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The Worst Things
  • (UK-LIFE 2014) WORKING TAX-CREDIT & BENEFIT GOLDMINE ERA 1997-2010. The days of respecting & praising people for going out to work are over, the old saying that everybody going out to work is paying their way and contributing into society is false and not correct. Large numbers of working people are actually a financial drain upon the country despite having wages going through the door. The reality is that these days regardless of employment status many households in the UK are costing the government money per week, and the biggest receivers of money from the state are households with children under the age of 17, who thanks to the working tax credit goldmine era 1997-2010 have now become the biggest spongers in the UK. Working couples with children under the age of 17 are now the biggest financial spongers in the UK no wonder many of them look smug and act all successful in their large tax credit funded 4x4 people carriers ! and hiding behind the argument that they work hard for a living and do 40 hours a week is a fake and false barrier to hide behind, because sponging is a judgment made upon a financial figure and not on how a person fills up their time each week. A supportive argument example would be an old retired person sitting in the house all day doing nothing but pays £20 into the state per week from his pension is more profitable for the government, paying more into society, and contributing more into society, than a working couple who work 60 per week between them, because although the working couple might pay £50 into the state per week they will take £100 out of the state per week, meaning that they are costing the government money per week, operating as a financially negative households, hence sponging! Giving credit towards people these days for working is a false thing to do, the old pensioner deserves more credit than a working couple with children under the age of 17. During what is now called the Working tax credit & benefit goldmine era of 1997-2010, the labour government increased the welfare bill by over 60% and the bulk of this went to working couples with children under the age of 17, no wonder the country is in debt thanks to the labour government miss management of countries finances during their reign 1997-2010, and blaming the coalition government for everything is the incorrect thing to do, they were given an exceptional bad play field when they inherited the power of the country from the labour government, and the worrying things is that should the labour government regain government power in 2015, they will only throw money at working couples with children and swell their pockets again, the rest of us (households without children under 17) will not see much difference in our income levels. I for one will not voting for a government only interested in working couples with children, who have had it easy for far too long. The new saying is that the quickest way to get a pay rise is to have 2/3 children which means £150 per week tax credits (£50 per child). Tax credit spongers have created friction in many workplaces because people with children get an higher income than people without children despite doing the same job and same hours is this fair? Surely tax credits are discrimination against people without children under the age of 17! And creating the “Baby Bond” was taking throwing money at families with children a step too far! What the government should is introduce a “Non Baby Bond” for example is a couple reach 40 and have never had any children they should get a reward from the government, because they have not drained thousands of pounds out of the state for 17 per child like families with children have. The funny, hilarious and absurd thing is that whenever segments of the national media want to publish stories about financial hardship and struggling families, they always use families with children! What a Joke! I have never seen a poor household with children under the age of 17 yet! They all seem to drive around in £20’000 cars, have expensive push chairs, have the latest large TV, latest game console, in their homes, which tend to be living in larger more expensive properties than they really need, all to impress and out do family & friends. If such families with children are struggling then they need to take responsibility for themselves and look at the possibility of living in a cheaper property, driving a cheaper car, having cheaper things in their homes, doing without an holiday, reducing personal expenditure for such things like beer and cigarettes and stop trying to create a look at me I am successful image, because most of such images in the UK are financially backed by working tax credit handouts and debts. These days I never give any respect to sob stories about financial hardship that talk about households with children under the age of 17. Having children during the working tax-credit and benefit goldmine era as not been a responsibility they have been financial security because of the tax credits handed out. To such levels that yearly tax credit handouts cover most of the yearly repayments. Households with children under the age of 17 during the working tax credit & benefit goldmine era 1997-2010. Have had far more than their equivalent counterparts did during the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s. Working couples with children under the age of 17 have had it very easy, yet it becomes very laughable when they are the first to moan and groan about having their welfare handouts reduced, what did they expect, sky high tax credits handouts forever, have they forgot that the country is in debt? Or do they only care about themselves? The following mathematic calculation gives supportive evidence to my argument that the biggest spongers in the UK are working couples with children...... Mathematical calculation ....... (((( Amount of money a household pays into the state per week via tax & national contributions from salaries, tax on savings, tax on inheritance (MINUS) Amount of money a household takes out of the state per week via working tax credits, child care costs, children allowance, business rates claimed for, rent rebate, tax re-claims, tax rebate, benefits. Council tax rebate, pension top-up )))) If this calculation turns out to be negative, then your household is a sponging household and costing the government money per week. So the next time you see working couples in their big 4x4 people carriers going out to work, don’t respect them do this calculation in your head and remember one word SPONGERS.
  • People are all stupid arrogant miserable and worship the tories. Think they're better than everyone. Ive lived in edinburgh, London, Glasgow, manchester, aberdeen and newcastle and London has BY FAR the most horrible pretentious people. Shows are alright. Pubs are a good laugh. But the people ruin it.
  • Kelvin Mckenzie
  • Englsih old farts who think there brave ,but have a upper class "front".
  • that english people thing there so great and everyone else in britain is "nothing" compared to them when the english are all a load of queen fuckers
  • too many niggers
  • the smells. some of the people...
  • My little brother
  • People who visit our great city and complain about the people who have made it worth visiting - Londoners!!! (the view that everyone is a rude cockney is probably as tiresome as the comic stereotypes about Liverpudlians always on the rob, the Welsh 'lurve' of sheep, Brummie's lack of intelligence, Scots drunkeness and Cornish incest (though I'm only guessing that these are stereotypes??)
  • no bikes on buses
  • The fact that even though more money is spent in the capital than anywhere else in the UK it still needs a bomb dropping on most of it to give things a bit of a face lift at the very least.
  • Carnaby Street has been taken over by the likes of Boots, The Body Shop and Starbucks - there is nothing left there. Litter, air, beggers by the cashpoints, Oxford Street on a weekend, tourists, rudeboys, 13 year old girls dressed in the latest fashions with mobile in one hand and cigarette in the other, everyone always in a hurry, traffic congestion (too many traffic lights have been put in place of zebra crossings).
  • Nasty, dangerous, evil pushers on the streets around Charing Cross Road at night (specially the ones that mugged me!) Mustn't be scared of em though otherwise they will take the place over. Best to keep your wits about you, that's all.
  • The central london Underground stations during the rush hour, oxford street on a saturday afternoon. Also, there are only so many Starbucks that can be squeezed onto one road.
  • everyone (without exception) living in london. they are the most rude, miserable, unfriendly, aggressive, always in a fucking hurry, obnoxious bunch of bastards ever. worst thing is, it's contagious. live here for five minutes and you'll turn into one as well. oh, to be back in friendly birmingham....
  • urine smell.
  • Oi, hang on will you!! No it is NOT cheap in London, on the contrary it is terribly & unbelievably expensive. I lived there for 5 years, and could not save a penny during that time. Then against my will (because I realy do LOVE London) I have to move out of there. :(
  • food people transport trains tube bus people did I say transport? Cockneys
  • The appalling amount of traffic that the government has done absolutely nothing about to bring under control. Why isn't Oxford Street, and Trafalgar Square (semi-) pedestrianised? The litter. Brits clearly regard anywhere as okay to dump their garbage.
  • the streets smell more like open sewers in the morning, and the afternoon and especially at night as well. as soon as the sun comes out soho square becomes standing room only as everybody strips their bod and greases up for a touch of lunchtime tanning - 12-2pm only ..

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