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The Stuff We Can't Fit In Somewhere Else
  • It's not that big a bar!!
  • Whoever that was who said about Mr Green. He really was the best! He was my tutor!! Also if anyone knows where Jamie Thompson from 29 reg went, please let me know!
  • Deer Park was the best! Great teachers and facilities.
  • You cant fit much in Somewhere else...its pretty small.
  • it might sound stupid but swindon is the best night out round here even though the centre of town is pretty shit old town is quite good. don't go to cheltenham either cos it's shite but he worst place in britain is just down the road it's called stroud and it's full of grungers, goths and skag heads
  • cirencester must be the most boring town on the planet there is nothing to do what so ever unless ur in to drugs then you go to the abbey grounds if ur thinking of coming to cirencester, the hotels r ok but dont go in to the town you will fall asleep walking around, bibury is nice and bourton-on-the-water but ciren na ah
  • Leave when your twenty come back when your forty. Unless like me you like having a regular boozer where everybody knows your name. Sound like a good idea for a tv programme
  • Ciren's alright, good laugh. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.
  • friendly town and friendly people
  • Yes we have lived and loved Cirencester. Deer Park School was THE School. Mr Green THE Maths Teacher
  • Here's a dose of nostalgia to make up for the absence of current information:

    My wife & I lived in Cirencester in 1953 & 1954. Our daughter Diana was born in Birdrup Park hospital in Swindon, Wiltshire, December 8th 1953 and we lived with an English family for about a year then on our own after Diana was born. I remember in Cirencester we lived in a 2nd floor apartment, and I used to shine my slide projector across the street to see pictures of our beautiful Diana in larger than life. I also spent a bit of time at "Ye Olde Bull Inn" across the way, which was a great pub, with dartboards, and a "skittles" alley in the back. What GLORIOUS times they were in retrospect! Comrades, poverty, fun, and good friends!
    I managed to get back to Cirencester in 1973 and had a lot of disorientation. First, our apartment had been razed for a parking lot, and the only REAL landmark was th "Olde Bull Inn" which had been gutted by fire. Until then I was convinced that England would NEVER change, as it seemed like when we were there it was as it had always been.
    We have maintained our friendship with Peg Cooper with whom we shared our "council house" in 1953 and Peg has visited us a few times.
    All in all, our UK experience was grand, we loved the countryside and especially the people! They are so down to earth and friendly.
    Cirencester would be a great place to visit, I remember the decorations for Queen Elizabeth's coronation PHENOMENAL! If you go... be cool ... relaX ... AND enjoy the great British hospitality!

  • One of the UK's leading Uninterruptable Power Supply Manufacturers in located at the idilic Inner Courtyard, White Way, Cincrencester. They have really neat technology and a great location.
  • The Gunsmiths (Corrinium Gunsmiths) are excellent (decendants of Wyatt Earp of Tombstone Arizonia fame no less!).
    I'm sorry to say that Cirencester no longer is the proud host of Corrinium gunsmiths! The shop itself closed recently [96] and has now been occupiyed by a cooker distributer.
    [Actually] Corinium Gunsmiths is alive and well. They just moved to an industrial developement to avoid the unwanted attentions of thieves and unqualified walkers-in. Even the local police will <> tell you where they are and claim that Cirencester has no gunsmiths. They are off of Querns, two streets north of Watermoor-Cricklade.
  • Probably the worst thing that I have found living in Cirencester is the large numbers of young people who find it fun to hung around the Market Place for hours on end with nothing better to do. I don't really know what else I can tell you about Ciren except Cirencester is all in all a pretty cool place to live.
    • The Best thing about Cirencester has to be the friendly people, plus the good looking girls in the Crown! It also isn't very far from Bath and Bristol to go to Clubs. Plus the town itself is very attractive.

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