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Cheap Food
  • Actually, the best pizza in Clapham is from Verso, on Clapham Park Road. It's fairly deserted (I guess cause everyone else is at Eco and Alba) but it is truly amazing... like being in Italy or something. Service ace and friendly too.
  • On the common itself is a hippy style vegetarian cafe, but with really nice food that you can eat in or take to the common to eat.
  • The Landor sunday roast. Bargain.
  • Moxons in Clapham Park Road is not there anymore instead there is "Thyme".Thyme has won two major food awards this year - Tatler's Best Newcomer Restaurant of the Year and New Restaurant of the Year in the Carlton London Restaurant Awards.
  • What a shame Alba Pizzeria (Bedford Road, opposite Clapham North tube) don't serve alcohol any more. The pizzas are still great, but how long can a place remain profitable if the punter can't have a beer or wine with his/her pizza? Crazy!
  • I can not believe that Alba and Eco can even be compared. Sure the Pizza is similar because the guy that opened Alba did so based on the knowledge that he got working at Eco. Alba is a complete rip off, there is nothing original about it. If anyone understands what real pizza is then Eco is the place, the first and the only of its kind!!!
  • Cafe Wanda. Loads of restaurants on Abbeville Road.
  • Nandos chicken by the petrol station, the pizza resteraunt down the hill from sainsburys and the take-away pizza shop on acre lane
  • Have ya been to Babel's? Word up on the Bible. Talk about speakin' a different tongue when ya come out of there. Totally mind-blowin' place. They have plasma screens, sega bins, cocktails to wipe out any diseases known to man and an excellent choice of pacific-rim cuisine (that's posh speak for oriental chinese/japanese/thai nosh). Gotta try it - if ya haven't then see ya in hell! Amen.
  • Gastro - opposite the Picture House - is friendly, bistro by night: good value real (ie not reheated in a microwave but actually cooked) food Moxons in Clapham Park Road is classy and good, especially for fish. Eco is a different pizza place - ie not part of a chain - got a good buzz and the food's good Abbeville Road is becoming full of places to eat and drink. Its got a staggeringly good cheese (and delicatessen) shop: Hamish Johnston - they sell draught olive oil.
  • Flumbs in Abbeyville Road is fabulous for all meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Don't go to Eco's anymore, if you want pizza. Check out Alba's, opposite Clapham North tube instead - manager is called Rabi and he's a star. As the original Alba's owner used to be head chef at Eco the menu is v similar but the atmospehre is homely and warm and friendly. Example - Rabi made me a tiramisu birthday cake with candles on my birthday (my flatmates requested) and let me play my own cds!
  • Nando's is fantastic for cheap food. Eco's for the best pizza in London, jst doen from Capham Common. The Grafton in the old town if you are feeling a bit classy.
  • Eco, is the pizza place, take your own booze though.
  • Clapham has wicked food places. Start at the cheaper end with the Pepper Tree (nothing will cost more than a fiver) - always good stuff, cool staff. I endorse the Big Tum Noodles as my product of choice. Tiger Lil's also do this amazing do-it-yourself stir-fry thing that is a wee bit pricey (a tenner or thereabouts). My personal fave is Cafe on the Common, with wholesome vegetarian food, kid friendly environment, excellent staff and a great setting (right splat in the middle of the common).
  • Maddest place for food in Clapham has got to be Sainsburys. It looks like the mother ship from Close Encounters has landed in Clapham High Street and is showing videos to the passers by.
  • Probably the trendiest pizza place in south London, just down the road from Clapham Common tube.
  • Alba Pizzas (opposite Clapham North Tube station
  • Eco Pizzeria is the trendy place - good decor, OK if you like thin crust pizza with not-too-trad toppings, but my fave is Pizzeria San Marco, still on Clapham High Street but further from Clapham Common Tube than Eco. Run by a seemingly inexhaustible family of Italians, the pizzas are vast and delicious, atmosphere friendly and prices very low. Knocks everybody's No 1 - Pizzeria Castello at the Elephant - into a cocked hat. Some pretty good tapas places towards the Clapham North end: one just off the High Street opposite Iceland has a late licence so it's a cosy place for a post-pub glass of decent wine.
  • Eco is THE pizza place, trendy it might unfortunately be - but by god are the pizzas good. It's the offshoot of the tiny pizza place in Brixton market. For some decent grub in a busy pub environment check out The Bellvue (?spelling) by the Clocktower, salt cod fritters with avacardo hmmm....

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