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  • Mr Wongs Chinese off the high road. Delicious and quite cheap set meals. The newly opened Gourmet Burger Kitchen- always a good bet. Andy's kebabs by Turnham Green tube. Bedlington Thai- unpretentious and inexpensive.
  • new restaurant coming in the area le Vacherin near chiswick park tube station opening begining of May. 0208 7422121
  • I have to disgree strongly with the bad press for FISH HOEK, we eat there at least once a month and it's perfectly adaptable for a quick supper or a special night out. The staff have been exceptional in their friendliness and the menu is so diverse and varied, changing seemingly every day! If it has any faults, it is a little small and so the "bums on seats" mentality can be off putting when you realise that you've been in and out in less than an hour! I love it and so do most of our "Chiswick-ite" mates, I'm sorry you had a shit time that night but it's worth trying again, especially since the only other option is the dire Fishworks!
  • Must agree with the reviewer of the Fish restaurant,sounds a highly probable scenario. The large Italian hotel cum Ice Cream Parlor cum bar cum restaurant dominates a good part of the Terrace/High Road. The Ice Cream in here is fantastic with flavors unobtainable anywhere in London and reliable open from early to late but when i asked for the menu advertised vegetable soup in the restaurant I was met by another of those huffy Chiswick waitresses who told me "its off" I was sensitively offered chicken soup instead. When I refused this the makings of an argument seemed on the horizon. Meanwhile a large party of local office workers some 14 in number went eerily silent as they all listened to the conversation. (the place was otherwise deserted) obviously a place to feed the sheep on account and not for the more er...educated palate. I mean what sort of a kitchen is it that cant provide advertised vegetable soup?Are vegetables short in Chiswick? When The Park Lane Hilton had problems with a LObster Bisque a Chef was called down specially from a 33rd Floor restaurant in a 2 foot high toque to make the soup for me.He then departed. The pleasant manager then came over apologised and said its free of charge sir and then presented me with a huge platter of mixed speciality breads! I will never forget that service. But the scowling waitresses of Chiswick are forgotten in hours...
  • Cafe picollo is always amazing - the garlic bread is amazing and its costs nothing to eat there. house wine is about a fiver. the fish and chip shop on turnham green terrace (Chris?) is out of this world, the battered sausages are soooo good.
  • Singapore Gardens is yummy. FAT BOYS On Edensor road for a greasy fry up during the day and thai at night. will be full of school kids during the day, even if it does have a truancy free zone sticker in the window
  • FISH HOEK - What a MASSIVE disappointment. Having read so many good things about the food here, we booked ahead and turned up on time to find a near-empty restaurant. We were kept waiting in the (open) doorway for a few minutes before being shown our table which was right by the door. It being a wet and cold night and already feeling the chill we asked to be moved to one of the many empty tables in warmer positions. The waitress showed an unfriendly attitude and said we couldn't move as the restaurant was fully booked. So we accepted reluctantly and took a look at the menu, which looked tempting. However, one of our party had a packet of cigarettes on the table and the waiter noticing this pointed out that this was a non-smoking table. We told them we had not been informed of this when we booked (nor the fact we would be sat by the door). At this point the rather heavy-handed waitress came over and argued the toss with us about that for a few minuted before huffily asking if we wished to see the owner. We agreed and then received a very unwelcome and frankly completely over-the-top tirade from this character. It culminated in him saying that if we didn't like it we could leave. Needless to say that is just what we did. The attitude of staff and management alike was aggressive and distressing. I would recommend that only those with a taste for being abused and mistreated attempt to eat here.
  • "As Nature Intended" is a pretty thorough organic supermarket. It's on Chiswick High Road.
  • Mortimer and Bennet in The terrace are a tiny French delicatessen. Avoid this shop like the plague,in my opinion its a racket eg gingerbread cakes at 4-5 times the price back in France.The greengrocers next door are pals of Mortimer and Bennet.I have withdrawn my custom from both after uncomfortable encounters with "snotty"customers and strange snobby staff putting sales pressure on. The game shop service across the road can be a bit off too. Sold me a partridge smelling of fecal matter. Lost of elbowing from regular customers who think they are a gift to Chiswick.Very ugly stressful.Regulars served before newbies in the line on occassion much to the twisted delight of the regulars ooutdoing each other to place the biggest and fanciest order.Makes you sick!Attitude of staff if you dont like it shove off.
  • Theres a South African restaurant that looks kinda interesting.
  • I like the Pizza and Pasta at Foubarts, but they do cheap and cheerful dishes too eg omlette and toasted sandwiches. There are good curries to be had and the fish and chip shop down Turnham Green Terrace is second to none.
  • The Chiswick Restaurant - Top quality food. Expensive but good value. Owned and frequented by Andrew LLoyd Webber. McIntosh's Brasserie - Modern European, very nice. ASK - pizza and pasta - very reasonable, trendy and popular Again, all the usual chains
  • Have to disagree with the comments about Thai Bistro - I have always found it to be excellent, far better than the Bedlington. Topsy Tasty, Bedlington's sister restaurant next to Chiswick station, is also better than its more famous sibling. But the food at Thai Bistro is best!
  • Andys Kebabs West Kebab
  • Bedlington Cafe serves wicked Thao food, if youcan get in. If not go to the Pack Horse (CHR) or down Turnham Green to Turnham Green Chinese. Thai Bistro on CHR is a bit of a disapointment. Sorry is there a theme here?
  • Loads of places but difficult to rely on quality, regardless of price. Cafe Piccolo does v good pasta (but NOT pizza). ASK Pizza DOES do good pizza. Annapurna Indian is v tasty and don't be put off by the salubrious surroundings its not too expensive. Silks & Spice does excellent Malay/Singapore food but is always very busy.
  • Lots: Billy Joes Saloon (yeehaw cowboy type theme, Tex-Mex, etc), It's Pizza/Pasta (smart styling, pizza/pasta of a high standard), Cafe Coco (pavement culture coffe & cakes bar), Tootsies (Bar & Grill) plus lots more including all the usuals (Pizza Ezpress, Cafe Uno, Cafe Rouge, etc)
  • Nacho's (mexican), Pasta and Basta (Italian), Annapurna's (Indian),
  • West Kebab (Brilliant Kebabs, burgers, etc...)
  • The Chiswick, Chiswick High Road, past it's best but still worth a visit, Sunday set lunch is always good. La Dordogne, Devonshire Road, better than the Chiswick but again a bit tired. La Pief, Chiswick High Road, good cheapish food. Thai Bistro, Chiswick High Road, very good but the Bedlington Cafe is better. Excellent Indian restaurants at the Chiswick end of Kings Street.

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