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  • I can't believe no-one has mentioned the Landor. It probably a little too traditional for all the overly trendy claphamites but this pub is great. It has three pool tables, random boating paraphernalia and friendly locals. A refreshing change from all the tiresome uber-trendy bars that clapham seems to be riddled with.
  • close to the swimming pool? still traditional and freindly ? not hard to find if you re keen
  • Arch 652 (I think that's the right number) is a cool bar, built under one of the railway arches (on the street opposite the Falcon). It's very laid-back place, with sofas, magazines and is really well lit, playing cool music. Extra bonuses include the table football and the noise of the trains every time they go across your head!
  • The Alex (how come this has not been mentioned?), where you will always hear 'Suspicious Minds', the Plough (renamed the Goose and Granite).
  • The Windmill on Clapham Common in the summer - loads of nice men and cars!
  • The Railway is now my local having just moved to Clapham North and although the food is suprisingly tasty though a bit leftfield for my western tastes, the service is atrocious, moody, incompetent, slow, disinterested, self absorbed. To serve food without knives & forks is an easy mistake to make, to still forget them at the second time of asking is an easy way to lose custom. Two barstaff chatting then walking straight by you and up the stairs is jaw droppingly bad form. i know its called the railway but i think they're tring a little to hard for that genuine British Rail experience.
  • SOUK the "trendy" bar...crowd too dressy(or trying to be) and expensive drinks. Frequented a lot by non-Claphamites. Nice decor though........
  • Check out Battersea for Clapham Junction details
  • If this is the category that thw new'white house' comes under.... It s got great decor and clapham polyesters will appreciate a late night spot but... the managements attitude stinks. A dress code for a bar really does not cut it, too many chiefs too few indians attitude. Bad business, if you want people to come back you need respect, if you have hosts, employ people with manners not rude girls and boys who behave like the west end just moved to Clapham, lets face it, people in Clapham are people with money, and if you show no respect you get no respect. Use what you have 'WHITE HOUSE' exploit this chance to establish yourselves.
  • The pub mentioned in the Clapham Old Town with the sailor dummy atop it is the Prince of Wales and the govenor of the establishment is a colourful local character by the name of Alex who has been there since the times before Clapham was trendy.
  • Bread and Roses in Clapham Manor Street belongs to a Workers' Cooperative. A bit "Islington" but good of its kind. The Lambeth bit of the London Cycling Campaign meet here on the third Tuesday of each month.
  • Many good breakfasts to be had if you can get a table on a Sunday and handle being knee deep in Times supplements.
  • The recently opened Sand bar on corner of Clapham Park Road and Acre Lane is good; much better than the bierodrome anyway!
  • Bedford Arms (now updated) - now a reasonable spot to meet across from Clapham North tube and you can generally get a seat. The Falcon (left out of Clapham North)continues get get just a little too trendy, but its beer garden is a must in summer. A fave spot is the Cafe Cairo, a converted house with an unbelievable Bedouin tent at the back. Suspend belief and find it close to the Landor, Landor Rd. The Railway is always packed (by Clapham High St. Railway St.) but it does excellent& cheap Thai food. The Fine Line is an 'All Bar One' wannaby - but has its own DJ some nights... Check this space for a new 'Belgos' style restaurant / bar opening soon...
  • The Circle bar, in between Clapham North and Stockwell on the corner of Union Rd. It may be a bit poncy but it's my local and they do good food.
  • The Windmill's a great Youngs pub out on the Common.
  • The Frog and Forget me Not is excellent. Comfy sofas, friendly bar staff, packed out on the weekends, so get there early!
  • The Friesian and Firkin (on The Pavement)has a great band on a Saturday night. The Alex (on the High Street opposite Clapham Common tube) does the most amazing Sunday lunch.
  • strange that no one has mentioned the Bread and Roses - great refurbished, Union owned pub. Eclectic entertainment upstairs some nights (poetry, African music etc). Good beers and a friendly crowd. The Bellevue by Clapham Common tube still holds its own if you get a table reasonably early. Food is variable and not ultra-cheap, but it's the kind of place that was made for Winter afternoons.
  • The plough pub has changed hands and is called The Goose & Graint and is owned by the just so pub group. The pub offers hot & cold food from midday to early evening , they also offer a table waitering service . The pub is within easy access of Clapham common tube station , Which is on the northern line ( black line on the tube map) . They offer a wide range of range of bitter & largers aswell as some soft drinks , They have nice and friendly bar staff which are always very helpful and pleasant to speak to that includes the managers aswell ,The pub is split into slightly different levels with a beer garden at the back of the pub which makes the front and back of the pub easy access for the disable customers in wheelchairs . > There is also another change the windmill has become a ferkin pub has more or less the same as the streatham one so please add this to the page and take out the other one thank you .
  • Go into Clapham Old Town. Great pub crawl section, stand in the middle by the bus stop triangle and do a 360. You'll spot at least 5 pubs! Fave is the one with the dude purched on the top - some sailor type. Check out the interior - wild!

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