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  • The Rock - A hell hole run by cunts, with aggressive steroid pumped gimps on the door.
  • well the rock i suppose people slate it but its all there really is here which is understandable as its a small town :)
  • bar havana-hmmmmmm
  • The Rock - If you fancy a decent night out AVOID AVOID'd have more fun giving yourself sickness and diarrhoea to the point of death. The staff (especially one particular bouncer) have all had a personality by-pass and are really violent towards men or women.....I suggest they all go on a course of anger management, or better yet learn to handle their drink! So, go to the Rock if you fancy a fight, or a reason to renew your tetanus jab....otherwise (if your normal) go to Bristol!
  • Oh my word. The Rock. I was going 3 times a week at one point, always known its crap, so why do I still go on the odd weekend? As long as your pissed it is good. All the men are tossers or married with their band in their pocket. But what the hey. At least the squaddies get in there. A bit of entertainment at least.
  • The club in cirencester is called the rock and is literally the ONLY place to go after the pubs shut! It's ok if your drunk and with your friends! But after being away you come back and realise that is the same people evry week, who seems to be up there 3 times a week! Dont understand how they can do it! It's ok now and again for a little dance but yea other than that..
  • The Rock cafe. Ive been thrown out of there more times than the rubbish. How can I slag the place off when Ive entered it a million times? The bouncers are a laugh. One's a builder. Ones a bloody bus driver and ones a gay porn star-or is that the owner, Biagge or whatever his name is? The squaddies make the place entertaining.
  • The Rock: legendary. fact.
  • ROCK CLUB!!!!! So bad i gave myself a lifetime ban !!
  • Watch out for the rock, its worse than crap. When I go there I'm the only true playa the club has seen. Everyone knows that you have to go to the party city of Glasgow to have a true night out. But when you're back in Cirencester, the rock is the only place to go despite all the kids and OAPs that swarm the place.
  • The Rock really isn't that bad as long as you've had at least 10 pints and are with at least 5 good mates. Don't go there for intelligent conversation or a long lasting romance!!! Meat market springs to mind but we all go there still, despite the grossly over-priced drinks and unfriendly staff.
  • No clubs at all. The rock and its people are shit, and they need to get out to other areas.
  • cirencester is shit for clubbing
  • Bussage Volkswagen Club
  • Ignore all comments slating the Rock. It has been open for about 10 years and is allways busy. Admitidly it is smaller than clubs in Swindon and Chelt. But then Ciren is smaller. If you had a club the size of the Brunnell rooms it would look a bit fucking empty would it not??? Even though the Rock has been refurbished again and the Havana re-opens after 11.00pm as Sleepwalkers people still complain. The admission ranges from 4-6.00 over the weekend (Thurs - Sat) and the music is varied. You get a mixture of pop, dance, R+B etc. I have been going up there off and on for years and personnally i allways have a good night. the dance floor could do with being a bit busier and the staff need to look like they like there jobs not that thet are just doing it for the money. Sometimes the patrons can look fresh faced and you do see the same people week in week out and yes the drink prices do keep rising. But hey it is a small club in a fucking small town. To sum it up if you go up there thinking that you are gonna have a shit night then chances are you will. If you go think fuck it i am out with all my friends, i am looking good and i am gonna have a laugh then you will.
  • there is no club in Ciren - just a glorified pub called the rock cafe
  • Now, no matter what you say, you still go there! We all appreciate our 3 trips a week up the golden stairs, and Im proud to say, I love it!!! Theres nothing wrong with spending your weekend in a club where you know all the drink prices, the compilation cd the dj is playing and the names of not just all the bar staff but also the never stops you being rapidly ejected from bishops walk though does it?!!! Dont deny it, you know you love it, see you on thursday! :-) G
  • rock-shit tin can club-relly shit
  • go to swindon or cheltenahm or bristol
  • Although most people slate the rock, I think it has got better now the adjoining bar havana has opened up until 2am because there is somewhere to go to get a drink, and chill out if necessary.I think it's OK, as you know virtually everyone there!! Whats the tin can like? Ive heard it's membership only? How do u get in there?
  • Well known fact that the Rock is crap and you'll get herpes just breathing in there. The Tin Can is above Viners cafe and i quite a good laugh, altho as per usual it's got it's fair share of w*****s
  • Oh yes, an interesting subject. We all know the Rock is crap, yet it is interesting how many of us end up there either in desperation or complete drunken madness. It's a bit like having a pretend disco in your front room with someone operating the dimmer switch and your dad choosing the records. But hey.
  • Sadly the Rock is all we have to offer, but give it a miss! Its not worth the over priced 5 entry fee! I think there is a club called the Tin Can Club which is another option!
  • Bring back the Eagles Nest!! - and if you are too young to remember this - ask someone in Ciren over the age of 25.
  • Unfortunately Ciren is a bit small for clubs but Cheltenham and Swindon are near by.
  • One club called the Rock, open just about every night, it is one of the bad points of Cirencester.

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