friendly, super-clued up staff!
  • MVC is good (Greyfriars), Slipped Discs (market), Woolies, WHSmiths, but that's crap.
  • Tangled Parrot in Bridge Street
  • When I use my MVC card, a message comes up on the screen saying 'Be nice to this person. They spend a lot of money'. I think they should be nice to all music lovers. But then, I'm an old hippie.
  • MVC- Greyfriars Carmarthen Market
  • Good second hand store on the Market, don't know if it's still there.
  • Hmmm there's MVC, umm there's a place in the market too. Plus they do the CD fair quite regularly.
  • MVC - recently opened in the new Greyfriars Arcade. Great members discount card scheme
  • MVC is a new shop in Carmarthen. It sells everything from CD's tapes, DVD's, videos, computer games, etc. They sell music by hundreds of different artists.
  • Slipped Disc in the market for second hand. Best to go to Swansea.

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