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Hookup Spots
  • Chesham park a lot of slappers go there !
  • Chesham park a lot of slappers go there !
  • there is no macdonalds closed down in 2006
  • Theres a Cafe Nero there, that seems to be THE place where everybody hangs out. Especially on Fridays after school to celebrate the weekend. But during the week hang around the skatepark for teenagers having fun.
  • on the benches beside the beautiful trees in front of the shop: boots
  • yes they are outside MacDonalds and yes they are annoying and can be threatening but try living in london, even putneys got a bad lot and thats one of the nicest places
  • the post office in chesham high street is really good,its cheap,and sells lots of things for different religions eg. muslim food,turkish food
  • Maccy ds we always hang around there go to the park to get pissed of a friday night AND WE AINT KEVS OR TOWNIES OR CHAVS!
  • All the unsavoury characters hang around outside McDonald's. at night. Steer clear of there at night, you'll get less hassle walking around the Backs.
  • Lowndes park can be alright during the day but after about 6pm, nearly the whole town becomes a no go area for all except the local inbreds, who regard Chesham as a separate nation.
  • Get on the tube and go somewhere else.
  • I'm talking about 1977. Hanging around on the Broadway at 11pm was just enough to get any young (male) drunkard to have a go. The name of the game then - as it seems to be now - was to perplex the locals. The original population of Chesham is so unashamedly stupid that you can get away with talking fast and loose at them, while you prepare to run away as fast as you possibly can. Don't hang around and fight. What's the point of comparing scars with (supposed) members of our own species who can barely sign their own name, let alone give an opinion? When all's said and done, Chesham's a shit-hole, full of people attempting to find some sort of justification for a place that only ever came alive when the railway turned up. I was born and brought up in Chesham - and, truth be told, I'm grateful for it - but, for all gods' sakes, leave as soon as you are possibly able. I wish you well, Steve xx
  • the kids hang out outside Maccy D's - as there's nothing for them to do! Give them something to do please!!
  • * Yes Yes The kevs , townies what ever you want to call em there are there Do NOT walk chesham or skate on your own At night...Kev temple * Kevs wont hold you at knife point they only intimidate you But DO NOT swear You might as well dig your own grave
  • Outside McDonalds, the youth club or Lowndes Park
  • has to be Maccy d's
  • Don't hang around McDonalds if you value your sanity. Lots of horrible Kevs (eaugh)
  • OBVIOUSLY McDonalds or just outside!

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