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  • The lamb ,blood every week end !
  • The lamb ,blood every week end !
  • The Misty Moon, The George and the Dragon, The Red Lion, The Queen's Head, The Swan
  • the only decent pub in chesham where u wont get a drunk or a narrow mind arsehole is the queens head, the drunks only like the rough pubs so dont worry you can go here safe in the knowledge that there boozing it up somewhere else
  • all pubs in chesham r crap
  • George and dragon is an old style pub that still has a local feel to it,not like the theme chains you see everywhere.Nice atmosphere. Queens Head pub serves good quality reasonably priced Thai food.
  • cock tavern opposite the memorial in the high street has closed down until further notice
  • Go to the old town, thats quite nice, or up to ley hill, good in the summer. last post officially most dull pub.
  • Elephant and castle down waterside. There is the gamekeepers lodge down bellingdon road. The jolly sportsman near Emmanuelle church. The red lion over the zebra crossing down the end of the town with the large clock. and there is a pub bear the border between hertfordshire and chesham down ashley greem.
  • stay away from the ones in chesham, there full of pratts.
  • Recommend Queens Head and pubs just outside town like The Bell on Chartridge Lane (fantastic food), Black Horse along The Vale, Hen and Chickens out towards Ley Hill, Swan at Swan Bottom is a Free House with great garden.
  • The Last Post (Wetherspoons = cheap start to the night) or The Red Lion (pool tables, music, television screens, live sport) are the only options here for the younger generation. Red Lion does have a male member of staff that thinks he can handle himself, and will often tempt aggrivation come last orders. Plus you could find yourself in a spot of fisticuffs with a few of the young male regulars, say if for example a drink is spilt.
  • How many pubs in this flaming town? Can't people go and find some form of entertainment which doesn't involve mind numbing - literally. I reckon you've got to be a proper CHAV to go to a pub. And a proper CHAV if you're just about legal, and this is a major turning point in your life. "Ooo, get me, I'm well 'ard, wiv a pint dan me neck and a bird on me arm"
  • The Pehasant, Wtaterside is always full of smelly dogs - good for "the hair of the dog" but otherwise avoid.
  • The best pubs are on the edge of the town like The Asheridge Arms and the Black Cat. Under no circumstances go in The Jolly Sportsman, as they knowingly serve people banned under the local pubwatch scheme who have reputations for breaking glasses in peoples faces.
  • if you like rude unwelcoming pubs .. YOUR IN LUCK .. Chesham has lots of them ... george and dragon .. and that other ugly place down near old chesham .... they changed into .. wait for it .. a POOL Bar .. fantastic !!!!
  • Channler and friends :) good place
  • There are so many pubs its hard to choose! For the most part they are full of Kevs but The George is pretty good, and The Last Post is cheap.
  • I don't like any of the pubs in town. Either full of smelly old men or are characterless like The Last Post and the Red Lion. At least the post is cheap though. Go out to the country pubs for more atmosphere. The Crown has some great live music, out on the green in the summer.
  • If you want to go to a real pub serving real beer, that isn't a 3 mile drive away then take a stroll in to Chesham Old Town to the Queens Head. This is a warm and very friendly pub with no apprehensions and definitely no 'townies'. The pub serves Thai food all day every day, even if the pub signs say 12 - 2 and 6 - 9. There is also a full restaurant attached upstairs and the bar food is superb. There is a small problem with the doors as they tend to worry the first timer in to thinking they are stuck in (oh no!!), but it is purely the fact that you need to pull rather than push to get out. After a few everyone forgets. There are no fresh faces here, apart from those that have fallen in the river Ches that runs behind the pub by the car park.
  • Chesham is just full of Charity Shops, and old man pubs!
  • The Global Cafe Bar aka the global. Not too bad on a friday or saturady night - but dont look ant anyones boyfriend! Loads of pop music and a dancefloor to groove on. People attending should preferably wear not very many clothes to fit in with the Chesham'ites.
  • George and Dragon is probably the friendliest place with the best lunchtime food
  • Red Lion. Packed with those seeking council accomodation.
  • The best pub in Chesham has got to be the Red Lion, much nicer now it's had a refit.
  • I wouldn't recommend the Unicorn to my worst enemy. I have been there three times in six years. The last occasion was Christmas 1998 and through the fog of several pints the place looked almost habitable.
  • Black Cat ,Lycrome Rd, Lye Green... Now under new Management (from June 2000) Mike, Stuart & Linda. Big Garden, enclosed, child friendly. Good value Sunday Lunch! Lots of good country pubs within 2mile radius of town.
  • ALL CRAP!!!! Try going to the Eagle at Ashley Green. Lovely Country Pub, or try The Bell in Bovingdon on a Sunday Evening. Great LIVE groups most weekends, and its FREE!
  • The Last Post! Always asks 50 year olds for I.D, but if you're wearing a skirt up to your arse and an inch of foundation, with the obvious intention of perusing Stages ("The Club" to locals) later on, come on in and drink as many alcopops as you can afford with this weeks pocket money.
  • Some of those too. High street pubs OK, just don't look at anyone's bird.
  • rough 'n ready confused townies pubs...move a few miles out for nicer country pubs
  • The only good things about Chesham are the pubs.
  • The George and Dragon in the High Street has a priest hole in the chimney on the first floor.

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