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Skateboard Shops in Chichester, West Sussex*

Where to buy skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, curb wax, tees, caps, set ups, bolts, kingpins etc

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Skateboard Shops
  • SCRAWL, 8 Baffins Court, Baffins Lane, off East Street in Chichester. Brand new skatewear shop selling WESC, Supreme Being, Fly, Volcom, Lowlife, Upper Playground, core Vans and Howies. Check it out they are pushing the urban art vibe with Tee's and legendary graphics from Mr Jago, Dave Walker and the legendary Jamie Reid, it's cool and they give out free stickers too. Anyone who knows D2 and Minx will know this cool courtyard with a coffee shop and tables outside. If you need guitar lessons the guy who part runs it is awesome too writing rock for guitarist and Guitar Technique.
  • ESP- The only true skate shop Chichester's ever had. Knowledgeable staff, quality product, competitivly priced. Without a doubt the heart of the scene!
  • esp is the place to go
  • Nation
  • ESP is the boardin shop
  • ESP. Great people. Cheap. Good Products. Thumbs up!
  • ESP - Bit expensive,
  • E.S.P is the best shop and the people are rad, They wont rip you off.
  • ESP opposite Hargroves Cycles
  • E.S.P is awesome guys!
  • Yeah, Grind-It is way better than ESP, they'll get anything in if they don't have it, I just had to ask them!
  • The best inline and skateboard shop is in Horndean and it is called GRIND-IT wich is approx 9 miles North/West of Chichester
  • ESP is probably the best.
  • nation & ESP
  • ESP in south street is alright
  • ESP of course
  • the only shop that sells any good sk8 stuff but is crap 4 BMX bits.please please can someone start stocking BMX bits,they would make a mint as BMXers are here to stay.We also need a decent park to ride and not those metal death ramps behind the leisure centre.
  • one should endeavour to avoid such shops, if we the hoi-poloi boycott them they will eventually go out of business, we then can have branches of the Edinburgh Wool shop in the City
  • ESP chichester ESP Bognor Regis Ally Oops Worthing (over road from pier)
  • Air Circus now stock a large number of boards and roller blades as well as skating clothes. Their shop is now in South Street. Also a branch of E.S.P. has just opened stocking some shit hot skating gear. They are also in south street, in the little new arcade next to the fountain.
  • Air Circus and ESP both in South Street

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