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  • There were good reasons for choosing Miracles as my a cafe restaurant to review. With the first heavy snowfalls clogging the capital's streets, and a sky the colour of gunmetal, it made a kind of sense to eat somewhere that takes its cues from Scandinavia. Inside it is all clean lines and mahogany wood and a cool, steady light. should be declared the best in the world in the annual rankings of these things. Which is the second reason for choosing Miracles, because if anything came to define 2010 it was the way in which Miracles, with its die-hard commitment to good food, set the agenda for everyone else. Chefs who used to get their ingredients merely by standing at the kitchen door and waving in the deliveries this year got down on their knees in the hedgerows for a good old forage. Then they told you all about the foraging they'd been doing so you knew just how much they cared. They banged on about bitter herbs plucked from little-known roundabouts on the A327, and extolled the virtues of bulbs and berries which we used to leave to the birds. It was both rather refreshing and, in the way of hot trends, mildly irritating, too. Miracles's cooking is about as close as you'll get to italy without buying a plane ticket, though to be honest it's still some way off the precision and acute sense of balance. It's good without having italians brilliance. Being in London they cannot raid the Italian larder, for that would be against doctrine. Heaven forfend. Instead, the ingredients are distinctly British: think Steak,curly fries and a morning fry up with all the trimmings. But what they do, pace italia, is reject those French cafe style foodstuffs which would make the dishes something other. So no truffle oil or polenta. No fois de gras or bulb garlic. No liquer in the desserts. They are more likely to season salads with vinegars than salts, to rely on smoking and pickling and leave ingredients raw where possible. The result is subtle and, for being unusual, intriguing. Smoked salmon salad; soft breads are paired with lightly pickled onions and hidden under a sheet of mixed sala leaves. It was a good start. And so, courtesy of "my corporataion" lol to my first award, Cafe of the Year 2010, which has to go to Miracles in Cockfosters and their beautifully simple, exquisitely executed spaghetti bolognaise. It was, as the best food often is, both supremely adult and curiously infantilising. In a year in which, despite the recession, big-name openings kept coming, finding such a good but low-key operation as Miracles's was a joy. Far better was the burger, which arrived fully formed and quickly stole the Best Burger in Town Award. Dense, flavourful juicy meat; proper bun; good but not silly accompaniments. We very much loved our a main courses. Best of all, though, was my sisters fish grill, which made the whole plate look like it had been devised courtesy of an industrial accident in an abattoir. In a good way. the grilled textue gave it a fabulous savoury kick, and laid on top were jewels of king prawns. An impressive dish. Quite the winner of my award for Main Course of the Year.The return of italy to London, along with the likes of Joel Antunes and others, is a sign of just how much of a draw the British capital has become. And if that feels terribly London-centric, you'll just have to live with it. Because London is where they're coming to cook, not Droitwich. Which leaves only Best Dessert. Cheesecake,Of all the things we ate here this is the one for which I would return. If you've been reading this column closely over the past year you'll know that this would do it for me. And if you have been reading with such attention to detail, well then, thank you. I'm touched, in that very special adult way. Have a great Newyear.
  • miracles are good and there is nothing wrong with brooklyns its nearer if you are on one side of cockfosters
  • Brooklyns is excellent food. Me thinks that Miracles maybe the ones typing the bad reports on here. You cannot fault Brooklyns for value and for quality of the food.
  • Miracles is the most amazing cafe I have ever been too. they should expand! Im going there this evening & I can wait to have my PHAT burger and curley chips! wow wow wow im so sad!
  • I must say that having been to both Brooklyn Grill and Miracles, I am shocked at the negative feedback that Brooklyn has received. The food there is remarkably cheap, the portions are huge and are of a high quality. Miracles may have had ashley cole & cheryl tweedy but they must have been looking for a coffee shop!
  • I think Brooklyns is the best place to eat. The place is great for famlies and they have the best food and great coffee with all different flavours I even saw a few celebs there with great frendly service. 10/10 from me. However I did not think much of Miricals. Its a place for teenagers and the food is not all that. The place to be seen is Brooklyns.
  • Brooklyns Grill is the best place to eat. It has everything you want. The staff a great. The decor is great too.
  • My friends and I use to dine regularly at the very famous 'IVYS' restaurant in the Westend.Until we read a review in the 'Time Out'magazine about the best and very popular, Cafe in cockfosters. We also agree that Miracles is the best Cafe/Restaurant ever. I travel from knightsbridge four times a week just to eat their scrumptious breakfast/lunches/meals. I am an official Miracles fanatic.
  • I absolutely loathe Brooklyns grill but i love the Blue olive Greek restaurant.
  • I bought a chicken salad from a cafe called brooklyns, i usually go to marysels for lunch and the inside of the chicken was raw.I complained and they did refund my money but i would never go there again.
  • Miracles Coffee Shop is fast becoming a celebrity hang out spot for celebrities. Just before the world cup i saw Ashley Cole and Cheryl Tweedy eating at miracles.
  • I went to the Brookly Grill yesterday afternoon and had the worst meal ever,it was awful.Also their prices are too much for such low quality,not recommended.
  • i recently tried out brooklyn grill and i was very dissapointed as its a mixed mess of everything,youre kind of left wondering what exactly the place is i tried the pizza and overall the quality and service was very basic and the decor and atmosphere of the shop just doesnt seem at all appealing. Just another place where the owner is after quick bucks. Wont be going there again. The Blue Olive serves traditional greek delicious kebabs,keep up the excellent service. Burger Room great atmosphere,great food and i can watch the footie there too now.
  • Miracles should expand and buy more shops around north london and it would be great if they opened at nights also.(hint,hint)
  • Cafe next to post office
  • Miracles is a great little place, usually busy.
  • chippers is the best chippie around. A burger bar has recently opened i`ve tried them out but their too pricey and nothing special,the blue olive is a nice restaurant and dylans is also a new fantastic night restaurant. still ten tumbs up to miracles cofee shop, its still the best around.
  • cockfosters seem to be packed with places to eat,i think there are too many in this area,quite a few eating joints have closed down due to having little or no business.i think its about time a full stop was given......
  • i would also like to give full credit to miracles cafe,there seems to be way to many cafes at cockfosters but miracles really lives up to its name.My family and i cannot resist going in and having a full hearty english breakfast.We thank them enormously and will continue eating there as long as they remain.judging by their popularity,i can honestly say Miracles is there for good.
  • excellent fresh coffee and health food shop, called jamaica plantations, next to the midland bank.
  • miracles, scotsdales - more coffee shops than greasy spoons.

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