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BMX Trails, Street Spots
  • Try iron latch lane off old halstead road near stanway colchester. Brilliant. Very steep slopes and big jumps. Great fun and quite tidy but do not leave rubbish about
  • Halstead woods is great, Just been there today. A huge bit built around one raised section, big doubles, MASSIVE drop offs. Register on and search for ColchesterMTBC to join a growing MTB Club based in Colchester!!
  • go to hillyfields for bike jumps and sakte park or ramps
  • Halstead woods/Chitts hill the same place different names. Along halstead road near chitts hill. Downhill track. Tracks. Big 4 pack being made into a 6. 10foot drop off.
  • Good spots through the forest in Highwoods Country Park.
  • in Halstead woods near colchester there is a hudge forest dedicated to bmx riders and mountainbikers. theres a dual slalom track, a six pack bout 6ft and loads loads more check it out :>

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