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George William Stacey by Jackie (Member 10031473) on 4-Aug-2001
I am looking for anyone who knows of George or any of his decendants. He was born in Clevedon in approx 1864. He was a local policeman in Hillfarance. He was married to Florence Badman. He had a sister called Rhoda. He had 2 children Lilian and Cecil. He bred Wire Haired Fox Terriers.
George was my Great Grandfather, and I would love to know more about him, the above information is all I know.
C... more >>
Looking for long lost buddy by Gary Turner (Member 10039423) on 31-Jul-2001
Looking for Yvette Ross (maiden name) lived on Conygar Close in early seventies. Had sister called Susan. Anyone with any ideas??   
ha ha ha by davie johnson (Member 10037285) on 13-Jul-2001
At last stoner Gatch has got his dope cartoon and rastagatch site up - check out   
Anyone in yr10 at Clevedon comp? by Katie O'Halloran (Member 10034633) on 5-Jun-2001
I'm in year 10 at a Wiltshire school at the moment but I'm moving to Clevedon soon and I'm starting at the comprehensive school.I'd like to get to know some people who are in year 10 before I start so if you'd like a new bubbley mate to add to your group then send me an e-mail!
Hope to hear from someone soon!
Find Old Friends by Robert Brown (Member 10033536) on 20-May-2001
Just trying to find whereabouts of old friends , Aarron Wooton , Gary Wade , Richard Hargreaves and Greg Pearson , would be nice to hook up again .   
  • Re: Find Old Friends by alnameless (Member 10050574) on 14-Nov-2001
    I remember Richard and Aaron, but I haven't got a clue where they are now. Not much use. Sorry.

  • Re: Find Old Friends by Greg C (Member 10078731) on 26-Sep-2002
    Well - I can tell you where they all are!


messgae board by christine borgal (Member 10024547) on 9-May-2001
Hello there,
Don't you people take overdue messages off the Knowwhere Board - I am C.S. Borgal - have long found my friend - Doesn't look like you check this Board to ofteeen right? Please remove.
Thank you.
Searching for stepbrother by Marsha Highfield (Member 10024350) on 20-Mar-2001
Looking for stepbrother 56-57 yrs old. Father's name R. Gordon Cole, during wwll, 1943-44, stationed at Aldershot. Went to London on leaves, was a gunnar instructor with the Canadian Armored Corps. Returned home to Canada when injured in bombings, Mother's name possibly Emma, not sure, only hope that son was told who his father was and a name. Anyone knowing of this situation please contact me. It... more >>   
Knowere board by christine borgal (Member 10024547) on 12-Mar-2001
Thought my ad on the Board would have been erased by now - I have located my long lost friend. thanks c.s. borgal   
success in locating my friend Jackie Cambourne!!! by christine borgal (Member 10024547) on 26-Feb-2001
My ad has been on the Knowhere Board for some time now - and I am pleased to say I have located my friend after 40 years - i am elated! Unfortunately, not from the Board but I logged on to another website - Hill Rd. shops in Clevedon, and after a couple of transatlantic phone calls, I have found her in Calgary. I live in Toronto. Just wanted to share this with you. Thank you,

Christine Borgal
Irene and Frank Crew by Michael Pratt (Member 10026938) on 25-Feb-2001
I visited Clevedon as a child in 1965 and wonder if anyone remembers my aunt and uncle? Irene ran her own duplicating and typing business, Frank was head waiter at the Walton Hotel. Please leave a message and I'll pass on the onformation to my mother, Georgina (Irene's sister).   
  • Re: Irene and Frank Crew by Jill Adams (Member 10072985) on 12-Jul-2002
    Hi Michael - yes I remember Frank Crew. He ran the dining room at the Walton Park and I worked there as a waitress 30 years ago! He was very strict and took no nonsense from newcomers. I think that's why the dining room had such a high reputation. I can remember many hours struggling to learn "silver service" and being petrified that I'd mess it up in front of Frank! I seem to recall he wore ... more >>

  • Re: Irene and Frank Crew by Tim Andow (Member 10088649) on 29-Jan-2003
    Hi, Frank and Irene were my Grandparents. My mother being thier daughter. I have very fond memories of Frank. Great Aunt Georgina told us about the site. Michael, if you wish to correspond, you may e-mail me on

Poems by Ron (Member 10013938) on 16-Feb-2001
Hello all!
Can you help? I am trying to arrange a poem on as many Cities, Towns and Villages, in the U K as I can.
Could anyone supply me with any local information, which hopefully, everyone in your City, Town or Village could immediately relate to? “As being home”
Perhaps a local dance hall or cinema no longer there, a famous street where all the boys and girls would meet.
A famous person p... more >>
  • Re: Poems by Gary Turner (Member 10039423) on 31-Jul-2001
    Having visited Clevedon fairly often in early seventies thing that stands out in my mind is the town pier with big chunk missing in the middle, guess rest of it is long gone now but seems like an item that local townspeople will appreciate remembering when set in a poem.

The Frustrated Writer by frustrated_writer (Member 10025556) on 8-Feb-2001
Would you like to read a short story that I have written?
Emma Brown - Where are you? by Di Zikking (Member 10023364) on 9-Jan-2001
If anyone knows the whereabouts of Emma Brown, please can they e-mail me.

Emma, sister to Matt Brown, left Clevedon Comp in 1991. I know she used to live in Edinburgh but I have lost contact.
... more >>
National Nautical/Formidable by Andy TS2000(our history) (Member 10017382) on 26-Oct-2000
We are looking for any ex-N.N.S. lads or information/photo's for TS2000(our history)
please get in touch.
The Little Harp Inn by Rob (Member 10016272) on 30-Aug-2000
Does anyone know the names of the people who currently run the Little Harp Inn on Elton Road...? I would be most gratefull if someone could email it to me at Thanx.   
  • Re: The Little Harp Inn by Mike Redmond (Member 10018424) on 19-Jan-2001
    Ron & Smeggy Mediocre

people search by charli (Member 10015756) on 24-Aug-2000
Is any of the old crowd still around? drink in the old bristol 1985-88? go to mousefolk and driscolls gigs? I'm thinking about moving back to clevedon after 12 years and wondered if there are still people I knew there. If you remember me, let's catch up. Or if you think you can give me any top tips on moving back to the old town - going out, jobs, childcare, flats etc - I'd welcome any advice!   
looking for a pen pal from years ago by glenn maresch (Member 10014643) on 24-Jul-2000
name is or was maureen Ward also know as Mo....use to talk to her years ago ..anyone know about her please drop me a line...thanks   
  • Re: looking for a pen pal from years ago by Lois Newhouse (Member 10102566) on 4-Aug-2003
    Looking for a Glenn Maresch from Texas. We emailed for a few years and I would like to find out whatever happened to him. Is this you?
    This is Lois from Michigan.

Paul Taylor ???? by a friend (Member 10006246) on 20-Apr-2000
I'm looking for information about someone who calls himself 'Paul Taylor'. His Christian name probably is Paul, but not so sure about 'Taylor'.

The reason for my inquiry is that I believe there is more to him than meets the eye, and that he is a dangerous man. He has been living with a good friend of ours for almost 6 months, and has told her that many lies it's unbelievable. He claimed to be ... more >>
Rental accommodation by david mackenzie (Member 10008555) on 4-Mar-2000
Family members who left Clevedon 38 years ago, and who now live in New Zealand are going to visit their roots in early Sept/Oct this year, and wonder whether there is an house or flat they could rent for approximately 4 weeks at that time.
Three bedrooms are needed. Anyone with something available, or with a contact who could help, should contact me at the e-mail address shown on this message.
A... more >>
people search by Arthur Watson (Member 10002844) on 29-Feb-2000
I am looking for Denise Lamb (maiden name ) she lived in Coleridge Vale Road in the mid sixties, She had two sisters Sylvia and Joan.
If any one knows their whereabouts please let me know.
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