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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • The best DJ in Coatbridge by a mile is the very talented Alec Reid. Also was a great footballer with Albion Rovers and Chesterfield in the 60s and 70s.
  • the edge rnb hip hop and a wee bit a dance now thats wit am tokin bout
  • Centre point is awrite sumtimes ;)
  • eh centrepoint got tai be eh only gud one that essence n eh edge n all a kin say tai the REMARKABLY yung peepo hu can get in is well done lol jeany x
  • yesss centrepoint! its well good obv pppo are going to have their own opinions about the music and fights but i think it just depends on the taste of music u like and maybe if some people just kept their mouth shut and didnt act wide well maybe there wouldnt b as much fights! but centrepoint is well good and soo wot if ppo remarkably young go! all i can say is well done for getting in! no wit a mean!!!!
  • The Edge is great!! 1 a drink and great music! im 20 and altho i feel like one of the older people, im not the oldest, and i see people who were years above me in skl there. if you feel uncomfortable being the oldest there then dont go to sneakys in airdrie, the music was alright but everyone was 16 and 17, not my idea of fun!!!!!
  • Avoid Centre Point unless you want to risk being attacked by aggressive gangs of neds for no reason(happened to me while I was waiting on a taxi outside). The atmosphere in the place is very rough and scary and theres always fights.
  • I'd say the edge is the best place to go in coatbridge for a late night out. Best to start in a nearby pub tho, such as essence, the vulcan or enigma. Wednesday night in the edge is class with karaoke till 1, then tunes till 3. Look out for edge legend davie distin singin on a wednesday night, it's a must see in coatbridge!
  • Well there are 3 nightclubs in Coatbridge nowadays, after the universe was closed down (was that a suprise did anyone fancy hanging about in sikeside @ 3 in the morning if you dont come from there). whats left is THE EDGE - good points - you will get in on a sunday and wedesday as the main bouncer in the place does not let any guys in but is happy to let in "remarkably young guests if they are female and have a short skirt or there tits are hanging out.He only works on a friday and saturday. mens toilet attendant - this guy is one of the funniest guys you will meet. BAD POINTS - music is crap people at it are mainly posers many a guy in pick top so if thats your thing you should be happy. most girls talk to bouncers all night thats why they where let in. a large amount of the gay community from a local call centre go at the weekend so dont be shooked if you are chatted up by a same sex person. drinks- vodka/dash is a bit cheep but bottels are a rip off not very good price. CENTRE POINT - essence - best place to go to start your night if your out bout 10 cant think of any bad points about the place. upstairs - a small amount of "remarkably young geusts" music is ok if you like your dirty dancing music and other chessy music there is a room to your taste but is very busy next door is the dance bit not to bad but dont stand next to the large seeting area, near the toilet as this is mainly sikeside and kirkwood people and you will get punched or worse before the end of the night. not bad talent as well but there are the odd young looking girls but cimpared to the edge your pretty safe from being called a beast. drinks are good price as well. down stairs- 30 something is not as bad as you may think not as many older people as the name says there are a lot of 22-30 year olds in this place as upstairs is a bit young. really good talent as well in the mid 20s prices for drink excellent but there is the odd 40 year old that will try it on but overall the best place if you in you mid 20. odins - may be called some pharos or something along thoses lines- beat 106 play on a saturday night but is the same problem as universe not a good area to be in at that time and a lot of the same gangs hang around so if you dont now them you've had it. dont know bout the drinks as ive not been and wouldnt reccomend it to anyone
  • I agree, the edge is the worst place ever. The bouncers think there high flyers, complete tossers. there working in a crappy wee club in crappy coatbridge at the end of the day. They let my mate in, who was supposidly banned? for the lamest thing ever. I think he smiled, thats what would have chessed them off. So they charge him 6 to enter, ha I right and anyway soon as he puts his jacket in tell him hes banned and throw him out? Leaving him 6 pound down, and jacketless and having to come down the next day and plede with cleaners to get his jacket. that was brand new and had everything in it nicked. so dont give them the satisafction of entering. its crap anyway, they have been playing the same songs for 2 year now. if your lucky you might hear the killers or something!!!
  • Never go to the edge, full of wannabee gangsters, and at 21 you will prob be the oldest in there. I hope the bouncers get whats coming to em.
  • Clubs in Coatbridge? Your best bet is to jump on the train to Glasgow for a proper night out. The only half decent club in Coatbridge is The Edge, which is quite good if you can get in. The bouncers have a habit of saying 'regulars only' when it is busy & are complete arseholes if they let you in anyway. Cheap drink though & good music, along with a good atmosphere & a good crowd. Mostly hip hop & r'n'b is played in The Edge, occasionally you get some good Dance music. On the subject of Dance music, stay away from Centrepoint. Also known as 'Centrepants', 'Centrepish', 'Centresocks' or 'Stab Central', this attempt at a club plays remarkably shit & unheard of Dance music. Unlike other bouncers in Coatbridge, the bouncers on the door of Centrepoint are just complete posing wankers. Notorious for letting anything in with a skirt & is generally full of neds, junkies, posers & tossers that cant get in anywhere else. The place to be if you want charged with peodophillia, stabbed or glassed. Guaranteed that there is at least one ambulance & two police cars outside at closing time. Avoid at all costs.
  • !!!!!! CENTERPOINT !!!!!!! ESSANCE !!!!!!! decksfactor on a sunday night, you cant beat it the place is rockin! and ma mates going to win it. DJ SMIDDY. his tunes are class! THE EDGE IS FOR GIMPS!!!!
  • CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! class place, luvin it luvin it luvin it
  • Sneaky's Rck Garden in Airdrie
  • Thank God there is a new decent nightclub in Coatbridge, without everyone being out there face on drugs! Really friendly crowd and the music is really mixed to suit everyone! Im 25 single and know where ill be going in future Pharos above the red bridge bar!!!!!
  • Centre point is a gr8 night club. Anybody moaning about it is obviously 2 busy looking at and complaining about other people to enjoy themselves & if they go back to school & learn how to spell properly it would help.
  • THE HERITAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WORK THERE
  • the edge- full of pusseys who think there "hip" while dancin to r'nb centre point-a sad attemp at a dance club playing a wide variety of shit tunes but nice watching the belly dancers on the podiums, 30 somthing-(says it all) enigma - like a clone of the edge, basically full of people who would scoff at sombody farting in public....... variose pubs in every area... when if theres a private function on, the regulars will end up havin a square go with them
  • Ill dance anywhere me, but pubs are cool.....
  • The only pub in Coatbridge i heard music comin ootie was thit pub near central station....
  • Where to start? Theres Centre Point,which isn't really as bad as people make out(aslong as you make sure youve left by 2.45 am and arent hanging around after 3 waiting on a taxi) It has two floors. ground floor is two bars, 'Innishmuir' which is basically a haven for smelly auld alkies but unlike your average shit hole is quite clean and has a few pool tables and 'Essence' which is cracking inside,really trendy, with plasma screens(unheard of in Coatbridge) and has no neds but then again usually has hardly anyone in it, the place is always dead which is a shame cause it could be really good if it had a atmosphere. Karaoke on a wed is quite good. Upstairs is the club, think its called 'Equinox' or some pish like that. Has two parts to it, the dance,rave,dangerous ned part and the cheesy part which is realy small but alot safer. To be honest the club is total shite but as i said before not as bad as some people make out. If you kinda keep yourself to yourself in the dance part you wont get your head kicked in or stabbed but then again theres a chance you might as there is alot a fannys go from shithole areas in Coatbridge. Then theres Universe, a horrible, horrible club which only the scum of the earth go to. This place is right next to Sykeside, the roughest part of Coatbridge, neds there are evil, violent maniacs and most of the young people from there go to universe so avoid. 'The Edge' is probably the best, theres never any trouble but its quite small and is always packed. Plus most of the guys that go are posers with mullets and that 'V' haircut that spikes out at the back, it honestly looks like youve died and went to boyband heaven sometimes.
  • Coatbridge is pish for venues. Sneakies in Airdrie is good though.
  • Enigmas quite good, mmmmm beer.
  • the columbia club on a sat night, amazin if u like phonix nights man
  • Enigma, The Edge and The Mint are the only decent places to drink in Coatbridge. If you live in Airdrie its actually quite a treat........
  • Shoeless Joe's in Church Street for over 21's and under 65's
  • if your looking for a great night out in c/b....that would be hard. (my opinion of course) the best place id have 2 say is "the edge" formerly mcflys. as for centrepoint, at the tender age of 20'something, i still felt like an old granny in it. more for the younger crowd (and thats saying something).
  • the edge
  • The Edge is good but for good night try Tiger tiger but its in Glasgow
  • centre pants it does exactly what it says on the tin
  • Centre Point Wae Craig Kelman
  • Centrepoint is the probally the best Coatbridge has to offer but the djs are shit in both rooms they always play the same stuff. and you know ive heard a tape from my friend of a dj from coatbridge called phil something and hees good or they should bring back Stevie Lennon.
  • Centre Point is the usual Haunt, for Coatbridge People were all the guys put on far to much joop and the girls all ware far to little of anything. but they all seem to get on well untill 3:30 then thats a different story they all go mad or is it pure crazy mental man.
  • universe
  • Centre pants, for fannies way purple ben sherman shirts n lassies with fat knees n mini skirts. edge, full of posers n 40 year olds who have came straight from the argyle at 1am
  • the edge
  • Over 30,s at centre point is not for sad single over the hill males/females,but saying that i have seen many a ugly women or two in there.well they still have to get thre full share of men is brill on satuedays hope to see you there in the near future.
  • centre socks and the edge.Plus the westbank and the clock bar
  • Silkys, full of legends and Peter Hetherston
  • The Edge, Centre Point, Universe and another few places.
  • bAR bUDDA
  • odins is as bad as centre point and who all hates the barman there?
  • I am a remakably young patron!
  • Center Pants......gathering point for dopey wee growlers, fat tarts and steamers.
  • the newest and best club by far is the edge, this belongs somewhere better as it will slowly become run down in the 'brig. centre point is dance music daft although there is a cheesy pop room but most people would like it to be bigger!! universe is still standing with 'big' ewan mccloud (formally of tv's prime time music show, chart bite. thats what i call fame) odin's fresh young look fails to draw the crowds, and finally garfields/tazba has been closed down!!!!
  • best known is universe with the big guy from chart bite (ewan mccloude), centre point also known as knife point/bampoint, the edge, formally mcflys bar, now a colourfull and comfortable pub/club, odin's, my younger brother if i had one, would go there and i'm only 19!
  • Alright once every 6 months - Pretty boring and full of neds - Centre Point. Garfields - Full of under agers - Odins - Full of would be skateboarders without their boards. Not much in all
  • All the Coatbridge clubs have really young looking punters if you know what i mean. The Tazba, if its still open is full of neds, Odins the same, most of the folk haven't started shaving yet. Universe is in a right dive of an area, don't wanna be hanging around there at 3am. Mc Flys is shut down, and a club's opening up instead. Centrepoint is probably the best place, 3 different clubs and 2 different pubs. But seriously, go into Glasgow, taxi's home are well cheap.
  • Centre Point, Odeans and the Tazba (opening back up in september)
  • Centre Point gr8 fun every weekend Fri, Sat & Sun
  • Well there only is 3 clubs!!! Centre Points good tho its better on a Friday coz its mobbed on a saturday n full a ol coffin dodgers who r tryin tae kid on they re in their twenties! AYE RITE! the hawiian shirt way the ol faded jeans n the loafers gee it away am afraid!! Odins is good tho if u stand in the same spot too long u get wlded tae the floor coz its covered n god knows wit. Garfields or Tazba as its now called well if nursary kids r ure thang then thats the place to be!!
  • odins! orite for a piss up! but,the music is a lota shite!!!!! call themselves a club? they should invest sum money in a proper dj!
  • Go to Tazba on a Friday night if you are a ned and want to get out of the cold!
  • Universe on a Friday, Odins on a Saturady to have a laugh at all the Mailyn Manson lookalikes. Centre Point no as its fill a posers and one bouncer inparticular is a bit of an ars*.
  • Odin is great especially as the Viking bar is located just underneath
  • center point
  • centre point is full of fannies but is still probably the best, odins used to be good till all the neds started going!!! garfields is full of 2 year olds and the universe is crap!!
  • centre point(its pish)
  • Garfields is the club of choice for disenchanted youth hoping for meaning in 10 year old indie "hits"
  • Garfields - nightschool for St. Pats and Coatbridge high pupils Odins - Some of the people that go there need friends Universe - nedland
  • Most recent one is Centre Point, the pub Colour Cafe is good esp on a Sunday except for a select few of the female barstaff who have dodgy perms and were glitter on their face and go for a run with other girls boyfriends to the Faraday Park car park. Also the Universe is starting to become a little more credible again music is good, drinks 1 on a Friday night, and Ewan Mcleod hosts games for holidays on a Thursday night (Student Night). There is also Odin which is quite good but I suspect that some of the clients still have'nt started shaving, and there is Garfields but I suspect that some of the clients still have'nt started potty training yet.

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