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Skateboarding Spots in Cirencester, Gloucestershire*

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Skateboarding Spots
  • Kingshill School nice little mini (FUN)
  • New Ramps by kingshill school
  • outside the cop shop. On one of their nice astras.
  • Powells school, nearish leisure centre, Miniramp in north cerney, Wicked fun box in kemble, Old station carpark (near leisure centre)
  • stratton playing fields
  • Bussage Spine ramp, very nice to ride.....
  • there are new ramps set up by Kingshill school.
  • Haven't seen or heard of the ramp for a long time, and as for the comment about Ciren skaters not being able to ollie up kerbs well, sadly the last time a saw a skatebaord (apart from my own) was under the arm of some baggy jean wearing school kid. Spence and Dav (Southrop miniramp veterans for those of you old enough to remember that old barn) have buggered off to London last I heard of them were pics in Sidewalk Surfer mag a few years ago. Myself I lost touch with the scene years ago when things got so damn tech that unless you could perform what I would call "freestyle" tricks you were a nobody, whatever happened to the joy of a long grind or just carving around ollieing shit. Still there is a new park in Lechlade (about 6 miles out of Ciren) and that is pretty cool 100% concrete box and rails, two 1/4 pipes, a couple of blocks etc. NOthing flash but workable and pretty quiet most times i've been there.
  • Most Ciren skaters can't even ollie up kerbs - skate knowledge is wasted on them. If you are one of these people, go away and dream about being able to drink in pubs. Oh, and FUCK OFF!
  • Pete's bars are the best new skatespot in Cirencester, foot high slide bars. The best. Everyone knows Pete, so they're easy to find.
  • St Michael's Playing Field. Youth Centre: 16' wide, 8' transitions cut off at 6'. Metal surface. There are quite a lot of skaters in Cirencester with the Ramp in the Youth Centre the main spot (very nice to skate) the youth centre also has a large tarmac area with mini ramps, kerbs etc. The new Tescos and Waitrose car parks are also very popular.
  • Love Lane industrial estate - full of SF style drops and bars aplenty..

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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