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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Chunky, the Fenian loved him and the he moved to Pagham.
  • Billie Piper nearby & Hugh Dennis
  • Loads of people THINK they're something special, and act it. Trouble is it is all a delusion on their part.
  • Loads of self styled 'celebrities' and people who like to think they are 'somebody'; tossers really...
  • Mark Knopfler
  • The woman from the old sixties cult 'the champions' still lives here. Patrick Moore lives close by in Selsey
  • Rodney!!! Lucky!!!
  • afew pro's come down occasionaly
  • keith rogers (rolling stones) tony britton (fern's Dad)might as well live her as he is always in theatre, christopher timothy (bosham) many other
  • Nicolas Lindhurst
  • Don's not a tosser.
  • Where do we start!? Nicolas Lyndhurst (grumpy!), Patricia Routledge (The nicest celebrity ull meet!), There are loads around here!
  • Zoe wannamaker from my family lives somewhere!
  • nicholas lyndhurst way hey!
  • I saw Maggie Smith in watrose supermarket once and I Know Keith (drugs lord) lives at Redlands Farm in W Wittering, i saw him buying apples in the now closed South Street fruit shop.
  • The great romantic poet John Keats stayed in Chichester for a while around about 1819.
  • You might spot Nicholas Lyndhurst [Only Fools and Horses] but he's highly unapproachable and quite rude. Same goes for Patricia Routledge [Keeping up Appearances] Also, look out for who's starring at the Thatre, you'll often find thme wandering in the town. The nicest was Lesley Joseph [Birds of a Feather] but my Dad accidnetally flashed Peter Bowles [Only When I Laugh] once....!!!!
  • Some of the bands that play in The Chichester have obtained a bit of a cult status, ie. Transfixion & Frail. Although he has a lot of 'friends'. They both play metal type music and the always fill the pub because of it. But it's only because of the music. Their heads have grown large because of it! Steve is ok though! Don-the lead singer of Frail is a complete tosser! HEHe i hope he reads it but please don't put my name!
  • Nick Lindhurst, Keith Richards (Wittering), Jack Dee (Pagham)
  • dunno n e. maybe pope!
  • The infamous Lucy Cobb and Katy Goodall,look it up!!!!
  • Christophy Timother; Tony Britton (father of Fern) and TV Doctor with Nigel "smarm" Havers; You can do loads of famous person spotting i theatre silly season.
  • Hyacinth Bucket-it had to be really!! She captivates the whole pretentious,pre-occupied snobbish attitude of this place-lets be honest now!!!!
  • Nicholas Lyndhurst lives down here also with wife and new baby... Christopher Timothy lives out in Runcton
  • Patricia Routlege (aka Hyacinth Bucket) from 'Keeping Up Appearences'
  • Actor Malcolm Stoddard still lives here and his school chum Michael Elphick is a regular visitor to his mother in Victoria Ave.
  • Patricia Routledge lives in one of the roads opposite the Rainbow
  • Mark Hall (Author of Internet Banking)
  • Rodney James Herriott Mrs. Bucket

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