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Arts, crafts and such
  • blue haze art shop in church street, just off market square
  • Me and my sis went to a ridiculous gallery / coffee shop nr. tigers eye, full of soft focus fantasy style women in the throws of extacy riding mythical creatures and the like.
  • The drawing room is a cafe/art gallery in chesham, it has some really nice art in there and the coffee isnt to bad either.
  • Drawingroom Art Gallery and coffee shop a must visit. Wonderful space, fabulous art, sculpture and artefacts. Food organic and Fairtrade. Best coffee for miles, endless selection of teas. Great homemade cakes! Kids welcome, high chair provided and little chairs for kiddies with books and drawing pads. You won't want to leave!
  • The drawing gallerie is super, nice pictures, and you can eat and drink some very nice things
  • The new craft shop in Chesham is called Blue Haze Arts & Hobby Crafts. They hold Workshops on all kinds of things too! It's a really cool shop! Lets hope it stays. They've got a website too
  • There's a new Art & Hobby Craft shop in Chesham, on Church Street, just off Market Square! It does lots of crafty arty stuff, from jewellery making, sewing,knitting, card making, candle making to Sennilier Oil & Soft Pastels. It's a great shop and definately worth a look!
  • En Route at bottom of Nashleigh Hill - if i had pots of money my wife would buy everything in it!
  • LOL.. if you call the TAT thats sold at the markets art .. then yes i guess there is an art scene
  • Tigers Eye is a lovely shop, the jewellry is gorgeous as much of it is unique stuff collected from around the world. I love it for buying rings.
  • crafty fun! craft courses! woohoo!
  • A ribbon selling type shop up white-hill!
  • Afew good pine & arty shops on road from town out to Nashleigh Hill.
  • Tigar's Eye in the town centre is quite twee, sell ornaments, jewelery, cards, beads and has a boutique upstairs etc etc .

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