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  • Big Bill has put prices up to fund his fake tash habit!
  • 25.02.10. Adding to the last entry, The Marlborough has been smartened up and now has a great feel to it. If your up for a fun time it's the place to be, live music most saturdays and multi screens for sport. Management have as much fun as the customers!!!
  • The Marlborough is now the best pub in Cirencester, Live music, Beer Garden, Live Sport, Cheap Shorts and Wine, Great Beer, Great People, Great Night Out!
  • Bear pub terrible - needs sorting out and it's 'no drugs policy' is a joke, best place to get your head kicked in, it's an absolute hell-hole and needs a new landlord quick.
  • umm... not to go against the general slating but i love the marlborough arms! it is curious and friendly and filled with many objects plundered from cirencester. i speak of traffic lights, road signs and more
  • in opposition to you all i would say i love the marlborough arms: it is quirky and has many odd and nice people there and is full of much loot apparently plundered from the streets of cirencester and norway: i speak of traffic lights, roadsigns and many more.
  • I love the black Horse despite the 'clique' that exists in there. Hate the Malborough. Love the cross and the wheatsheaf. Oh the friday afternoons in there, eh Poppy, Lisa, etc?
  • Black Horse. Thats where most of my ex girlfriends come from.Behind the bar that is.
  • Black Horse. Thats where most of my ex girlfriends come from.Behind the bar that is.
  • All those who have slated the Crown are not worth drinking with. It's a great place to go - there's very rarely trouble, the bear garden is brilliant and the general atmosphere is great. Okay, so the beer isn't brilliant but they sell bottles and after the first pint, who cares anyway? It has a reputation of being for the Aggies and over priced but this is really out of date. The aggies drink at the Tunnel or the Duck now. Those who have gone on about the Queen's Head in Watermoor - what are you thinking!? It's dreadful.
  • The main pubs are Mackenzies, Crown, Black Horse, the bear and Havana. Havana has DJ and drinks promotions over the weekends, it can get very busy after 10.00pm. Has pull down screen thing for football and Rugby. Mackenzies is on two floors and really open spaced. It is open all day and night - However if you are of voting age sometimes you can feel a bit old. Black horse is wood beamy type place. Crown is no-where near as good or as popular as it was. They sometimes have a dj and a late licience. Really good beer garden in the summer though. The Bear is a summer pub - the only reason you go inside is to get the drinks...The Golden Cross has just had a evamp - looks really good. Play a lot of darts, skittles and cards though, bit of an older croud
  • Right we go! The Bear is a shit hole no matter what anyone says! The Marlborough Arms is pretty crap. Somewhere lese is ok. Nice food and the drink is'nt that expensive. Mackenzies is just full of everyone from school that used to piss you off. The Crown...well its gone down hill. Used to be the place to be (not that hard in Ciren) but now its crap. The Wheatsheaf is full of Townies. The Nelson used to be ok, don't really know now. Anyways, theres a guide for you.
  • Although I may have been 'asked to leave', ever so politely might i add.....the Crown gets it every time. Everyone loves it, you've all got your favourite tables..I know plus i know exactly what you all drink, sad but true! We're all there every day and its the best place to bump into the idiots and freaks you find in this town. It has to be said that Mr Daley has lost a first class bar wench in myself though..dont worry, i'll be in every other pub that'll give me work!!! Bar Havana, it may look scutty, and it is, but again we love it. The cheapness is always a bonus and the smiley, happy manager is a personal favourite. Love ya T. White lion - Roy you dirty pervert, Roge- Nooooooo. Somewhere else - Andy and Webs - Its cold !!! Ali star!!! Cross - class. Macks - Never going to be the same, thank god!!! I enjoyed it all really! Banana/Rock - Pike your a classy bird with an unrivalled talent for pouring my drinks. The rest of you are alright too. Not going to be the same without Monkey though. ;-)
  • South Cerney Pubs, The Old George Inn { the pub formerly Known as Walter Mittey's), good selection of reasonably priced drinks, excellent venue for weddings. However Saturday nights it tends to get full of teenagers texting each other. Landlord tends to treat it as a country retreat. The Eliot, good food, drinks too expensive, cramped interior, full of toff's and locals will look at you when you go through the door. The Royal Oak, excellent food, good choice of reasonably priced drinks but be prepared for a very long wait at the bar as regulars will get served first. The Fishermans Rest, limited selection of drinks but they are very cheap, beautiful lakeside surroundings, a bit rough but a very friendly place.
  • mackenzies and the crown are ok but the rest of them are full of 16-20 year old townie wankers who think they're hard.
  • we have pubs OMG bar havanna is pretty good a lively the bear is good for a quiet drink thr rock Yawn!
  • Bar Havana - good on a Friday and Saturday (cheap drinks and DJ), Macenzies - really good, classy, bit expensive. Somewhere else - quite good, although doesnt have the atmossphere of bar havana and macenzies. If u go down to Watermoor then the best are the bees knees and queens head. The Woodbine is also good for live music. But Bar Havana and Macenzies (in that order) are the best Ciren had to offer, but if u r after a basic pub - nothing fancy, then the queens head is good.
  • I've lived in Cirencester ALL my life and can tell you decent pubs in the town are few and far between. The Bee's Knee's, A.K.A. The Plume, has just been refurbished as is a good, clean lively pub, especially at weekends and you will find some drinking legends there. Flying in the face of current trends, instead of chucking out all pub-based entertainments, The Bee's Knees in Watermoor Road, has gone in the opposite direction and filled the pub with fruit machines, dart boards and a pool table, as well as a video juke box and big screen TV. But dont fall asleep at the bar or you will lose your eyebrows. The Bell's is okay but I find it full of pretentious and pompous "Real Ale" types. Foods great though!! The Brewers Arms is a thoroughly enjoyable at night. It is a thriving young person's pub and one of the towns sportier venues. It has a fun-loving clientelle, attracted by the satellite TV tuned to the sports channels as well as pub games, including that increasingly rare oddity, bar billiards. Vibrant and animated, especially when live sport is on the fantastic big TV. The Golden Cross is just behind the towering Parish Church of St John the Baptist. From the front it looks like the perfect backstreet pub but actually The Golden Cross was originally a coaching inn and dates back to the early 18th century. It is surpisingly big inside. Though the bar is narrow, it reaches way back behind and there is beer garden at the rear too. This is a sun trap in the summer. But please, please ignore the Crown, or Slug, or whatever it's called. The beer is very expensive, tastes appalling, it is full of self-important, arrogant haughty Aggies. I hate then and I will never go in there while they frequent the place. But, fair play, the food is very, very good!
  • Twelve Bells serves brilliant beer. Not for your average Ben Sherman, Kickers wearing lager drinker tho. Slug and Lettuce is a nice pub but expensive and a lot of toff customers. But you can just stare them down and hit on their girlfreinds. Posh totty
  • People can say what they want about The Crown, but it's a nice pub. Yes, it is a bit too busy for comfort sometimes and you end up balancing a pint, your coat and a packet of fags, but at least it's a buzzing atmosphere. You are guaranteed to meet at least one random lunatic too who will try and sell you a ferret or ask you if you've met their friend, Thor the God of Drinking and you can't say that about many places. The Aggie thing isn't as bad as some say either, only when there's some event on and then you can watch them bathing in champagne in the pub and falling over their posh frocks.
  • The Plume of Feathers has now been taken over and turned into a decent watering hole and a tasty treat is in store for anyone who ventures down Watermoor End! Just watch out for all the Mitsubishi lot who seem to frequent there, but dont worry, they are all very friendly! The new name is "The Bees Knees" and thats a good name! The food is very good! Give it a try!
  • Corinium Court
  • The Slug and Lettuce (the Crown). Full of wankers. Takes ages to get served. Expensive. Need I say more? The Marlborough Arms. Tacky American theme but nice pub (especially the sofas and the dog) and the circular pool table rocks! The Nelson. Nice and relaxing. Skin up in the beer garden! Good jukebox, nice chips, lots of student scruffs. Regulars pubs - The White Lion (landlord is a twat!), the Royal Oak (spit and sawdust), The Woodbine (Live music sometimes), the Drillman's, the Bear, the Plough, lots of other unremarkable places. Bar Havana. Cheap drinks, annoying DJ. Plus you might accidentally end up in the Rock! Plume of Feathers. Good place for a beating by local crims. Mackenzies. Class. Go there. Expensive, though... Pubs in Ciren are fairly strict these days - the fresh faced amongst you should go to Threshers, Oddbins or Corks (none of whom give two fucks about who they serve, 'allegedly'!) and go to the Abbey Grounds. Or try one of the restaurants near Mackenzies. The Indian places and Pizza Prov aren't fussy.
  • The Butchers Arms in Ampney Crucis sadly closed down two years ago!
  • I have been reading through the content of this site and the authors opinion on some of Cirencesters (better!) drinking places. I would just like to add the Crown does not have ANY good-looking girls there. They are all over-weight Agricultural students who look like rugby players.
  • Newcombe's Pub
  • If you want a real taste of the local atmosphere try the Plume Of Feathers on Watermoor Road...or Watermoor end as it is called now. It's a real spit and sawdust pub - or it was when I used to drink there.
  • The "12 Bells" on Lewis Lane is the best pub at the moment.
  • If you want to stand up all night, get far too hot and queue all night for a beer, then The Crown is the pub for you. Other wise known as the Slug and Lettuce this 'student pub' is always packed on a Friday and Saturday with a lively crowd. Also does good food during the day, recommend the fried brie it's super!
  • Walter Mitteys in South Cerney is THE Pub
    I believe that Walter Mitty's has closed. It was taken over by a 'mature' couple and made VERY straight.
  • I've always fancied the Butcher's Arm in Ampny Crucis (just out of Cirencester) for pub life. Specially when the hunt is in.
  • There is no better place on a Friday or Saturday night than the Bear on the corner of the Market Place. The atmosphere is lively and with such a large crowd finding its way there, getting better.
  • The Crown is the best pub by far for young people (definitely not the Bear, trust me: I spend at least six days a week in Ciren pubs!). It has a lively atmosphere, good looking, friendly people, a garden, very good food before 9pm, but be sure to get in before 9.30 on Saturdays.
  • The Nelson on Gloucester Street is well liked by many because of the friendly relaxed atmosphere.

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